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April 2, 2024

Despite the public’s rejection of electric vehicles, the Democrats are determined to shove them down our throats whether we like it or not. They might find that we prefer voting them out of office to spending fortunes on “cars” that take hours to recharge if you can even find a charging station (at last count, all those billions the government had allocated for that have resulted in a total of seven being built), randomly burst into flames and turn into bricks during a cold snap.

For instance, the EPA, which is wildly overstepping its powers to try to regulate the entire gas-powered car industry out of existence, recently held a big event in DC to show off EVs, where they gave short shrift to the only successful EV make, Teslas. That's because Elon Musk stands for the one thing leftists hate worse than petroleum: free speech.

We now have eight Democrat-run states mandating that sales of gas-powered cars will be banned by 2035. I have to laugh at how drunk on their own alleged power these idiots are. Younger readers might not remember this, but California already pulled something similar years ago. They mandated that a certain percentage of cars sold by a particular date had to be EVs. They forgot that they couldn’t force people to buy one. As the deadline loomed, they finally had to buckle under to reality.

Now, blue states are trying it from the other side by banning all sales of gas-powered cars. I suspect they’ll drop that as soon as they start getting voted out of office, or as soon as those states’ car dealers realize that it will put them out of business. People will just go to neighboring states to buy cars. And if they try to ban that, then people might just decide to stay in those other states (plenty already are.) Those left behind will have to keep patching up and driving 50-year-old cars, making California seem even more like Cuba than it already does.

By the way, here is a good article on why all the hype and money expended on pushing EVs has failed to convince the public to buy them. The Democrats might want to remember this lesson in how hard it is to sell a lemon as they raise and spend billions to sell Americans on a second term of Joe Biden.

And now, the most important part of this whole thread: While the left is trying to force everyone into electric cars, they’re simultaneously pushing policies that are contributing to a looming shortage of electrical power. The need for energy is already growing beyond our capacity to meet it, and they want to add millions of electric cars to the grid while shutting down nuclear plants, coal-fired power plants and hydroelectric dams and replacing them with sunshine and windmills.

To cite just one example, here’s how well that’s working out: Two weeks ago, a huge hail storm near Houston did massive damage to a 3,000-acre solar farm, shattering many of the panels. The company dismissed fears that the rain may cause chemicals from the broken solar panels to soak into the water table. It’s a “perfect storm” of disaster: hail, rain and leftist stupidity.

Before anyone says a word: no, the storm wasn’t due to “climate change.” Texas has had hail storms since the dawn of time. If you don’t believe me, check out the used car lots in Dallas.

And now, the true “Must-Read” of this thread: A Wall Street Journal article on how Democrats are greatly increasing demand for electricity while working overtime to reduce capacity. It’s called “The Coming Electricity Crisis.”

If you haven’t heard any of this scary stuff before, the article touches on that:

“The media will discover this problem eventually, though not this year if it might call into question Mr. Biden’s climate agenda. Perhaps they’ll notice when more blackouts arrive.”

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