October 12, 2020


At a pro-Trump rally in Denver over the weekend, a Trump supporter was shot to death by what was initially reported to be a “security guard.” There appears to be much more to this story, and it’s still coming out. Here’s the latest, but I expect there will be more. Read this to catch up, and in the meantime, please say a prayer for the victim, Lee Keltner, and his family, and that people will rediscover humanity and morality and stop putting politics above the sanctity of human life.


The Associated Press’ style guidelines have tremendous sway over media outlets, which in turn can help form the way voters think about issues. Unfortunately, the A.P. seems to have decided that the reason for its style guidelines is not proper grammar or making the facts of a story clearer, but fuzzying up language to make Democrats look better. Here, the Western Journal gives some examples and explains why they refuse to comply.

Over the weekend, we saw the most blatant example yet of how the A.P. has morphed into the DNC’s press release editor. Democrats have hit on a new fake talking point of claiming that by confirming Amy Coney Barrett, which Republicans have the power to do courtesy of the last elections, Republicans are “politicizing” the court,” (even though it’s liberal judges who make rulings based on their personal politics instead of the law or the Constitution.)

So Democrats claim that by adding however many Justices it takes to get an insurmountable liberal majority, they’re actually “depoliticizing” the court, and it’s their opponents who call that “packing the court.”

Astoundingly, the lapdogs at the A.P. tried to endorse this assault on the English language, but there was rapid and vicious blowback. Rep. Lee Zeldin responded, “Adding Justices to the US Supreme Court would be the most political, radical, partisan power grab possible for the Judiciary. That move is the polar opposite of ‘depoliticizing.’ I’ve got very bad news for those pushing this new ‘depoliticizing’ spin: Americans aren’t idiots!”

Once again, it appears that the Democrats are letting George Orwell write their PR materials. In his novel “1984,” the official slogan of Big Brother’s Party was “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” All they have to do is add “Politicizing is depoliticizing.”

Also worth noting: in "1984," that slogan was carved in huge letters on the side of the Ministry of Truth, which was in charge of coordinating all the lies the government told through the media and rewriting history. Maybe we should also add “The Associated Press is the Ministry of Truth.”


Back in 2016, I got a lot of indulgent chuckles on TV when I predicted a Trump win at a time when Hillary Clinton was allegedly leading in the polls by up to 13 points. Interviewers thought I was just being a good GOP soldier and whistling past the graveyard. In fact, I had seen the difference in enthusiasm firsthand while campaigning with Trump. And I’d examined those polls and knew that when you have to oversample Democrats by, to cite one example, up to 24 points to get Hillary a five-point lead, she was in trouble.

The polls you’re hearing about now that forecast a Biden landslide also oversample Democrats. But polling insiders say they’ve found other ways to skew the results.

One old reliable tactic is to poll only registered voters and not likely voters. A more creative way is balancing the Democrat-Republican sample, but avoiding rural Democrats who are likely to support Trump and polling suburban female Republicans who are more likely to support Biden. And then there’s the unknown factor of the “shy Trump voter:” people who refuse to tell pollsters that they back Trump because they’re afraid it will leak and crazy/angry Democrats will attack them the way they vandalize cars with Trump stickers. But when they’re in the privacy of the voting booth, they will relish voting for Trump in anticipation of the crybullies’ Election Night meltdowns. Nobody knows how big that vote is, but I would guess “substantial.”

I assume the idea behind this kind of dishonest polling is to demoralize Trump supporters and make them think they can’t win so why bother voting? I don’t see that happening. I think most Trump voters are so sick of the opposition’s endless tantrums and slanders that they would crawl over broken glass to vote for Trump. I’ve observed in many past elections that the biased media actually harm the Democrats. They get intellectually lazy from never being challenged, so in debates, Republicans who constantly have to defend their ideas eat them alive. And in this case, the skewed polls might make their voters complacent and convince them that they don’t need to vote. A lot of dead people may vote for Biden, but it won’t be because they rose from their graves to vote out of enthusiasm for him.

Finally, for those who think I’m just whistling past the graveyard again (if I am, it’s the graveyard where the pollsters’ credibility is buried), take a look at this.

Someone went back and found Hillary Clinton’s poll lead in key swing states in the Real Clear Politics average of polls on October 10, 2016, and compared it to Biden’s lead on the same date in 2020. In every case, Hillary was polling better than Biden is now. And in every case, Trump went on to win that state.

