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March 15, 2024

So, the question has always been, what exactly did Hunter Biden and his associates DO to justify such huge payments from an energy conglomerate associated with the Communist Chinese?  Yes, the Chinese were buying influence, no doubt, but what did they want to achieve through that influence?  What was the endgame?  A new report from investigative reporter John Solomon is helping to provide the answer.

New evidence turned over to Congress as part of the impeachment inquiry shows that while his father was Vice President, Hunter Biden and his partners were helping Chinese energy company CEFC in what turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt to acquire Westinghouse, a subsidiary of Toshiba of Japan and one of America’s premier nuclear technology companies, as part of a secret plan to control the global market.  Chinese military hackers had tried to hack into their computer system but were unsuccessful, so CEFC had to find other means to get the technology.  This is where Hunter’s company came in. 

This new information adds to what we already knew about Hunter’s associates helping CEFC gain access to oil and gas technology in the U.S., including a liquid natural gas project in Louisiana called Monkey Island.

The evidence Congress now has is a report to CEFC from Hunter business partner James Gilliar, who told them, “It would be highly unlikely that Toshiba would sell Westinghouse to Chinese or Korean interests, certainly not for an attractive price...We create the correct support in Washington...”  Gilliar summed up by saying that “the U.S. face of Westinghouse, combined with the economic power of CEFC (China) is the perfect solution to control this global sector.”

Gilliar’s reference to “the correct support in Washington” --- might that have something to do with having someone as politically connected as the son of the Vice President to run interference?

Gilliar also advised the Chinese that Westinghouse had “significant lobbying power in Congress.”  The group could exploit this lobbying power to support China, he said, as a “new entrant to the nuclear power market.”

As former Hunter business partner Rob Walker testified to Congress, Hunter “had an interesting last name that would probably get people in the door.”  Walker said the company also used Hunter Biden’s letterhead as a “calling card.”

John Solomon, appearing on FOX NEWS with Sean Hannity Thursday night, said the plan was “to use Hunter Biden and the [Biden] family name to try to create a complex transaction that would hide the fact that China was actually going to control the prize nuclear reactor technology that America had.”

At that time, Westinghouse was “the envy of the world,” he said.  They’d created a smaller, more efficient nuclear reactor that made the plants themselves much smaller.  “Everybody in the world wanted this reactor.  China tried to hack into Westinghouse’s computers, got caught ---- even [AG] Eric Holder filed charges against the Chinese military [editorial aside:  what does THAT do?] --- and then, there’s a Hunter Biden and his business partners CEFC.”

In 2017, CEFC started paying what would amount to about $8 million to Hunter Biden’s companies.  Some of that money ends up with James Biden, some with Joe and Jill.

As busy as Hunter was back then getting his groove on, this new evidence shows he was involved in his company business.  As Solomon wrote for JUST THE NEWS, “The evidence, which includes a detailed strategy memo, shows Hunter Biden was directly involved in emails and correspondence on the project in 2016 and that the goal was to exploit the future first son's access to power and his family reputation to make Washington and Beijing comfortable with a potentially controversial deal and then to shield the acquisition of Westinghouse by China CEFC Energy behind intermediaries.”

Also, “it’s very important to remind people,” Solomon told Hannity, “while Hunter Biden and James Biden were working on this deal, they knew the company they were dealing with was tied to the Communist Chinese government.  Why?  Hunter Biden said one of the guys at CEFC was ‘the (bleep)-ing spy chief [of China].’”

In his testimony before the FBI, James Biden said he knew the chairman of CEFC had a direct relationship with the president of China.  That was Ye Jianming, whom James also introduced to Joe.

Solomon summed it up this way: “A sitting Vice President’s son was allowing that company, with those ties, to try to take our prize nuclear reactor technology.”  Can you say FARA violation?  And that’s just the beginning...

Jason Chaffetz, who was also a guest during the segment, praised the House Oversight Committee and its chairman, James Comer of Kentucky, for “doing all they can do to get at those documents,” which the DOJ is “not coughing up.”  The one area he’d really like them to delve into is former FBI Director Louis Freeh and the $100,000 that went from him into the bank accounts of Joe Biden’s grandkids.  (Ha, bet you forgot about that one!) 

“You have this Romanian real estate tycoon who’s charged with bribery,” Chaffetz said.  “Somehow he matches up with Hunter Biden, who then matches up with former FBI director Louis Freeh...[who] is then engaged in that case, and...he communicates with our [DOJ] to try to weigh in potentially on that case.”

 The Romanian was indeed convicted of bribery, which is looking more and more like an everyday occurrence, both there and here.  Now we have to “follow the money” to find out how that much coin ended up with Biden’s grandchildren.  And, of course, we have to ask the obvious question: “What did President Biden’s grandchildren DO to get money from a Romanian real estate tycoon?  Wow, and you think YOUR kids and grandkids are precocious!

If you’re discouraged by all the sleaze that’s in the news, thinking all this influence peddling is just business as usual in DC and that most people will never even hear about it, take heart from Solomon’s observation that 67 percent of people in a recent poll said they “now believe Joe Biden did something unethical or illegal, so they’re getting the news somehow…”  And that number is going to get higher.

Solomon went on to “draw a bullseye” on something he thought could “change this dynamic in the next few weeks,” saying, “It is improbable that Joe Biden didn’t get defensive briefings when his son was dealing with...a company that was trying to buy our nuclear [technology] that we knew the Chinese were trying to hack to get...and if he did, and he still let his son do these things, I think that becomes a very easy story for the American people to understand.”

Here’s Solomon’s detailed story about Gilliar’s report to CEFC, quite fascinating…

And here’s Solomon’s appearance on Thursday’s HANNITY…



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