Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore is coming under increasing pressure from fellow Republicans to drop out of the race after a Washington Post piece accused him of engaging in sexual misconduct with a then-14-year-old girl, 38 years ago when he was 32. A number of Republican Senators have withdrawn their endorsements and the National Republican Senatorial Committee severed its fundraising ties with Moore’s campaign.

The first poll taken since the story broke shows Moore slipping behind Democrat Doug Jones. That could just be a momentary blip that could reverse itself as voters hear Moore’s side or learn more about the accuser. But the idea of losing such a safe seat is already panicking Republican leaders who are floating drastic scenarios for delaying the race or launching a write-in campaign for incumbent Luther Strange, who lost the primary to Moore.

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On the other hand, many Moore supporters in Alabama are not only standing by him, but increasing their donations. They say they have known Moore for decades and are suspicious that this charge has never come up in any of his previous races, but only surfaced in the Washington Post, which endorsed his Democratic opponent, once it was too late to change the ballot. They see it as an attempt by a liberal paper in Washington to pick Alabama's Senator.


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  • Karen Johnson

    11/20/2017 07:12 PM

    I give up. Men are bad. Let's move on.

  • Jim Mayhew

    11/20/2017 10:44 AM

    Let's suppose for a moment that the accusations being made by this woman are correct. That some 35 or 40 years ago, a 32 year old, single attorney made some very stupid mistakes. His actions were then deplorable and shameful. A young girl was traumatized and probably in need of counseling in order for her to go on with her life. Are we to now, today, to stand in judgement for a foolish act or a really dumb decision on the part of someone who's actions later in life are totally contrary to the person who was responsible for this original sin. What would I have to pay for if the stupid decisions I made 40 years ago were to ever come to light as I know most of you who read these comments are also hiding. None of us are perfect. How many locker room conversations have you been involved in? How many times have you looked at a young girl or guy who you knew was under age but looked like they were well advanced in years? And these are not actions restricted to men as I have overheard many conversations from the female side that were laughable and if to be judged shocking to hear from supposedly upright ladies. If we were to really get into the past actions of some these self righteous politicians and media pundits who are now puffing their chests over the totally defenseless accusations being made by this woman against Judge Moore, what would we find. Do we think all of them are lily white? And what about her? Her stepson has stepped up and accused her of lying about this activity. This kind of mud slinging has no place in our political system. It is somehow always the last few days of a political battle where these women and or men in some cases, show up to smear a candidate. Certainly some of these accusations have merit but we don't have any way to find out which ones are real and which are false. Based on what we know of Judge Moores track record as an attorney and judge, without the non provable accusations, he is a qualified and worthy candidate for the position for which he is challenging. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Those among you who haven't sinned cast the first stone.

  • Traci Enfield

    11/19/2017 06:27 PM

    If you live in Alabama, don't let the left, Rhino's, swamp win! I believe in the Judge. It would of come up long ago. Please vote for the Judge so that we can drain the swamp!

  • james putney

    11/16/2017 05:22 AM


    This is the most consistent comment in these pages. "These women are just now coming forward? They are obviously part of a leftist Democrat smear campaign."

    Notice the utter lack of Christian compassion for these women: What if just one of them is telling the truth?

    Understand this: Sexual predators don't usually come forward and say,"They're right. I did it. I'm guilty."

    They usually attack their accusers.

    Scores of women recently came forward about Bill Cosby after decades. Was your first thought, in that context, "Why did they wait so long? They must be lying"? No. You believed them. There was a consistent pattern of predatory behavior. Drug, then rape.

    Read this article from Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network:

    The article recites that Kay Warren, wife of megachurch pastor and author Rick Warren revealed on Twitter that she was a victim of sexual abuse: "A pedophile molested me when I was a little girl. It’s taken decades to heal. #MeToo". Why did she wait so long? Is she a lefty, a Democrat? A lesbian? Part of a conspiracy? Desperate for her 15 minutes of fame? No. She's the wife of a leading Christian pastor. She simply bears the scars of decades-old abuse, as do many women.

