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August 9, 2021

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Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - 1 John 4:19
  • Biden praised for ignoring Constitution
  • Antifa Are Cowards
  • If elected Democrats don't want to do their jobs, they should just resign
  • Reasons To Get Off Twitter
  • America The Beautiful
  • Recall Gavin Newsom
  • In Case You Missed It: Podcast Episode 73


Mike Huckabee


19 We love him, because he first loved us.

1 John 4:19

Biden praised for ignoring Constitution

By Mike Huckabee

Some observers have described what we’re living in now as a “post-Constitutional America.” Okay, we still technically HAVE a Constitution, and we can go to Washington, DC, and look at it under glass at the U.S. National Archives, but it gets ignored by the government so often that it feels as if we might as well not have one at all. It often seems the only people reading the Constitution these days are the ones looking for loopholes.

Never mind that during the 2020 campaign, Biden vowed to honor “the rule of law, our Constitution.” And never mind that he constantly trashed President Trump’s “assault on the rule of law.” Jonathan Turley has a new article about what Biden is actually doing in office to violate the Constitution and how the left cheers him on when he does it. Case in point: Biden’s extension, in a “knowingly invalid” way, of the moratorium on evictions.

Set aside for a moment the concern for those who can’t pay their rent --- there should be concern on both sides, for the lessees and the lessors, who in many cases are barely hanging on –- and take a look at this issue from the standpoint of the rule of law. That’s what the Supreme Court had to do a few weeks ago, when they ruled on the authority of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) to impose such a moratorium. The CDC had argued that federal law gives them the authority to “make and enforce such regulations as in [its] judgment are necessary to prevent the introduction, transmission or spread of communicable diseases.”

(This seems like a good place to mention that if the Biden administration were really trying to prevent the introduction, transmission or spread of communicable diseases, they wouldn’t be welcoming in thousands of covid-infected immigrants at our southern border. But I digress.)

Anyway, Turley severely criticized the CDC’s argument, saying it would give that governmental agency “authority over huge swaths of our economy to avoid even the possibility of the ‘introduction’ or spread of a disease. It means that a Constitution designed to prevent tyranny and authoritarianism becomes largely irrelevant if you put on a white lab coat.”

In the case Alabama Association of Realtors v. Department of Health and Human Services, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the moratorium could be kept in place but, according to Turley, “left no question that a majority of justices ultimately view the CDC order as unconstitutional.” Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch and Barrett had wanted to suspend the moratorium immediately, to make it clear that it was beyond the CDC’s constitutional powers. The fifth vote to do that would have come from Brett Kavanaugh, but he decided that since the moratorium was set to expire soon, anyway, he would just allow it to expire in order to facilitate an “additional and more orderly distribution of the congressionally appropriated rental assistance.” It was an odd move, motivated, it seems, by practicality, but he was still agreeing with the minority on the larger point that this is supposed to be done only by act of Congress, not CDC order.

Most of even the most left-wing legal scholars who advise the Biden administration –- including Biden's own White House counsel –- said that giving the CDC this authority was unconstitutional. But Biden was not put off, and said he had found “several key scholars” who thought trying again with another order might “pass constitutional muster” and would be “worth the effort.”

The “several key scholars” are thought to be just one, actually: the unhinged, Trump-hating Harvard law weasel Laurence Tribe, whose superpower is being able to rationalize any abuse of office, no matter how objectionable, from packing the Supreme Court to spending billions under Obamacare without congressional approval to impeaching Trump as a racist and domestic terrorist. I am not kidding. If anyone reads the Constitution looking for loopholes, it’s him.

Tribe apparently assured Biden that even though the Court believed the original order by the CDC was unconstitutional, this would be a NEW, different order and thus would have to be ruled on again. So it would buy time for the CDC to do as Biden wanted and issue an other order before SCOTUS could rule on that one. It’s hard to imagine anything more disingenuous.

As Turley explains, “It is like being given a parole for stealing a BMW and then immediately stealing a a Lexus because it is a different car. The problem was the act, not the make of car.”

