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March 8, 2021

When John Durham left his position as U.S. attorney last week, many assumed this was the Biden administration’s way of cutting short his investigation into the FBI and “Crossfire Hurricane.” And you can bet that’s what they’d like it to be. Fortunately, though, in anticipation of that inevitable move, President Trump "promoted" Durham to special counsel, ensuring that his investigation of the FBI would continue no matter who was in the Oval Office. And now, John Solomon reports that Durham has had a big break in the case.

The story of “Crossfire Hurricane” has gone on so long –- five interminable years –- that, judging from the letters I receive, most Constitution-loving conservatives have given up hope that perpetrators at the FBI (and CIA, and State Department) will ever face legal consequences for creating an investigation of a major-party political candidate out of whole cloth. Whenever Republicans see an update, they roll their eyes and say, “Sure, right.” But according to Solomon, in an interview Sunday with Maria Bartiromo, Durham has seen a breakthrough by way of one FBI agent who is now cooperating.

"It’s a very active criminal case,” Solomon said, “a lot of witnesses, a lot of negotiation with lawyers. The big news is that a former member of the Comey-McCabe inner circle, one of the senior FBI executives --- I don’t know which one yet --- one of them has begun cooperating, and that’s opened up a tremendous amount of internal knowledge, being able to describe the nuances of evidence. Very big breakthrough for John Durham.”

Solomon said it’s “absolutely true” that there was no predicate for starting “Crossfire Hurricane.” He said Durham has a big question to answer, and it seems to me the answer is obvious: “If you open a false investigation and you sustain it with false evidence, does that amount to a crime?”

Durham would have to have permission from Biden’s DOJ to indict, so this could get very interesting. “All the signs are that they’re moving towards criminal charges,” Solomon said.

He posted a report Sunday showing how cozy the FBI’s relationships were with the media, and how inaccurate the news stories based on their self-professed “leak strategy” often were.

Yes, it’ll make you sick: Senior FBI officials under Comey and McCabe were on a first-name basis with reporters at THE NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, and ABC NEWS. Thousands of text messages declassified over the past three years show our agents agonizing over the storylines that were appearing in the press after they’d leaked information to them.

The media seemed at least as eager as the FBI to smear Trump with the negative stories and would exaggerate leaked information. Peter Strzok complains at one point that a TIMES story had gotten it wrong. “We are unaware of ANY Trump advisers engaging in conversations with Russian intel officials,” he texts. “Our coverage has not revealed contact between Russian intelligence officers and the Trump team.”

Of one mistake in the media, an agent is quoted as saying, “I’m glad it was so superficial. If they decide to start digging deep, we are screwed on trying to protect some of our stuff related to that case.”

Lisa Page writes back, “My guess is that we ‘suggest’ a good news story about the [Bureau]. To remind people hat we are still the good guys trying to keep America safe, and not political operatives who sway elections.”

Ha, that’s a good one. They actually WERE political operatives swaying an election, but they didn’t want it told in the media that way. The FBI might have cared about their OWN reputation, but they didn’t bother to correct the fake stories about Trump and just let his new administration be damaged by them.

In fact, when interviewed by Solomon, former intel chief of the FBI Kevin Brock (“really respected across the political aisle”) said that after seeing all that he has seen in the past year, the ONLY explanation he’s left with for why the FBI continued to sustain the “Trump/Russia” investigation when all the signs pointed to shutting it down is this: political bias.

Keep in mind, Durham’s investigation is important not just for accountability of those involved with “Crossfire Hurricane,” but also because the FBI is still involved in larger power struggles. For example, there are huge questions about what they knew before the January 6 breach of the Capitol Building. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said the FBI had information ahead of time that should have allowed them to prevent it.

They’ve since used the breach as a pretext for outlandish, banana republic-style security measures and even for using a “geofencing” tool to strip data out of a particular location during that event. They scooped up records from members of Congress that showed no connection to any of the rioters, but, as Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said to Bartiromo:

"If the legislative branch of government can be swept into a massive collection effort by political actors at the FBI and Department of Justice, just imagine what they can do to regular Americans that they want to target for their politics.”

He elaborated: “So it’s Donald Trump one day, members of Congress the next, but it won’t be long before the FBI becomes like every other agency of government, targeting their opponents, helping their friends, and we have to point out...that you’ve got Hunter Biden’s lawyer’s law partner who is now leading the criminal division in the United States Department of Justice. It should remove any sense of objectivity or credibility to the work that they’re doing.”

He pointed out that Nancy Pelosi’s appointment of Lt. Gen. Russel Honore to do the post-January 6 security review is like “having Gov. Andrew Cuomo do your sexual harassment policy review.” The way Honore is conducting this, Gaetz said, ignores basic due process. Honore even called for Sen. Josh Hawley to be disbarred, he noted.

A review is supposed to start with the facts and let those facts drive the investigation. You don’t start with your desired political outcome and then try to “reverse engineer” by the way you gather the facts.

You don’t? We're talking about Washington DC, right?

Since Republicans have so little power right now, Gaetz said, the best we can do is “go out and tell the American people that these exercises have no credibility. “They are not about law enforcement,” he said, “they are not about some upcoming, renewed attack on the Capitol. Remember when we were told that March 4 would be this cataclysmic, apocalyptic day and it turned out to be nothing? But they are trying to create a constructed threat to justify the continued occupation of our capital city...”

In other words, out of political bias, Democrat legislators and their eager accomplices are still as busy as ever creating false narratives. That’s why it’s important that the Obama FBI doesn't get away with "Crossfire Hurricane."

