October 15, 2019

In breaking news, kangaroos have filed a class action suit against congressional Democrats, for giving their courts a bad name.

The House Judiciary Committee normally conducts impeachment inquiry proceedings, which are also historically held before cameras, not behind closed doors. But under Nancy Pelosi’s unofficial, non-traditional, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants inquiry, the proceedings were taken away from Judiciary Committee chair Jerrod Nadler, to be run by Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee, in the worst kangaroo court I’ve ever seen in the supposed land of the free. The Intelligence, Oversight and Foreign Relations committees are allowed behind the closed doors, while Judiciary Committee members are cooling their heels outside, unable to ask questions or even to hear testimony for themselves.

Why the change of committees, and why have we not heard from Nadler at all lately? Did Pelosi take away Nadler’s chairmanship because he didn’t show enough impeachment fervor? That is hardly possible, as this mouth-breather has been living and breathing impeachment since Trump got elected. There must be some other reason or reasons why Judiciary has been left out of the proceedings. What if it wasn’t so much to put Adam Schiff IN as it was to keep certain Republican onlookers OUT?

Which brings us to Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee. When he tried to sit in on Monday’s hearing --- which of course, he would normally be able to attend --- he was ejected. The House parliamentarian told him he couldn’t be there. After leaving the room, he tweeted, “Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler claimed to have begun the impeachment inquiry weeks ago. Now, his own Judiciary members aren’t even allowed to participate in it. And yes --- my constituents want me actively involved in the #KangarooCourtCoup run by Shifty Schiff. Chairman Schiff and the radical Democrats are are now active participants in the coup. To exclude Members of Congress from hearings confirms the American people’s suspicions: this is not a legitimate ‘impeachment inquiry’ --- it is a charade.”

More: “Chairman Schiff and Speaker Pelosi are equally complicit in hiding and obfuscating the truth. Blocking Members of Congress from attending ‘impeachment’ hearings is not only unfair, it runs counter to our Democracy.”

And more: “The perpetrators of this impeachment hoax must be held accountable –- both by the Congress, and by the American people.”

Monday night on FOX News’ HANNITY, he said this was proof that the Democrats “can’t win a fair election, they can’t win a fair debate, and they absolutely cannot run a fair impeachment inquiry because they’re stacking the deck. They’re doing everything they can to limit our access to witnesses and evidence, they’re not allowing us to call witnesses and, by the way, if Republicans had a witness list, it would be Adam Schiff who would be a fact witness because of the collusion that he and his staff were engaged in with the whistleblower that they had lied about...time and again we see that Adam Schiff is running a kangaroo court, and that should matter to senators who may have to ultimately consider this impeachment.”

He pointed out that Bill Clinton wasn’t treated like this by Republicans. (That is true –- Clinton had all the due process rights currently being denied to President Trump.)

“I think this is a shameful day for the House of Representatives,” Gaetz said.

On the agenda for Monday was the deposition of Fiona Hill, former special assistant to Trump and National Security Council senior director for European and Russia affairs, who resigned from the NSC during the summer and was there under Congressional subpoena, though she had agreed to appear voluntarily. Schiff apparently subpoenaed her so he could ask certain questions and keep the answers secret (other than his own leaks, of course). If Gaetz wanted to ask her any question or even hear what she had to say, he was out of luck. A fly on the wall had more access to these buzz-worthy proceedings.

Schiff explained the method to his madness on Sunday’s “Face The Nation” on CBS:  We want to make sure we meet the needs of the investigation and not give the President or his legal minions the opportunity to tailor their testimony and, in some cases, fabricate testimony to suit their interests.” He doesn’t want witnesses to know what other witnesses have said. In other words, they’ll be going after people for process crimes faster than you can say, “perjury trap.”

