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August 12, 2022



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Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

John 11:25-26

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Nuclear blast from the past

Something from a few years back to think about when the media try to panic you with scary stories of Trump not being careful enough with “nuclear” documents.

Stacey Abrams admits to this much...

Georgia Democratic candidate for Governor (and incumbent-in-her-own-mind) Stacey Abrams sent a tweet that not only admitted what the national party has been trying desperately to deny, it also revealed that she’s so clueless about how economics work, she has no business being anywhere near the Governor’s Mansion.

First, she admitted that “rent is sky high, inflation has destabilized our economy, and the price of groceries is increasingly out of reach.” All truths that Democrats are trying to deny (Biden just assured us that inflation is “zero,” which might also be his IQ these days.) Then she added that actual Gov. Brian Kemp “can point the finger as much as he likes, but either this is the economy he created or it’s not.”

Ooh, ooh, I can answer that for her! It’s not!

That’s because state Governors don’t have anything to do with national monetary policy. That comes out of Washington, which the Democrats have been dangerously mismanaging since January 2021 (they claim that January 6th, 2021, was the worst disaster ever to befall America, but I could make a better case for January 20th, which was Biden’s Inaugural.) Governors can help create a good climate for business, which Kemp has done (witness all the businesses moving to Georgia from states run into the ground by Democrats), but they can’t print money and cause inflation. They can try to bring more money into the state instead of driving it out by, say, lying about the voting laws being racist, as some people I could name did.

Stacey “Sister Toldjah” Matthews has more at the link, including a great tweet from Marjo Lightfoot: “A vote for Stacey is a vote for someone who thinks you’re an idiot.” And if you do, she's right. 


More overheated rhetoric from the Left

Thursday, a man in body armor and carrying a rifle tried to breach the FBI building in Cincinnati. He failed, then led police on a chase that ended in an armed stand-off. The suspect was killed, and no officers were injured.

At this writing, the man’s motives and identity are still unknown. There have been reports that he was a suspected “extremist,” but like “woman,” that word has lost all meaning these days. I prefer to wait until things are actually known before commenting on them. But the complete lack of facts didn’t stop Connecticut Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy from immediately tweeting, The overheated rhetoric of Trump, his supporters, and Republican leaders is threatening the lives of law enforcement.”

A condemnation of “overheated rhetoric” is rich, coming from the Party that calls farmers in MAGA caps “the most dangerous extremist group in America” and parents at school board meetings “domestic terrorists.” Not to mention the last couple of years of branding all police as violent racists. 

I have had plenty to say about the intolerable politicization of the FBI and DOJ, but it’s completely justified. And I’ve made it clear that I condemn any threats of violence as both wrong and stupid. They do nothing but feed the narrative the left is pushing about everybody to the right of Fidel Castro.

I think the best way to answer Murphy is the way this article at does: by pulling up a gallery of reminders of the Democrats’ “overheated rhetoric” and the extremely violent, threatening and even deadly actions of their followers who listen to and repeat it.

By the way, I’d remind you that in one of those incidents where a violent mob was threatening people leaving an event at the White House, my wife and I were among those in the group who needed police protection from the leftist extremists to get to our cars safely.

Zero Percent

Being preoccupied with other things, I didn’t mention that this week, after the government reported that inflation in July was 8.5%, President Biden went on TV and declared that inflation was “zero percent.” As is his wont, he even repeated himself: "Zero percent!" Most viewers probably just assumed that he was up past his bedtime or off his meds, but no, in this case, he was actually reading that jaw-dropper off the teleprompter.

Since annual inflation in July fell slightly from the June rate, they’re now claiming the inflation rate THAT MONTH was zero. Technically, that’s true, except prices were still 8.5% higher than a year before, which is the way inflation is measured in Realityville. It reminds me of the Homer Simpson quote: “In theory, communism works. In THEORY!”

At this link is a reminder of how many words the people around Biden have tried to redefine so they don’t look as terrible as they are (“recession,” “women,” “mothers,” “success,” etc.) Now, add “inflation” to the list.