    An article in Christianity Today states: "In recent years, our society has begun to better understand the widespread problem of child sexual abuse. Conservative studies indicate that one out of three girls and one out of seven boys will be sexually abused before reaching 18 years of age, regardless of religious or socio-economic demographic."

    That is, if you are a woman, there is a one-third chance that you were abused. Also, you probably never told anyone. YOU have born that pain, in silence, for decades. These statistics from the United Church of God should break your heart:

    "These figures, as shocking as they are, do not tell the whole story. Crimes of sexual abuse are highly likely to go unreported. Many victims believe that they are somehow at fault for the abuse and are full of shame and guilt. Also, many fear reprisal if they report the offense. Again according to RAINN, only about 28 percent (less than 1 in 3) of actual rapes and sexual assaults were reported to the police. Among children the statistics of silence are even greater. Of children in grades 5 to 12 who had been sexually abused, 48 percent of the boys and 29 percent of the girls told no one, not even a friend.

    Since the likelihood of capture, prosecution and conviction diminishes the longer the time between the assault and the report, keeping silent allows the abuser to continue to abuse without fear. Some researchers estimated that only 5 percent of all rapists ever spend any time in jail for their crimes; 19 of 20 do not."

    Frank Houston was a leading Pentecostal figure in Australia. He was also a serial child abuser, and 50 pastors knew it, but no one went to the police. This portion is relevant: One of Houston’s victims told a Royal Commission: “I was so ashamed of the abuse that I kept it inside for many years and did not tell anyone.” Survivors silenced by years of shame are often empowered to come forward and report after finding out about child sexual abuse investigations and learning that they are not alone."

    Hello? did you hear that? "So ashamed...for years...did not tell anyone...Survivors...often...come forward... after learning that they are not alone." Not Democrats. Just kids.

    You rightly state that Judge Moore is innocent until proven guilty. (Of course, there will never be a trial.) Then you lash out at the "whores" who have come forward. How about this: Their stories, and their pain, are to be believed until proven false. Give them a presumption that mirrors the benefit of the doubt that you give to Judge Moore.

    Are you a compassionate Christian, or just an angry right-winger to whom the teachings of God are irrelevant?

  • james putney

    11/16/2017 01:40 AM

    This from below:

    "Diane S Maupin
    11/12/2017 04:50 PM
    The Republicans and FOX has had members of these type of accusations thrown at them by the liberal press and liberal Democrats in particular."

    Yes. Accusations have been made against Fox news. Some of them, regarding alleged attacks that took place 20 years ago. Why did these women wait so long to make these claims?


    Consider this: Roger Ailes was accused of harassment by numerous women, going back decades. Fox hired a law firm to investigate. They encouraged any woman who had a claim, no matter how far back, to come forward. They did, in droves.

    In the end, Rupert Murdoch told Ailes, his friend, who had made BILLIONS in profit for Murdoch, to leave. Was this a liberal plot? Obviously not - Murdoch - who could have kept Ailes - fired him. Because he read the law firm's report, and saw what Ailes had been up to, that Ailes could destroy Fox news just as easily as he built it. The women who came forward were conservatives. No democrat was in on that decision.

    Same with Bill O'Reilly. Many, many women came forward, all with the same story, some going back decades. Fox fired him. The women who came forward were conservatives. No democrat was in on that decision.

    Eric Bolling was also fired by Fox. The evidence? Actual photos of his privates that he had sent, unsolicited, to women. There's no "he said - she said" here - the photos said it all, and all Bolling could say was that he had made a "mistake." A "MISTAKE"? Try that line on your wife after sending such photos to other women. Better yet, blame the democrats.

    Friends, Fox News has been exploding with this stuff, and it doesn't come from lefty lesbians. It comes from women who dedicated their lives and professions to the conservative philosophy of Fox news. And how were they rewarded? With horrible harassment.

    NONE of the scandals at Fox were orchestrated by Democrats or the Washington Post. The accusers were conservatives, and the Fox executives who fired these monsters were conservatives.

    Was Jm Bakker "set up" by the left? Was Jimmy Swaggert "set up" by the left? Was Harvey Weistein set up by the right? No - Weinstein was PROTECTED by the left.

    Just as Judge Moore is being PROTECTED by the right.

    Do these facts tell you anything?