June 1, 2018

Till now, out of everything we knew about the special counsel investigation into “collusion” with Russia, the biggest head-scratcher has been why Attorney General Jeff Sessions was still at his job and what he might be doing to justify a paycheck. But now, we may have an even bigger one: South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy’s odd responses to questions about the appropriateness of spying on the Trump campaign.

Gowdy, Devin Nunes and seven other House members received an hour-long briefing on May 24 after the Justice Department had refused to comply with a Congressional subpoena to provide documents relating to what reporter Mollie Hemingway describes as “an individual who was secretly gathering information on the Trump campaign on behalf of the federal government.” (Translation: SPY.) They received a classified briefing that, importantly, still did not provide the documents that would have satisfied the subpoena. In fact, Mark Meadows said afterwards that no documents –- zero –- were shown. According to Hemingway, a spokesperson for Gowdy repeatedly refused to answer questions about what, if any, documents were presented.

This is the meeting that was prefaced by a brief appearance by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Trump attorney Emmet Flood to call for transparency. It appears they wasted their breath.

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But Gowdy apparently didn’t need to see any documents to be convinced of what DOJ officials were telling them at the meeting. Such credulity seems strangely out of character for someone like Gowdy, a seasoned prosecutor who knows better than to believe people who continue to hide mountains of evidence. Yet for some reason, he took the DOJ’s “briefing” at face value. After the meeting, he said the FBI had done nothing inappropriate in their investigation of Russian interference. Never mind that we know for a fact spying was done; we have it from such disparate sources as The New York Times, The Washington Post, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and three people who have gone on record as being approached by the confidential informant (spy). We even know who the spy is, and his background as a spy. And Gowdy himself has suggested that an informant was used to collect information (to spy); the weird thing is that he’s now saying it was okay.

Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) jumped on his words as a “debunking” of the alleged spying. Not to say that spying wasn’t done, because we know it was, but Gowdy seemed to be saying that such activity is routine and should be accepted without question, even under these circumstances. He said the FBI was doing what his “fellow citizens” would have wanted them to do. (Mr. Gowdy, you can count this fellow citizen out.)

Yet, as Hemingway points out, he seemed unclear on a few aspects of the investigation, such as whether the FBI had been conducting a counterintelligence or criminal probe. He said he hadn't encountered the word “spy” in his work as a prosecutor, but his work has been only on the criminal side. He wants Mueller to be able to complete his investigation while admitting he doesn’t know the scope of it. In one interview, he mentioned Senators Marco Rubio and Tom Cotton as others who share his perspective, including them with “those who have seen the information.” But there is no evidence that they have seen the information, either.

Gowdy, Rubio, Cotton and anybody else who is ready to cave to bureaucratic power should read the latest column by go-to legal mind Andrew C. McCarthy, on just how hard it’s supposed to be to get a FISA warrant. To get a warrant to surveil Carter Page, the FBI would have had to give the court evidence that he was a clandestine agent of Russia, but the only evidence suggestive of that was in the unverified Steele “dossier.” And it remains unverified; if the FBI had ever verified that claim, Page would have been charged. He wasn’t.

McCarthy makes the case for the avoidance of political spying in America except in cases of serious wrongdoing. “We have an important norm in this country against political spying,” he says, “(as) a matter of tradition, of democratic institutions, of constitutional principles, and of modern history’s Watergate chapter. The incumbent administration must not use its awesome counterintelligence, counterespionage and law enforcement powers against its political opposition absent compelling evidence of egregious misconduct.”

When McCarthy goes on to put Trump’s perceived softness towards Russia into historical perspective, Mitt Romney, in citing Russia as our most serious threat, is about the only one who comes out unscathed. Appropriately (because no one was sent in to spy on HER campaign), Hillary’s ties with Russia are cited: the $145 million given to the Clinton Foundation, the $500,000 to Bill for a brief speech, and the fact that she was “neck-deep in the Uranium One scandal.”