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, ranking Republican on the House Oversight Committee –- which presumably gave him access to the hearing as long as he kept his mouth shut –- tweeted his criticism of Gaetz’ exclusion: “@RepAdam Schiff is conducting his secret impeachment proceedings in the basement of the Capitol, and now he’s kicked @mattgaetz out of today’s deposition. This testimony should be available to every member of Congress and every single American. What is Schiff hiding?”  Jordan pointed out that only about 12 members of Congress have heard the testimony, while 423 have not and have no clue what is going on.  He urged Democrats to at least release the transcripts, which of course Adam Schiff will do in the interest of honesty and transparency and I lied about that last part.

Gaetz told reporters after being kicked out that he hadn’t gone there to participate, just to OBSERVE as a member of Congress and the Judiciary Committee. “If Adam Schiff and House Democrats were so proud of their work, they would be willing to show it.”

His next question was no doubt rhetorical, as, of course, anyone with more than a teaspoonful of brain matter knows the answer: “Why is Adam Schiff trying to run a kangaroo court? Why is he continuing to limit access to evidence, limit access even from members of Congress?”

Jim Jordan Denounces 'Secretive Impeachment Proceedings' After Matt Gaetz Was Kicked out of Hearing

Incidentally, it turned out just as I thought it would, with Schiff saying they wouldn’t be needing testimony from the “whistleblower” after all. Schiff didn’t expect Trump to release the transcript of the call with Ukrainian President Zelensky, and now that the “whistleblower” has played his part to bring out the story, the last thing he wants is to subject this person to questioning. There is no way to reconcile his account of the phone call with the actual transcript. Schiff especially doesn’t want any examination of this person’s anti-Trump ties, which we’ve discussed here, and the fact that he chose not to disclose in the complaint that he’d been in touch with Schiff’s office. This "court" is a bad joke --- bad enough to get even kangaroos hopping mad.

Here's an excellent segment from Monday's INGRAHAM ANGLE on the whole idea of secret courts, featuring former special prosecutor Ken Starr, who knows a thing or two about impeachment inquiries and is greatly concerned about the way this one is being conducted.

Ingraham Angle


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  • Allegra Kitchens

    10/25/2019 12:13 PM

    This "Intelligence" Committee inquiry shouldn't be called an inquiry because it is reminiscent of the old Communist USSR "inquiries" held to send political opponents to Siberian labor camps. It also shouldn't be called an Intelligence Committee as Schiff and his cronies don't have an ounce of intelligence between them. Although I do understand the word intelligence here has to do with getting evidence, I still object to the word being used in any form relating to this un-American, un-Constitutional lynch mob. As bad as Schiff and his little morons are, I am appalled that the rest of the House of Representatives have not taken action to not only censure Schiff and his committee, but also to remove him from Congress. Where is the righteous indignation of the supposedly decent members of the House? Rep. Gaetz seems to be the only one with the courage of step up and do anything. The House needs to meet as a body, declare this Inquiry over, censure all members of the Intelligence Committee and start proceedings to remove Schiff from office.

  • Gary Stilwell

    10/17/2019 09:20 PM

    shiff's committee does not follow the required Parliamentary Procedures require here.
    Why is the man allowed to interrupt testimony of a witness when a question is asked?? That constitutes a "Point Of Order"--which must be dealt with before any other debate is resumed.

    The House can't even adhere to a timed vote--the vote time runs out and the Reps wander around like they have all the time in the world to register their vote--in some cases more than 20 minutes AFTER the time has run out--they break their own rules as a matter of course---and we the people seem to think this is OK?? I voted for this rep(regardless of his/her political persuasion) I expect them to conduct themselves appropriately. You can't even abide by a timed vote rule, and you expect me to believe you will do what you promised when I voted for you? ------the Swamp needs to be drained --and I mean "DRAINED"---
    You got a barrel of apples with a couple of bad ones in there--the bad ones will infect ALL of the others--until you empty the barrel and sterilize it you will continually see bad apples( the barrel probably needs to be replaced, just to make sure)