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Comments 1-25 of 31

  • Jack macdonald

    03/25/2021 08:05 AM

    It is obvious that most anti gun rights persons including our legislators are ignorant about things they are trying to legislate. I suggest that they be hosted at an NRA shooting event and actually handle real firearms and have the different uses explained. Dana Loesch would be a great host. These legislators should experience trap shooting and sporting clays. Before any legislator can pass legislation regarding firearms they should know the difference between the muzzle and the stock. Bad laws are created thru ignorance and fear.

  • Mary Frances Overton

    03/15/2021 08:36 AM

    Huckabee forever one of the few reports I can trust thank you so much. Keep up the good reporting.

  • Theron Hunt

    03/14/2021 12:09 PM

    Thank you so very much!

  • Janice Hoover

    03/13/2021 09:57 PM

    All of the liars cheaters dishonest need to be brought to justice prosecuted to the MAX possible. They are destroying America it is Obuma dishonest self he still calling the shots. God Bless America,

  • Lora Hines

    03/13/2021 03:26 PM

    It's all in God's timing. and I have prayed and it is going to take prayers from us all, not false hope from Lawyers, FBI CIA, or anything like that. Please if you want to seek true help, just ask JESUS he is our only true help and he has already said he will help us. but he wants us all to turn to him and ask.

  • Ann Heidenreich

    03/11/2021 02:51 PM

    Pelosi and Schumer need to be arrested for treason, sedition, and obstruction of justice to say the least! Trump won the election and should be running our country now! There is enough evidence on these criminals to put arrest them ASAP!

  • Adrianna L Hede

    03/10/2021 11:41 PM

    I want to see heads roll!

  • Greggrey B. Grundon

    03/10/2021 09:54 PM

    We see the US military now being bullied by the current (Fraudulent) administration. A stand down, and re-swearing their oaths of service, as if to say they stand with the Cheater in Chief. News is, our social media will be investigated, to ensure we're on the proper "Team"...

  • Joanne Schmidt

    03/10/2021 09:14 PM

    I won’t hold my breath. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Sharon Day

    03/10/2021 08:00 PM

    Do not let this lie in dominate; citizens of our USA need truth & closure!

  • cliff cusick

    03/10/2021 07:56 PM

    I have read this before, it was a good move for Pres Trump to do what he did. After the investigation he still needs to fight Biden DOJ, which is as corrupt as Hillary. Then if it makes it to SCOTUS you have Roberts who was appointed by the swamp. I still don't hold much faith in getting results short of an armed revolt.

  • Helen Davis

    03/10/2021 01:45 PM

    Were they serious about the truth, they would have brought it out before Trump left office, Durham is just a part of the deep, (lying,) state, The dems are evil and get away with everything they want. No justice anymore.

  • Kathy Stieren

    03/10/2021 12:30 PM

    Absolutely. The truth about Obama's Administration has to be exposed. He damaged our country so badly, and so many people don't see it, because of the complicit media.

  • Kerry D Angus

    03/10/2021 11:09 AM

    So by "breakthrough" does that mean he will indict 4 underlings on minor crimes rather than 2. Hate to be negative but based on history, it seems highly unlikely that any real members of the swamp will be harmed in the making of this investigation.

  • Phuoc T Pham

    03/10/2021 07:19 AM


  • Eldo Arnold May

    03/10/2021 12:28 AM

    If this turns into another "Nothing Burger", people will completely lose faith of any justice in the government to prosecute wrong doing. After all the time and money spent, if there is not a significant amount of charges, not just a few peons. This will do nothing to restore faith in our judicial system. People have lost faith in the courts, DOJ, FBI, CIA, big city law enforcemement. We have nowhere to turn too for justice.

  • Ronnie Tan

    03/09/2021 09:41 PM

    Until I see people getting arrested and handcuffed, ALL these so-called breakthroughs and breaking news, are ALL just BS! We know that for a fact, there are two-tier of justice! #SAD

  • Pat Norman

    03/09/2021 07:32 PM

    No matter what Durham fines and can prove, there’s not a judge that will even look at it!!! Just like the election!! What difference does it make if justice can’t be served!!!

  • David E. Miller

    03/09/2021 03:21 PM

    "Durham would have to have permission from Biden’s DOJ to indict, so this could get very interesting." Seems to me Durham will have to wait until the next Republican administration (2024?) before obtaining permission. And even then, he'll have to fight the Deep State within the DOJ.

  • Bosco Wamachuke

    03/09/2021 02:07 PM

    Until I see indictments come down for Comey, Brennan, Stroke, Page, Schiff, Nadler etc.... this is just more blah, blah blah!!!!

  • Darlette Enders

    03/09/2021 12:55 PM

    Thank you for that information. Now what all of the country wants is for something to come out of it - like having a lot of people locked up. What a waste of time and money we've had.

  • Diane Skeldon

    03/09/2021 12:45 PM

    I am sorry to say this Mike because I really like and respect you but please quit giving us false hope that something will be done with Hilary, election fraud and corruption. This has been going on for 2yrs now

  • Hector L Carreras

    03/09/2021 07:36 AM

    Thank you for the article, it only affirms my understanding of the issues and the culprits.

  • Connie wright

    03/09/2021 07:04 AM

    This has been to long in coming out...another corrupt cover up...

  • Rusty Dillingham

    03/09/2021 12:37 AM

    You stated that President Trump promoted Durham to special counsel. I believe Attorney general Barr did that just before he left. Facts first Mike...sensationalism make you look sound like a CNN reporter.