November 13, 2019

Dov Fischer at The American Spectator has an interesting, depressing, but ultimately hopeful article on why Trump backers should be encouraged by the current polls, despite national polls showing that virtually any halfway sentient creature that enters the Democrat race will easily beat Donald Trump. It’s depressing because part of the reason is the bias of the polls themselves (which led me to predict a Trump win weeks in advance in 2016, to the smug bemusement of liberal commentators) and part is the ignorance of the general public due to the constant drumbeat of anti-Trump propaganda from 95% of the “news” media (this will be particularly frustrating to readers of my newsletter, because you are so incredibly well-informed!)

But ultimately, it’s hopeful, because as I have pointed out for years, polls taken months or years in advance of an election are meaningless. The vast majority of people have other things to do than follow politics. They don’t start paying attention until sometime after Labor Day of election year, when the ads crank up and they have to seriously consider what will happen to their jobs, bank accounts and children’s futures, depending on which of these people get into power.

This helps to explain why the Democrats can have prominent voices in their party openly advocating for socialism (some would call their “ideas” outright communism), and even declaring that far-left, radical “revolution” is what they’ve always been about and are finally just coming home to it, and it doesn’t reduce their approval rating to 0.1%.

For now, just let them keep prattling on. They’re creating the Republicans’ campaign commercials for them. I assure you, we’ll see all this again when people who don’t usually follow politics are forced to start paying attention and imagining what their lives would be like with a President Bernie Sanders and AOC running his Cabinet. 


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  • J Carl Hayes

    11/13/2019 08:29 PM

    Give me one Valid fearsome why Donald Trump should be Impeached?