So why does this rigged system to create and promote false narratives continue to be taken seriously, election after election? Roger Kimbell at the Spectator has a theory: it’s because these days, being a Democrat requires you to believe in “magical thinking.”

(PS – I should warn liberal readers who take comfort in believing that anyone who questions their political views is a knuckle-dragging moron that Mr. Kimbell does use phrases such as “epistemic nihilism” which could cause you to suffer a cognitive dissonance-induced stroke.)


Another reason to take the “Biden landslide” talk with a pillar of salt: voter enthusiasm. Compare the tens of thousands of people who show up to Trump rallies with the Biden/Harris campaign event in Arizona where practically nobody showed up. Remember in 2016, when Hillary couldn’t fill a high school gym with supporters? Joe can’t fill a gym bag.

But wait: Biden supporters claimed that Democrats are too smart to show up at political rallies where the coronavirus might spread (they only show up at protest rallies where it doesn’t spread. SCIENCE!!) They prefer to stay home in their basements like their candidate and relate to the world via the Internet. That’s why Joe hosts “virtual” campaign events for his virtual campaign.

Okay, let’s see how that’s working out. Joe Hoft at Gateway Pundit compared online viewership of Trump’s then-most recent rally in Duluth to Biden and Harris’ big “Soul of America” event in Arizona where about eight people showed up in person.

He tallied up reported views across all streaming platforms, and these are the totals:

Trump: 2,461,000 views

Biden: 77,000 views

Maybe Biden supporters are afraid that if they watch him online, they’ll contract a Chinese computer virus. SCIENCE!!


At least three of the six men accused in a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer have now been tied to BLM, anarchist groups and radically anti-Trump rhetoric. So maybe it’s time for Whitmer to apologize for blaming the plot on Trump and Trump supporters? Naaaah, that’s crazy talk!


Daniel Greenfield at sums up the state of journalism in 2020 with a single headline, on an article analyzing a Washington Post story about George Floyd:

“Washington Post Blames ‘Systemic Racism’ for George Floyd Robbing a Latino Woman at Gunpoint.”

It’s well worth reading to see how the Post (and by extension, virtually every mainstream media outlet) twists logic like a pretzel to arrive at the conclusion that America is so racist, racist, racist, nobody is personally responsible for anything they do, unless they’re white. One of the best parts is how WaPo claims that as a child, Floyd wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice, but because of America’s racism, he just kept getting arrested for drugs, theft and armed robbery.

Greenfield then points out that there is a black man on the Supreme Court who has no arrest record (Clarence Thomas), and the Washington Post did everything in its power to keep him from being confirmed.


Since the 1970s, punk icon Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) of the Sex Pistols has been saying things that deliberately outraged the establishment, but after 40 years, he may have finally found the hot button to truly make their heads explode when he told a BBC interviewer:

“Yes, of course I’m voting for Trump. It’s ‘bad person’ or not. I don’t want a politician running this world anymore…He’s an individual thinker, I’ll give him that for a start. He’s not the most lovable fellow on God’s earth, but I cannot see the opposition as offering me anything by way of a solution.”

So you’re seriously telling me it’s “Biden in a landslide” when even Johnny Rotten won’t vote for him?


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  • Shauna dickerson

    10/15/2020 05:12 PM

    I love that statement by Johnny Rotten and it hits the nail on the head, "He's not the most lovable fellow on the God's earth, but can't see the opposition as offering me anything by way of a solution,"

  • John Snell

    10/14/2020 08:38 AM

    The Michigan Governor and Virginia Governor kidnappings appear to be set up, again fake actions by a desperate Democrat party.

  • Ann Williams

    10/14/2020 12:59 AM

    You make my day!

  • Robert Wayne Johnson

    10/13/2020 10:13 PM

    I think, this time, the polls are trying to validate a rigged/mail-in and/or ballot harvesting results. How do we establish a "watch group" at every ballot "drop box" to watch and/or photo all. Just a group of Patriots.

  • Joseph Healy

    10/13/2020 06:06 PM

    Also, glad to read the President has the Rotten vote cornered!

  • Joseph Healy

    10/13/2020 05:55 PM

    Gov. BLM, Antifa leftist plotting to kidnap Gov Whitmer to make Trump supporters look bad is extreme TDS. The CDC and big pharma should start working on a vaccine for that!