  • Michael

    10/17/2019 08:48 PM

    Rep Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida said it so well and spelled out the shameful and despicable behavior of the Democrats and especially, Shifty Schiff. Now, the problem is none of the mainstream media will ever cover this, because they are in bed with the Democrats and their socialist anti-America agenda. The Democrats despise the Constitution, border security and almost everything about America and Americans, unless you are stupid and liberal and join them in their ideology and evil.
    Wake up America and fight against the Democrats and the phony mainstream media by getting to the voting booths in November of 2020 and vote Republican. And do indeed vote, as we know the Democrats will cheat in every way possible to try to win the election. Look what they did in the 2018 mid-term election with their gain in the House of Representatives. Have you actually watched them since then and all they have done is try to blame and impeach the President and try to shame those who voted for Trump in 2016. And joining them in their effort are all the mainstream media, CBS, NBC, ABC, the Today Show, Good Morning America, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and all the other complete fakes and haters of America.
    Take a stand against this evil agenda and do not fail to get out and vote in every election and don't ever vote for a Democrat !!!

  • Judy Pevonka

    10/17/2019 11:26 AM

    Was there really a Whistleblower?


    10/17/2019 10:55 AM

    I sincerely hope that laws and procedures are being broken enough to open up these hearings immediately by force or police action if needed. We are witnessing lawlessness and the law needs to stop it. As a country we have seen and heard enough misbehavior to condone it any further!

  • Gary Stilwell

    10/16/2019 10:32 PM

    I did vote for trump--one reason primarily was the "drain the swamp" claim. That did not target any specific group in the beginning---now we have the dems violating due process to get rid of this guy who is going to take away all their long manufactured perks/special interest concessions/backfeeds. He is uncommon in his thrusts--so what?? The man is a citizen of these United States, and is required to be handed due process--(if even the accusers are insane). The big issue here is not trump, but the broken justice system--I knew he would face an almost insurmountable task in the swamp draining--I was right.

  • Linda Olds

    10/16/2019 10:23 PM

    Isn't there SOMETHING that Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and others can do to open this inquiry?
    It's very frustrating that Republicans and the American public are not allowed to know what Shifty is doing.

  • Mike Horst

    10/16/2019 06:23 PM

    Mike...The Democrats expelling the Republicans from their Kangaroo court secret sessions. Really?
    So they think they are going to unilaterally remove a duly elected President of the United States because he is not one of them and doesn't agree with everything they say? Power has certainly corrupted the Democrats or at least they are showing their true colors. I hope they don't mind when they send this scam impeachment over to Senator McConnell that he doesn't commence a trial, laughs and blows it off for the trash it is. I think that is a very real possibility. What say you?

  • Lance E Brown

    10/16/2019 03:43 PM

    A LOT-O-CLOAK and dagger going on hear. it seems that they want to impeach without any oversight. Looks like they just want us to eat what they are serving. no questions allowed.

  • Steve Bukosky

    10/16/2019 10:58 AM

    If everyone here gets mailings from the Republican party, then instead of tossing it in the garbage, er, recycle bin, send the donation envelope back with a message of NO MORE, until they fight back against this democratic crap! The whole group should crash the meetings. There comes a time for things to go to the next level.

  • David Prentler

    10/16/2019 07:37 AM

    Just wish to make an analogy about the hypocrisy of the democratic candidates-my policies are for thee but not for me.
    Lets say you are going to church and listened to what you thought was a wonderful man of God preaching the Lord's word Sunday after Sunday.
    Your anniversary is coming up and you take your beautiful wife out for dinner to celebrate your years together.
    As you are gazing into your brides beautiful eyes you happen to notice your pastor in the next booth sitting next to a woman that is not his wife. They are making it quite obvious that this relationship is not new and this is not business related.
    Now, are you going to follow this hypocrite at church next Sunday? I hope not, unless you believe in the "Good for me and not for thee" policy.

  • Donald W Nolte

    10/16/2019 06:30 AM

    Why isn't Adam Schiff in jail?
    His secrecy is a crime

  • Ellen Klapperich

    10/16/2019 06:24 AM

    It would almost be funny if it wasn't so pathetically scary.