I’ll also add that the media are repeating the Dems’ spin that the raid on Trump’s house wasn’t a “raid,” it was a “search.” Let 30 federal armed agents show up at their houses unannounced, refuse to show a warrant, lock their attorneys out of the room, order the surveillance cameras turned off, and ransack the place for 12 hours, even breaking into their safes and rifling through their wives’ closets, and see if that doesn’t feel like a “raid” to them.

Finally, the slight drop in the inflation rate was due to a fall in gas prices, mostly because it’s so expensive now that people are forced to buy less of it, which increases supply (but not the right way.) It’s funny how when it was going up, that was all Putin’s fault (the media happily parroted the “Putin’s price hike” talking point and the claim that the President couldn’t do anything about gas prices.) But now that the average has fallen below $4 a gallon, they’re repeating the DNC line that Biden has achieved great success in reducing gas prices.

Once again, I’ll share this photo taken by one of my writers while filling his tank in February of 2020, while Trump was in office. It never gets old. The price then was half what it is now. When it’s $1.99 a gallon again, then Biden can take bows for fixing what he broke.

Wyoming: Five Days and Counting

We’re now five days and counting away from the Wyoming Primaries and Liz Cheney losing her House seat. If you are in Wyoming, I implore you not to let the polls make you complacent. Think of it as your chance to send a message to Washington and other Republicans by delivering a historically lopsided vote on the order of Reagan vs. Mondale.

And if you need any reminders of why Liz needs the boot, try these:

Great Moments In Journalism

Former New York Times reporter Bari Weiss revealed that when the paper ran an op-ed by black Republican Sen. Tim Scott in 2020, one editorial senior staffer said Republicans don’t care about minority rights and suggested running the article past Chuck Schumer first.

In the end, they didn’t do that. But it does make you wonder just how much of the Times’ content IS run by Chuck Schumer first.

The Left has poked the bear

FBI “Director” Christopher Wray is desperately trying to spin the justifiably angry public reaction to his agency’s unprecedented abuse of power against former President Trump into the focus of this story. Citing a wave of threatening social media posts against him, Attorney General Merrick Garland and the FBI agents, Wray called them “deplorable and dangerous” (Where have I heard someone before trying to link the word “deplorable” with Trump supporters?) And of course, the media will happily make the story “Republicans pounce” instead of “government incredibly corrupt.”

To be clear: I don’t condone any threats of violence, which are wrong, and in this atmosphere, dumb and counterproductive. Look at how much mileage the left has gotten toward trampling our rights out of one riot on January 6th, as they ignored the nearly 600 far more destructive riots their own side threw?

It’s obvious that having realized they’ve wildly overplayed their hand and poked the bear, they’re now trying to pose as victims and paint the people they’ve wronged as the villains (remember how they also declared parents to be “domestic terrorists” for protesting schools that expose their kids to racism, porn, anti-Americanism and socialism? The “real” victims were the poor school board members who felt “unsafe” because the evil parents were mad at them.)

Just as I implored people who attended the Trump rally in DC on January 6th, 2021, to remain peaceful and not let themselves be provoked (Trump did, too, by the way), I implore you now not to fall for this trap. They want you to make rash statements on social media or hold rallies that turn violent. If you do hold rallies, be prepared for Antifa twerps in red MAGA hats to try to instigate violence that can be blamed on you.

I know that as justifiably furious red-blooded Americans, it’s not in your nature to emulate Gandhi's passive resistance tactics. But their only hope is to provoke you so that they can play victims and weaponize the “justice” system against you even more...and change the election laws to make it easier to cheat ("These insurrectionists have made it too dangerous to go to the polls, so we need all mail-in ballots!") 

Don’t fall for it. Keep your cool, stay angry but in control, and express all that pent-up fury in November at the ballot box.  Think of it as giving them a hard, swift kick...right out of office.

California is recommending more nonsense for the youngest students

California’s Department of Education is now recommending a book on gender transitioning for kindergartens and a book on kneeling during the National Anthem for high schools.