  • Rebecca G Antoine

    10/13/2020 03:57 PM

    I had a thought today. Does it strike anyone as odd that those who are Pro Abortion have been telling us Pro Lifers that Abortion is not the single issue of importance in this election! However, every station screaming about our President’s nominee for The Supreme Court because she might destroys women’s rights by overturning Roe Vs Wade. Hmm! Like it’s the single important issue in this instant.

  • Duane Davidson

    10/13/2020 03:34 PM

    It’s through Him, not through him. His name deserves to be capitalized!

  • James Molitor

    10/13/2020 03:16 PM

    Governor, just a thought on the poll issue. First, I agree with your assessment. Recently (the last couple of months) we've been receiving telephone calls that when answered emit no response. Simply put no one there. Eventually we just hang up. My theory is that these are in fact robo poll calls. Since we answer, the pollster on the other end can simply put the proverbial check mark in whatever column he or she desires. Since I'm sure also that that pollster can find out how we are registered to vote, it would follow that they can then skew the results by saying they polled both Democrats and Republicans making their poll appear valid. Just a thought.

  • ruth egan

    10/13/2020 01:09 PM

    Thanks. Amen.

  • Richard Welch

    10/13/2020 12:01 PM

    Please tell Trump to look to the future, he needs to win to get the bad guys!
    Today start reminding people of all the positives of the last 4 years, jobs, increased wages, lower taxes for all, higher investment values (stock market) in pensions both 401k and pensions! Low energy costs and energy independence! No new wars! Bring groups home and keep strong military!
    Build everything in USA for national security!
    Deliver on low cost health care, with preexisting conditions and older children covered. Form a board of outsiders to do it.

  • Jessica L

    10/13/2020 11:38 AM

    I've had polling centers call me and when I tell them that I'm a Trump voter, they have said, "we can put you down as undecided! Will that work?", it most certainly will NOT work! I objected to this asinine notion that my answer to a question about my opinion was unacceptable to the point that it wouldn't be recorded accurately! The person on the call must not have been trained in how to properly hide their employer's agenda by simply marking what they wanted to regardless of the response they received. I asked why they even bothered to call people if they had a "maximum quota" of Trump voters they were allowed to record per day and I didn't get a denial. They responded, "We have to make a certain number of calls each day." Well, okay then! Now it makes all the sense in the world! I just wonder how much of that goes on. The calls are being placed so they can say they polled a certain number of registered voters BUT the responses aren't being recorded accurately which then provides completely dishonest data to the public..

  • Steven Lechtenberg

    10/13/2020 11:35 AM

    I want to remind everybody to not under estimate the people who carry a D by their name. It’s after the polls close that the real image of the D’s will shine brightly. They will be contesting every ballot cast, the court actions will plug the system beyond imagination. This is their last gasp at total control over us. Keep an eye on the coffin parks, watch the ballot count change, watch the hateful rhetoric towards the American people, watch the spin machines run off the rails coming up with excuses as to why TRUMP STOLE THE ELECTION. This election will take a long to settle, or I mean sort out. The soulless uncaring big D’s will pull any trick possible to move this country into their socialist utopian universe

  • Gene J Austin Jr

    10/13/2020 10:33 AM

    Keep on keeping on Mike. No amount of rock solid truth will sway anti-American Socialist Democrats, but may remind Amwricans to vote for Trump. Nothing is a given without voting

  • Jerrie zz

    10/13/2020 10:16 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, I think we had better change the Christian "Vote the Bible". I am finding out that a lot of Christians do not know their bible. So, how are they going to 'Vote the Bible'. That is scarey. I cannot believe the people voting for McGrath and Biden...they are not even American! They are wanting to destroy America!

  • Dee S.

