February 18, 2017

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but there’s no denying he’s a miracle worker. All he had to do was take office and suddenly, liberals have turned more conservative than conservatives!

For decades, they toiled away to erode the Constitution, insisting it was a “living document” (although admittedly one on life support after they got through with it). They fiercely attacked strict constructionists like Justice Scalia, writing coma-inducing “think” pieces about how impossibly antiquated such thinking was. But post-Trump, we now have liberals insisting that every word of the Constitution, especially that separation of powers and limits on the executive branch jazz, must be strictly enforced. Likewise, after turning a blind eye to Obama’s power-grabbing executive orders for eight years, suddenly, liberals are horrified that Trump would write executive orders undoing the previous executive orders. And impeachment? When Bill Clinton was in office, perjury wasn’t even reason enough to impeach a President. Now, liberals have such high standards for Presidential conduct, they want to impeach Trump because a staffer reportedly misled his second-in-command about a phone call. Or some other infraction to be filled in later. Any one will do.

But all that pales beside Trump’s latest accomplishment: he’s actually turning liberals into tax protesters! Believe it or not, the people who gave us the term “tax and spend” and the IRS, who claim nobody who makes over minimum wage is paying his “fair share,” and who call taxes taken under penalty of law “contributions” are now threatening to withhold their federal income taxes because they don’t want their money funding Trump’s agenda. Funny, I don’t recall seeing a box on my1040 form that I could check to get out of paying taxes that funded Obama’s disastrous leftwing agenda. Because I definitely would have checked that.

As much as I welcome these Johnny-come-latelies to the anti-IRS cause, I have a feeling this latest threat not to pay their income taxes will turn out to be just so much bluster and hogwash, like their threats to move to Canada if Trump won. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see the first progressive snowflake willingly go to prison for tax evasion. Here’s a tip for them: if you seriously plan to refuse to pay your federal income taxes, you’d probably better go ahead and move to Canada before you tell the IRS that. And here’s a tip for President Trump and the GOP Congress: you can easily thwart the tax revolt. Just replace the IRS with the Fair Tax.

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