For doing this, Biden was praised by leftists for his strong leadership and “commitment to social justice,” even though his act put a few more frays and tears in the already-worn Constitution. He took an oath to preserve, protect and defend it, but he’s doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t do: use a pandemic as an excuse to abuse the law.

If Biden really wanted to help renters who still lack income, he could have done a lot for them without ripping at the Constitution and shelling out more mega-billions. How about using some of that great “leadership” ability to create conditions favorable to getting back to work and school and other normal activities? That would, OF COURSE, include closing the southern border to keep the spread of covid to a minimum and avoid undue strain on our medical facilities. But no.

Here's another example of the Biden administration trying to build up its own power by tearing down the Constitution: the relentless attack on former President Trump, meant to destroy him by any means necessary. John Eastman and John Yoo have written a good opinion piece about this for FOX NEWS.

This effort has been going on since he first became a candidate, but the latest encroachment is especially shocking: they’re intent on waiving Trump’s right to confidential communications with his closest aides while in office. Democrats who run House and Senate committees want to know everything in every conversation having to do with election fraud and have issued subpoenas to former Justice Department officials such as then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, then-assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark, and U.S. Attorneys for Georgia and New York.

Under Article II of the Constitution, the Justice Department should be able to reject these demands, as the President has the right to obtain frank opinions from his principal officers. This has been very well established in the courts. In other words, butt out, Congress.

Eastman and Yoo write: “While Congress has the right to investigate the events leading to the terrible riot of January 6, it does not have a right to override the constitutional prerogatives of an independent branch of government.” Indeed, they say that if Congress gets away with this, they might just as easily force the Supreme Court justices to reveal their deliberations about election fraud cases. Why not?

If Biden’s “Justice” Department refuses to withdraw its waiver of executive privilege against President Trump, then Trump needs to fight back in court with everything he’s got, to protect that right for himself and future Presidents, such as the Republican one who will win in 2024.


Antifa Are Cowards

By Mike Huckabee

MUST READ Article: I’m not going to recount in full detail the story of the Antifa attack on innocent Christians who were holding a prayer service in a park in Portland, Oregon. If I did, I fear it would make me so furious that I might say things I would later regret putting on the record (although I wouldn’t regret thinking them.) And I don’t want to become someone who is fueled by rage, like Antifa. So I will direct you to this link and urge you to look at the photos and videos, and read every word. And please watch your blood pressure.

I will note that the black-masked, cowardly thugs were throwing rotten eggs and flash bombs, even into a group that included children as young as four months. When a pastor asked them not to throw things at children, they sprayed him with mace. One was heard taunting, “Where is your God now?”

More to the point, where were the Portland Police? Standing by and doing nothing. They allowed this outrage to go on and didn’t step in to stop it or to arrest anyone. I don’t know if this is because the police have completely abdicated their responsibility to protect public safety, or they were directly ordered by the leftist idiots running Portland not to touch the little anarchists, or if they have just been so cowed by previous incidences of the city’s political leaders siding with the criminals that they’re afraid to step in and do their jobs.

To those who did this, I issue a warning: the day of reckoning is coming. Where is our God? You’ll find out soon enough when you are standing before Him and have to answer for your hateful behavior, and He’s not a leftist Portland judge who will let you off easy. Until then, let this story be a warning to law-abiding people that in some places – those run by leftists, or as they laughably call themselves, “progressives” – the police and elected officials will not protect you, your families, your businesses or your churches, so the job is up to you.

Be alert, and be prepared to take defensive action. Antifa are cowards; pretend “warriors” who hide behind masks and attack the weak and those whom they know will not or are not allowed to fight back. In short, they’re terrorists. If we had a “Justice” Department that was interested in stopping real domestic terrorists, they’d be in federal prison by now. Sadly, we do not.

It’s been said many times before, but it bears repeating: Society didn’t invent police to protect the people from criminals. It invented police to protect criminals from the people. We have a justice system to protect the rights of the accused and to prevent people from taking the law into their own hands. By seeking to destroy those systems, Antifa are ripping apart the thin curtain that’s currently protecting them from the coming consequences of their vile actions.