    10/13/2020 09:38 AM

    They have tried to delegitimize any and everything the conservative voice has done. Every since we elected President Trump, they have left no dirty play untried. Attacked any and everything about he and his family and his Republican, Conservative base. But I suppose when you announce you will drain the swamp, all the horrific swamp creatures rare their ugly heads. They have viciously attacked his fellow Republicans in the House and Senate. They try to keep any and all of his accomplishments off of the local news and media. They know what especially, the young generation is watching and doing per social media. So they try to block anything conservative from their ears and eyes. I have learned that I had no idea just how tight a stronghold the Communist movement had gained on America. But look at the main stream media, hiding in plain sight, is Communism. Marxism, Progressivism, Socialism all equal Communism. And the Judges nominated to the Supreme court, oh my, what the Democrats have put these well educated, lovely human beings through is despicable. As well as their children and spouses.
    They are doing every nasty thing they can think of to make even, the highest court in the land, seem not worth the trouble. Why dear Lord do citizens, voters keep putting Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff, Waters and all their minions in to elected offices to continue to destroy the fabric of America. Look how they have destroyed California, New York, now Oregon and Washington state. Is it inevitable? Predestined? Or will voters finally wake up and try to save their country. I pray so.

  • Vickey Cordell

    10/13/2020 09:38 AM

    The eight people who did show up were Trump supporters yelling "FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS!!!"

  • Ann Atwell

    10/13/2020 09:29 AM

    I recently read a article about a group called "shutdown DC. " what do you know about such a group and are they as dangerous as what I have read?

  • Carol Stonelake

    10/13/2020 09:16 AM

    Mike, it’s funny that one of my son-in-laws, has been non stop texting me on how bad Trump is! Day after day (getting rather repulsive) I get this. He usually throws in something from the New England Journal of Medicine. The last article was very damaging to Trump. Can you tell me if this Journal is truthful or extreme left wing? Really need to know! Thank you, Carol

  • Jean Starr

    10/13/2020 09:14 AM

    Just food for thought when the Democrats talk about Amy Coney Barrett being a practicing Catholic.
    Catholics currently on the Supreme Court:
    Chief Justice John Roberts
    Sonia Sotomayor
    Samuel Alito
    Clarence Thomas
    Brett Kavanaugh

  • Robert L Appleton

    10/13/2020 09:14 AM

    I like your discussion of the skewed polls. Perhaps another factor in the skewing might be to bring in more contributions for the Democrats. If ballots harvesting of dead people is occurring, it would take substantial sums of money to pay people to illegally vote on behalf of dead people.

  • Li Yu Chang

    10/13/2020 09:14 AM

    The national polls are also off due to N.Y. and California, always Democrat, but not important to win electoral college. They have roughly 20% of all registered voters and being heavily Democrat, it would throw any national polling off but it would not accurately show the real percentage of voters who matter in smaller states. Let's give Ca and NY to the Democrats for the general election, just say for this experiment, and take a poll from all the other 48 states. What would that poll look like? Trump can win without NY and Ca, so what does the race look like right now in the rest of America? That would make for an interesting poll.

  • Jerry Korba

    10/13/2020 09:09 AM

    With the China Virus shutting down some travel plans of mine I have been home exposed to disgusting political Weenies on TV I deem to be a health risk equal to the Virus. I have learned some of the laws and how the lefties butcher them for instance the former VP's understanding of what packing the court means, the hack claims the current Administration is packing the court, means (adding to the # of judges) the Administration is replacing a Judge the reason I bring this to light is most youthful voters will not know the difference the lack of civic understanding is zero in most of that portion of the population. Just one of the reasons I have fear in how to loose America in 3 weeks.

  • Kathy Waterfall

    10/13/2020 08:57 AM

    Thank you for giving us honest facts. I look forward to reading real news about our great country. I honestly don't understand how anybody can be American and NOT vote for President Trump and Republicans.
    The one thing that has made me smile with the whole obnoxious behavior of extreme leftists is this: I have a severe Traumatic Brain Injury from a car accident which happened in 2004. Scoring a 3 on the Glasgow Coma Scale gave me little chance of survival let alone the ability to return home. I am doing really well now. A smile crosses my face every time I hear the stupidity which they utter incessantly. Even with my severe TBI, they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has restored my intelligence far above what these poor people possess.
    Thank you again. Have a wonderful day!

  • Stephen Russell

    10/13/2020 08:54 AM

    Denver shooting:
    Time go to events alas CCW armed, & body armor or shields, helmets
    & with other devices IF to be assulted since 2016 earlier by Leftists
    NO more Games
    Play Hard ball.
    Even on Capitol Hill, ACB hearings with Dems A-Z hardball
    Being Mr Nice we get screwed
    Im just sad no 1 had a gun & shot the "security guard"