Just what Texas needed: even more reason for Californians to move there. Well, just don’t order chili with beans or vote for “Beto” O’Rourke.

Fifth Amendment Politics

President Trump asserted his Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer questions from New York Attorney General Letitia James, and if you thought the TDS-afflicted Democrat operatives of the media were overjoyed at his Fourth Amendment rights being violated, they were even more excited about violating his Fifth Amendment rights. Many immediately declared that this must mean he's guilty of something, and once again (say it with me for the 500th time), "The walls are closing in on Trump!"

Thanks to Nick Arama at Redstatecom for this perfect boneheaded example.

Daniel Goldman is an attorney, the former lead House counsel for Trump's impeachment (I can't be bothered to look up which one), and, incredibly, a candidate for Congress in New York's 10th District. Voters there had better turn out to keep him out of office, because he just made it clear that he has no regard for or understanding of your basic Constitutional rights. Goldman tweeted:

"The Fifth Amendment ensures that people are not forced to incriminate themselves. But you don't take the Fifth if you didn't do anything wrong,"

Pardon my obvious reply, but...WRONG! I’m not an attorney, but even I know that invoking the Fifth Amendment cannot be held against you in court, and jurors are ordered not to consider it as an admission of guilt. It might simply mean that the accused thinks he's getting an unfair trial, that the state has no case, and there's nothing to be gained by subjecting himself to an interrogation where his words can be twisted and used against him. And what a surprise: that's exactly why Trump says he did it, and with firm justification.

The article reviews some of the many attempts by various “authorities” to target, frame, defame, impeach and prosecute Trump and his associates, going all the way back to before he took office (remember how they set up Mike Flynn and destroyed his life after assuring him it was just an informal, off-the-record chat with the FBI and he didn’t need to have any silly old lawyers present?) Arama concludes, “Trump would be foolish if he didn’t invoke the Fifth," and reminds us that Hillary’s IT guy took the Fifth 125 times during her email investigation.

Trump concurs. His family and associates had cooperated so far, and all they got in return was more threats, accusations and rants in the media by James. Trump even said in a statement, “I once asked ‘if you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?’ Now I know the answer to that question. When your family, your company, and all the people in your orbit have become targets of an unfounded, politically motivated Witch Hunt supported by lawyers, prosecutors, and the Fake News Media, you have no choice.”

To bolster that argument, Eric Trump released a video montage that you can watch at the RedState link above, showing James repeatedly attacking Trump in very personal terms as she was running for Attorney General and openly declaring that her mission if she won would be to “get” Trump in any way possible.

Again, I’m not an attorney, but here’s how that job is supposed to work: First, you suspect that a crime has been committed. Investigators gather evidence for that specific crime, then get warrants from real judges who ensure the evidence is actually genuine. Then they gather more evidence to present to a grand jury. And if the grand jury thinks there’s enough proof of a crime to file charges, they tell the prosecutor to go ahead.

A prosecutor/Attorney General doesn’t say, “I hate that guy SO much! I’m going to keep harassing him endlessly until I find something, ANYTHING, that I can charge him with!” 

We live in a country with so many laws that it’s said we all violate 10 before breakfast. Imagine having an attorney general who would actually prosecute you for all those violations, just because she disagrees with your politics. If you live in New York, no need to imagine that. You already have one who subscribes to the Stalin-era dictum, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

Looking at the behavior of the two principal figures so far, it appears to me that James is the one who should be facing charges for abuse of power, violations of constitutional rights, and wasting New York taxpayers’ money on her own personal political vendetta. If anyone wants to charge her with that, I will gladly defend her due process rights to a fair trial.

Related Must-Read: And I strongly suggest that Letitia James read this as well.

James is reportedly trying to “get” Trump for fraud for inflating the value of his properties for loans, etc. But blogger/venture capitalist Jeffrey Carter explains why that case is "meaningless," “bull” and “political theater.” In a nutshell, all of Trump’s hotels and other properties are privately owned. They're 100% his. There is no public stock. So legally, he can value them at anything he wants, from half a buck to a million billion dollars. If he wants to use the properties as collateral for any type of deal, it’s up to the professionals he's dealing with to assess the real market value of the property.