If elected Democrats don't want to do their jobs, they should just resign

By Mike Huckabee

Why do Democrats even run for office? Their record on border security and crime proves they have no interest in actually governing.

It’s disturbingly appropriate that Vice President Kamala Harris, whose entire career in public "service" has been little more than an exercise in self-aggrandizement and ego boosting, is the Democrat Party’s point person on illegal immigration and border security. Since taking on the role, all she’s done is hold press conferences designed to boost her own public profile while completely ignoring the problem she’s supposed to solve.

Indeed, to the extent that she and the rest of the Biden administration have done anything at all, it has been to dismantle successful Trump-era policies that were effectively holding illegal immigration at bay, such as the "Remain in Mexico" policy. Her lips may be telling would-be border crossers "do not come," but her actions are sending exactly the opposite message.

The results are as distressing as they are predictable: a historic surge in illegal border crossings, along with the accompanying human misery in the form of crime, exploitation, and disease.

In the El Paso Sector of the border, Border Patrol agents have apprehended or encountered more than 135,000 illegal immigrants over the past nine months – equivalent to about 20 percent of the entire population of El Paso, Texas. Across the entire southwest border, nearly 189,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended in June alone, and Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Vally sector reported a 900 percent increase in the rate of COVID infection among those they encountered.

The public health implications are certainly alarming, especially as the country grapples with a resurgence of the pandemic brought on by the Delta variant. But disease is not the only consequence of Democrat policies that encourage hundreds of thousands of people to pour across the border. As has always been the case, floods of undocumented migrants also bring crime with them – motivated by both desperation and opportunity.

The cartels that effectively control large portions of Mexico have for years been infiltrating American cities, using the violent tactics they’ve perfected at home to displace the criminal gangs that once controlled the distribution of narcotics in our inner cities.

That’s a terrifying prospect under the best of circumstances, but it’s being made far worse by the abdication of another core governing responsibility by elected Democrats.

Driven by the irresponsible "defund the police" rhetoric of the Party’s far-left wing, Democrat leaders in cities all over the country have been tying the hands of law enforcement and leaving their own citizens to the mercies of violent criminals.

In Oakland, California, where the City Council has voted to reduce police funding despite the strenuous objections of the city’s mayor, former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer was recently mugged in broad daylight.

Another city that has defunded its own police department – over the strenuous objections of Republican Governor Greg Abbott – is Austin, Texas, which just so happens to be right on the front lines of the border crisis. Last August, the Austin City Council voted to cut the police department’s budget by a whopping $150 million, resulting in the elimination of the department’s gang unit.

"Public safety is job one, and Austin has abandoned that duty," Abbott said in response to the defunding, adding that the decision "paves the way for lawlessness."

That’s exactly what happened. In June, 25-year-old Douglas Kantor was caught in the crossfire of a gang shootout while visiting Austin. Had the police gang unit still been operational at the time, it’s likely that officers would have been in position to put a stop to the shootout before it even began, because they would have been monitoring the communications of known gang members who posted their intention to be at that location on social media.

Kantor’s family is now suing the Mayor and City Council of Austin, arguing that their decision to slash funding for the police department was a purely political decision with obvious and predictable consequences for public safety.

This wasn’t about balancing a budget or adjusting policy priorities; it was about tying the hands of the police department as a means of making a public political statement.

I spent a great deal of my adult life in public service. It’s unbelievable to me that anyone could ask voters to entrust them with such a grave responsibility and then use their power to prevent the government from doing its most basic duty to keep citizens safe. But that’s exactly what today’s Democrats are doing.

This op-ed originally ran on


Reasons To Get Off Twitter

By Mike Huckabee

Reason #14,597,323 To Get Off Of Twitter: Twitter suspended a journalist over a tweet that included a 100% accurate statement about vaccines, as verified by the CDC.

And Reason #14,597,324: Twitter locked out talk show host Erick Erickson from his account for stating another indisputable biological fact: an adult with XY chromosomes is a man.

The “Party of Science,” ladies and gentlemen!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Dry Tortugas National Park, visit its website here.