His point is “that after 30 years of embracing and empowering Moscow, it is not credible --- particularly for an administration that was among the worst offenders --- to say ‘We had to use spies and FISA surveillance against the Trump campaign due to suspicion that Trump might embrace and empower Moscow.’” As we’ve said, if the administration had been acting in good faith, it could have done things it did not do: interview Page and Manafort, for example, and certainly inform Trump of its concerns. But this was not good faith –- it was very obviously a massive case of political opportunism.

But one thing remains unclear: the reason for Trey Gowdy’s odd failure to grasp that. Now, what do we say, class? If something doesn’t make sense, there’s a key piece of the puzzle still missing.



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  • Carol Lay

    09/30/2020 03:41 AM

    I don't know the missing pieces unless he's been threatened or bought off!

    I don't trust him to be in a position to serve Trump and our country faithfully!

    What's with many of our Republican congressman?
    They won't fight for us boldly and fiercely! They won't stand together in unity to get the job done!

    And why is Graham dragging his feet on the vote for Amy for Supreme Court! Hearings don't have to happen but we have to play nice! ...too much at stake for that!!!
    Carol E. Lay

  • Randall MIDGLEY

    09/02/2020 02:27 AM

    Trey has always been the voice of reason, but your right here, he seems to have stumbled. His leaving public office is another odd thing.
    A few too many miss steps here?

  • Joyce

    09/01/2020 07:22 PM

    Trey Gowdy was once one of my heroes. All I can say is that "they" got to him. Whether they threatened his family or by whatever means, they got to him. Jason Chaffetz was another of my heroes. They got to him too. But!! He left DC in tears. At least he is a Fox contributor and gives his sometimes harsh opinion. Haven't heard Gowdy give many harsh opinions lately, even though he is a Fox contributor also.

  • Kathleen Gillings

    08/29/2020 12:06 PM

    My guess is they are threatening him or his family. There iui s something really wrong here.

  • Emmett Shutes

    08/28/2020 05:43 PM

    Obviously, someone got to Gowdy, and either threatened him and his family,or bribed him—or both! No other explanation!

  • Shawn Aguilar

    08/28/2020 05:13 PM

    I'm with you. I sure do miss him going after the corruption of the Dems but something doesn't seem right! Smells fishy for him to back down after all this time and all the evidence!

  • Rob Wilson

    08/23/2020 11:46 AM


    I agree with your regarding Trey Gowdy. His behavior is strange and I have come to the conclusion that, like so many in high leadership positions, he has no real backbone or will to fight for real change. I spent 22 years as an aviator in the Air Force and I must say I have so much more respect for the people I worked with there. They were brave, courageous and dedicated to protecting our freedoms no matter how dangerous the mission or how great the cost. We now live in a time where “the remnant”, the very few in congress now serving honestly for “We the People” must themselves stand up (like soldiers, but with strong, resolute voices) and fight like hell to save our Republic, assuming it is not already lost. Just my ten cents worth and how I honestly feel about the out of control corruption I never imagined I’d see in this country. Even if Trump is re-elected, we will continue to have to fight to regain a solid grasp of who we are and what we stand for as a collective, one nation, under God.

    In God Only, do I trust

    Rob Wilson
    Sherwood, Arkansas

  • Margie Nitschke

    08/08/2020 01:19 AM

    I've been following Trey Gowdy for many years, I've always held him in high esteem as an upstanding civil servant and American. We "normal" citizens aren't as naive and dumb as they think we are, and I have a theory that the deep state got him on something, or maybe have threatened him with something, his family, something in his past, who knows! It's just hard to see someone I once so respected falling down and giving in ?? I will continue praying for God's hand to stay on this Great Country??

  • Dawn K Dannis

    07/24/2020 02:34 PM

    I used to love the way Trey would go after those corrupt people of interest. But he seems so different Nowadays. I wonder if he's being threatened???