There’s much more that you (and certainly, Letitia James) should read, so that you can argue effectively with people afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome and who are sure they’ve “got him this time!” It won’t help, but at least you’ll be prepared.

I’ve said this before, but it’s amazing that a man who’s been slammed as the most corrupt crook ever to draw breath has been endlessly investigated for five years by his worst enemies, and yet, they’ve never come up with a single charge against him. I wonder how many of his enemies could survive scrutiny that intense? I also wonder if the thought ever penetrates their tiny minds that if they still have nothing solid on him after all that looking, Trump might actually be the most honest President since Abe Lincoln.



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  • George W. Trever

    08/14/2022 09:11 AM

    President Trump asserted his Fifth Amendment right because Democrats has destroyed the Rule of Law.


    08/13/2022 11:37 PM

    LET ME KNOW !!!!

  • Stephen Russell

    08/13/2022 09:18 AM

    More Raid questions:
    Why wait or delay raid
    Why search 10 hours for 13 boxes?

  • Jerry

    08/13/2022 09:16 AM

    The raid on Trumps home is an advertisement to scare people to run from Trump’s possibly run for President the fear of trump being President again with no longer being a rookie puts fear into the deep state, it now knows what scum the deep state is and Donald will be coming for them I think the deep state has awakened a Beast if the deep states attempt take downs of 6 years didn’t get him trump took some good shots at him all I hope is the deep state can be mortally wounded

  • Gracia Winsett

    08/13/2022 08:58 AM

    Just like I said at breakfast this morning. With everything they've done to Trump, I won't believe them at all unless Trump murders someone, buries the body in his basement and his DNA is all over the body

  • Robert E. Carter

    08/13/2022 02:38 AM

    You have made the obvious obvious for those campaigning to initiate swamp draining in January:

    Brandon has given us all the ammo in the world (as you noted Jan 20th, not the 6th) - All we need is a tally of all the major violations of the Constitution legislated in either/both houses of Congress, all the violations by Brandon in EOs/ cancelation of rump's EOs, and any votes/ public comments of support for these actions by the appropriate adversary, along with the specific violation(s), then indication that he/she has a sworn duty to protect, not violate the law of the land, and, "is that the representative you'd give a second chance to if they were teaching your kids about constitutional government (they really ae, you know) ?" "And, certainly not if you're paying their salary and retirement, when using their office to violate the law, your wishes - and your rights !"

  • Jerry

    08/13/2022 12:00 AM

    The people that work outside away from TV or the propaganda outlets are very lucky. I have taken the week off and getting some rest I watch some programming with my wife and she likes the Fox outlet the morning programs are bearable however only short amounts of time can be spent enduring the Shitff news it reports. Most of the news is reported without much masculinity with the exception of Bongeno Pete Hegstead others speak with a bit of manliness Levine is tough and watters lets it go the big fella Payne lets it go 15 minutes is about the time or a couple cups of coffee is all I can take of the shifty news and the clips of the wacko CNN are nothing more than an insult and at that point see ya honey try and keep some sanity about ya turn the crap off and turn on a cooking show I can't waste time on those fools the Left's point of view is sewer gas so toxic not fit for good humans the Left ideas are for zombie type creatures not for the healthy human being. The new couple, Wray and Garland have the thoughts of a zombie and the same energy level I wonder if they have dead blood in their veins. Not much light in those eyes.

  • Paul Kern

    08/12/2022 10:25 PM

    I saw early that the DNC is just a shell following Marx's ten point plan to destroy a nation. I am disappointed that the establishment Republicans are unwilling or afraid to call a "spade a spade!" I heard one conservative finally aemit what they are. Most are playing junior Neville Chamberlain who gave Europe to Hitler! A Red wave may not happen if the RINOs get their way. We already have two nations and one is going to be robbed to keep the elite in designer dresses and mansions!

  • James Drury Jr.

    08/12/2022 07:39 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!