Recall Gavin Newsom

By Mike Huckabee

You don’t have to wait until 2022 for some big political drama and major elections. Sept 14 could be an election that will deliver a Cat 5 hurricane, a 10 on the Richter Scale earthquake, and a F-5 tornado all on the same day. It’s the date of the CA election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. I recently spent a few days out there working with the campaign to recall him and traveled the state from top to bottom. I was asked why it even mattered to me since I didn’t live there. First, there’s my personal disgust with someone who wears the title “governor” but who abuses the trust he was given by acting in hypocrisy and hubris. As someone who was a governor for nearly 11 years, I am appalled if someone believes being governor is equivalent to being a King and who arrogantly imposes rules on others he doesn’t apply to himself. No true leader asks others to do what he is unwilling to do. After imposing strict mask requirements on gatherings and closing restaurants for indoor dining, he hob-knobbed with mask-less swells at the most expensive restaurant in CA, the French Laundry. “Rules for thee, but not for me” has been his motto and practice. Maybe it’s time CA voters send the guy who dined at the French Laundry to the cleaners.

But there’s another reason what happens in CA matters to me and should matter to you as well. It’s been long said that whatever starts in CA becomes a trend across the country, whether trends in entertainment, fashion, language, music, or even politics. The same state that gave us Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom also gave us Ronald Reagan. But CA holds distinction as the most important agricultural state in the nation. The farmers and ranchers of CA, mostly in the San Joaquin Central Valley supply over 17% of the entire nation’s ag products, and produces over 400 different commodities. It’s truly the salad bowl of the world. But the overreaching taxes and idiotic regulations and restrictions that CA farmers and ranchers live with along with the lack of leadership in ensuring a stable water supply means that it costs a lot more to grow and harvest food in CA than anywhere else in the country. And that means that a man in Mississippi standing on a concrete floor all day lifting heavy things and sweating through his clothes, will go home bone-tired and sit at his dinner table with his wife and kids and the cost of the food on his table costs more than it should—and CA politics are to blame. You might live in one of the other 49 states beyond CA, but you are directly affected by the nutty policies imposed in CA when you buy food, fuel, or even footwear. And now, Gavin Newsom’s CA has really gone too far. They want to impose strict limits on how many pigs or chickens can be kept in a space because CA wants pigs and chickens to have more space. The same state that turns a blind eye to homeless people packing into a public park or business district and who doesn’t believe we ought to control the border and limit illegal immigration, wants to make sure Porky Pig and Foghorn Leghorn have room to roam. And that means bacon prices are likely to increase by as much as 50%. It was bad enough that Gavin Newsom was a gun-grabber and shut down churches but not strip clubs. But now he’s really done it. He’s messed with the price of bacon and where I come from, them are fighting words that’s a food fight for sure!

I felt pretty good that even liberals in CA would vote to get Gavin Newsom’s noose off their necks, but now I’m really confident. On September 14, voters will be able to tell Gavin Newsom not to let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!


In Case You Missed It:  Podcast Episode 73

On this week's bonus episode of "The People's Podcast," Jeremy Adams (author of "Hollowed Out") joins Governor Huckabee for a candid conversation about critical race theory and other worrisome trends in America's schools.


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Comments 1-10 of 23

  • William Fuhrer

    08/11/2021 06:42 AM

    President Donald Trump's rally cry was that political person should act in a moral and professional manner in the United States and foreign countries. In the United States persons are innocent until proven guilty. BLM modus operandi is to be Judge ....jury and executioner of chaos and looting in the streets. If everyone had trust in those with responsibility of running honest elections....if President Joseph Biden would have run an aggressive campaign...if President Joseph Biden would know the least bit about running an economy...if President Joseph Biden had a charismatic personality there would be no doubt who won. But in the end the United States those who counted and printed the votes are innocent until proven guilty

  • Renee Atkins

    08/10/2021 10:34 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, What politicians do we actually have that are fighting for America to follow the Constitution? Some governor seem to be but that's it? So what actions can we take to actually save our country? And when are we past the point of saving it without civil war? Thank you for your answers.