  • John Cichon

    07/17/2020 11:23 AM

    Thanks for the info on Ted. I hope the truth comes out. Always we can trust scripture as said in Prov 21:1

  • Elizabeth Kostner

    06/30/2020 11:14 PM

    Please help the president Mr. Governor Huckabee. You’re the only one who stands up for him thank you and God bless you

  • Elizabeth Kostner

    06/30/2020 11:11 PM

    That’s what I meant about my first comment. Are these people being paid off to be just talkers. Why doesn’t anybody proceed with prosecution of all the corruption that has going on? Why all the mail in ballots being sent out and nobody Objecting? I pray Jesus come back soon because I can’t stand this any more. My dad fought in World War II and the European theater yet! For what? For his daughter to be treated like white privilege because she’s white? She works and she’s 16 and she’s 73 now. She needs help and all she gets is Haitians who hate whites. Because they covet everything we Americans have They won’t get off their lazy butts and do anything about it with collect welfare and abuse homebound bedridden people such as myself. There’s nobody to reported to because nobody’s available because of the Chinese virus. More Russia garbage about Trump. How much is one man supposed to take without any backing by his fellow Republicans except you

  • Elizabeth Kostner

    06/30/2020 10:59 PM

    What is wrong with all the corrupt Republicans out they won’t gather around trump? We have proof about the Flynn case at all the corruption behind that… Where are the charges where are the Republicans? How do you file a complaint Governor Huckabee? Paul Ryan the biggest damn fake Republican on the planet now is on the board at Fox News… Arthele Neville saying that Trump gave his “diluted speech“ or something more negative and that about trumps speech to the cadets. Facebook can’t even capitalize trumps name? How can a man take such abuse from his own party? You are the only one that speaks up feverishly for President Trump. Who’s the most beautiful wife on the planet. Has she been on any covers? All of his children work for free where is the credit? He’s losing probably $1 billion for what? Where are the Christians yet again they’re sitting on theirbehindd. Two Chronicles 7:20 means nothing to them. The scare of socialism and Marxism communism doesn’t even phase them. It was 73-year-old bedridden person who is being abused emotionally and physically by Haitian workers. There’s no one to report it to because everybody’s so busy and backlogged because of the virus. The Chinese virus! it was deliberately planted to bring down the President of the United States. No they can capitalize president. Where are the republican defenders of President Trump? Why aren’t Mueller Clinton both of them behind bars? The hulk comey. What is happened to our country please god? Jesus come get us please I can’t stand this abuse. I’ve done nothing to be called white privilege quite the contrary. Yet I am being physically and emotionally abused by blacks because I happen to be at a stage where I need help, physical health. I qualify because I paid in Social Security taxes for myself as well as as an employer for 10 different people. But the Haitians have to be jealous because I am providing a job for them now but I live in a 55+ mid range community. It’s not even gated with you and I’m supposed to be coveted for what little I have I’m so fed up and I feel so sorry for President Trump and all the abuse and lack of support by the Republican party, you being the exception

  • William grieve

    06/25/2020 02:37 PM

    The Republicans are just as bad as the damm liberals,we were expecting some iinfo on the illegal stuff that went on with the Russian connection,but Gouda was all talk

  • Joan Spicer

    06/03/2020 12:20 PM

    They both said their lives were constantly being threatened. And their families lives. Enough said? Look into that aspect.

  • Joan Spicer

    06/03/2020 12:19 PM

    Gowdy and Rubio left office and stated their lives and families had been threatened. Enough said? They’re soft peddling the issues. They’re under a strong threat to cause this strange behavior.

  • Ken king

    05/28/2020 11:30 AM

    Let's face facts, what most won't say ,either with their graft , or fear, and I am not suggesting right now

  • William Ackerman

    05/07/2020 04:41 PM

    This whole thing is sickening. I believe Trey caved to keep FISA going for the very fact that he is a prosecutor. To give the state more power and be used against to people by who ever has the reins of power. Don't forget he retired so possibly he was getting a kick back. I'm so angry right now. Those we trusted to protect did just the opposite.

  • Sharon Nelson

    04/13/2020 09:21 AM

    Has someone 'gotten to him'?

  • Jan Cartwright

    04/11/2020 10:44 AM

    I don't know what Gowdy is up to but thought it was very odd that he just decided to quit and go home when he did. When he is interviewed these days, he's very different and it will be interesting to see what's going on.