  • Stephen StClair

    10/16/2019 03:17 AM

    Why has Justice, Supreme Court Judges not step in and declared this illegal. Citizens should be outraged by the one sided, secret, biased proceedings. Why have not all Republican Representatives and Senators stepped up and gone on Record as opposing this illicide action. How long do we let the Real colluded, leakers, liars get away with this. Could the Senate Judiciary under Lindsay Graham not Call the same witnesses as the House and conduct a public hearing of their own; could They not call the false Whisleblower before their committee to obtain facts as it seems they will be considering the house impeachment recommendation? There Must be legal ways to open proceeding up or stop the prejudged probe. Our Democracy, Representative form of gov’t as well as three equal branch checks and balances are at stake.

  • Carl Smith

    10/16/2019 12:47 AM

    With the cooperation of the media 90% of the Voters will never even know how the Communist are conducting this sham.

  • Sue Inge

    10/15/2019 11:14 PM

    Why doesn’t Gaetz and others just go in and stay. They have a right to hear what is going on. Just refuse to leave!

    Sue Inge

  • Granny Anne

    10/15/2019 10:10 PM

    The Dems have gone too far. They are so afraid to lose their corrupt agendas that they will stop at nothing. I believe the Atty General et all will take the time to expose them and they will pay dearly for their treason. I wish people would stop yelling that it is taking too much time. I'm willing to let them take all the time to be able to put them all in prison.

  • richard vitecka

    10/15/2019 08:33 PM

    with this ongoing witch hunt, I am totally upset with the spineless Republicans. Why do they never say anything

  • Rodney Salisbury

    10/15/2019 07:22 PM

    Obstruction, intimidation and entrapment of anyone that would dare to question or corroborate the Presidents account of events in the DNC and the House Democrats complicity in the Russian Dossier, and now in Ukraine investigation. It was no coincidence that the Democrats announced their attempts at impeachment just as President Trump was preparing to meet with key leaders for negotiations on trade deals. The Democrats wanted to weaken President Trump in the eyes of the world leaders so that they would not deal with him. It is no coincidence that Turkey decided to seize on this week and state to attack the Syrian boarder. Turkeys leaders knew that the Democrats would slow roll anything that President Trump attempted to institute against Turkey, simply because the Democrats do not want to give President Trump any resemblance of success in foreign policy. It is the Democrats that have our allies blood on their hands, because turkey was coming across the border whether our soldiers were there or not! President Trump did the right thing in not sacrificing 50 of our best soldiers as a gamble against invasion.

  • Marilyn Reeves

    10/15/2019 06:41 PM

    This secrecy is outrageous and unAmerican!!

  • Linda Rath

    10/15/2019 05:45 PM

    What a mess this congress is - its time for ALL the American [legal!] citizens to arise and demand an end to this farce. Enough is enough already! I don't think we need to wait for the next election - recall these buffoons!

  • Lynn Benson

    10/15/2019 05:42 PM

    Is there anything that us common citizens can do about this?? I've written to my rep. and senator, don't get any action there!

  • Dawn Street

    10/15/2019 05:18 PM

    This much worse than a Kangaroo Court. Kangaroos would not behave like this. It should be called the Garbage Party Court or the Outhouse Proceedings especially with Little Adam Shifty Schiff presiding. He must have a ton of garbage on the other DemonRats in attendance for them to let him get away with upstaging them.

  • Billie Joyce Dewhirst

    10/15/2019 04:45 PM

    Another one of those question the questioner things! Seems like Schiff would be more suitable for impeachment than anyone he could question, except for Nancy Pelosi! They have not done one thing that they should have been doing since Trump has been in office. I wonder why their constituents continue to elect them.

  • Joe Broadway

    10/15/2019 04:40 PM

    This way the democrats control the narratives. They leak damning information about trump to the press and every American hears it. They leak 3 and 4 words of a sentence leaving out good stuff for trump. They put 3 partial sentences of testimony together to damage trump. Democratics are propaganda professionals and the Republicans do nothing to counter it. It is a head game and propaganda works. Ask any military history buff.