  • Marcel Robinette

    08/10/2021 09:07 AM

    Hello again, This will be the last time I bother you. I know you want happy comments.
    You are great but all the Senators that are voting for this infastrusture bill Apparently do not care about the American people. It’s all about themselves. I pray they all get voted out. They are cowards and giving in to the dems.
    Take care and good luck to Sara! She is awesome!

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    08/10/2021 02:49 AM

    I live in Wa. state but close enough to Portland to be aware of current events. The pastor from Canada had a prayer event on Saturday evening and Antifa did show up, and the police to nothing.
    But, on Sunday the following day, a group known as "Hold The Line"run by Sean Feucht's group had a worhip night. Sean and his family followed the events in Portland as they had been there a year ago, and the 8/8/21 had been planned for a yr. Sean knew this pastor who was there the night before. As Sean said the pastor had about 50 people, and Sean's group had bout five thousand. Knowing he needed help he called churches in the area and asked for help. He said ex-military and ex-police, Christian church guys showed up. He noticed a couple of guys moving him toward who did not know the words to common Christian songs (i.e The Waymaker). He was prepared to use his guitar if needed, but 2 of his guys noticed them also and each got on 1 side of Sean. His security guys did a pretty good job until it was over and Antifa targeted people going to their cars.
    Sean posted part of the event on FB and UTube. It may be taken down now. As I've heard a lot lately, we as Christians need to stand up. If you can find Sean Feucht FB, it is well worth reading.
    Sean has been doing this for 20 years internationally and when COVID hit, felt God was calling him here. He says he feels a real calling. Please go read his posts. They will make you smile.

  • Robert E. Carter

    08/09/2021 10:01 PM

    My response to do-wrong democrats is to send a message demanding their immediate resignation for the causes I list. even if they personally don't read the message, their staff will get the message and think about the causes listed (a little like sharing the good news on a mirror).

  • Robert E. Carter

    08/09/2021 09:57 PM

    I have been told by two friends that when confronted by dangerous (cowardly, picking on the helpless) thugs, that calling the name of Jesus at the top of their lungs brought about the presence (to the thugs) of hoards of angels that absolutely panicked the thugs, and they ran for their lives.
    This seems to be a worthwhile response to the Antifa by groups of Christians, en mass, when so confronted.

  • JC Holland

    08/09/2021 09:47 PM

    If police in cities like Portland and NY continue to follow orders of higher ups and politicians and not protect us... How long before they lose the support of the general population?
    This is getting beyond bad. The rank and file need to refuse those orders and do their jobs to protect us, or quit.
    Where is the backing in these cities of the police unions? Why isn't IA investigating the higher ups for not ordering officers to enforce the law and protect us?
    Does Soros and the socialist democrats control all the law in these cities?


    08/09/2021 07:42 PM

    Biden praised for ignoring Constitution HERE IS WHAT I AM WILLING TO DO TO HELP
    advise me of the bus service to wire money to upon delivery

  • Rhenda Tharp

    08/09/2021 07:25 PM

    Gov. Mike,
    I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletters each day. You are my daily news!! I get so upset at the direction I see our wonderful Country heading. But the way you describe some of the news makes me laugh, and it gives me a whole new perspective on what’s going on !! (Example the Sept. 14th election as compared to a Cat 5 Hurricane, a 10 on the Richter scale earthquake, and a F-5 Tornado all in the same day) Thank you so much for making me laugh. I Love this Country with all my heart and we will always be “One Nation Under God”
    And In God We Trust,
    Rhenda T

  • Jerry

    08/09/2021 07:22 PM

    The leader of the House should wear a mask for all the failed botox her face has endured Pelosi being enraged by the new youthful and beautiful Conservative women that have been elected has turned her into a more wicked witch than she was. The envy has turned her into a 24/7 foul mood windbag and can not get over the fact she would fail to get attention from an all male prison if she walked in with her birthday suit on. The inmates will file for severe torture to have to look at this very mean old lady with most of her wisdom leaked out while her botox makeover tried to bring her youth back, however the wicked witch transmitter was installed. What does she have mixing in her pot tonite to make life miserable for tomorrow . How many days left for this miserable witch of the East and West??