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September 15, 2022



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In case you missed it: New Podcast Episode

This week on “The People’s Podcast,” Governor Huckabee reflects on the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and how it forever changed America. Also the Gov. reacts to Pres. Biden’s divisive speech about the MAGA movement. Then a fascinating conversation with commentator and author David Limbaugh. Limbaugh’s latest, part of his best-selling series on Jesus and the early church, is “The Resurrected Jesus: The Church in the New Testament.” Finally, Governor Huckabee shares his thoughts on the life and leadership of Queen Elizabeth II.

Listen Here.

Mike Lindell update; more on the two-tier 'justice' system

First, in case you haven’t seen the excellent EPOCH TIMES documentary, THE REAL STORY OF JANUARY 6, they’re offering it to watch for free-free-free online between now and the end of September. Don’t miss it.

President Trump condemned the FBI’s treatment of Mike Lindell on Truth Social, saying, “We are now officially living in a weaponized state. Rigged elections, and all.” He said the nation is “a laughing stock.”

“The majesty of the United States is gone,” he said. “Can’t let this happen. TAKE BACK AMERICA.”

On Wednesday, NEWSMAX played a brief video of Lindell.  He says with a laugh, "They told me not to tell anybody.  Okay, I won't."  His transparency and sense of humor are refreshing.  Did I mention how wonderful Giza Dream Sheets are?  Also the coffee...

Now, for today's first story illustrating the two-tier ‘justice’ system, U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras, an Obama appointee, denied on Tuesday a request for the public disclosure of records on the gun purchased by Hunter Biden that was allegedly tossed into a trash can in 2018. This judge ruled that the first son’s privacy as a private citizen outweighs the value of releasing the records to the public.

Even though public interest was “significant,” he wrote, “the privacy interest here is remarkably strong.”

Hunter had checked the box on the form for the gun purchase that said he was not at the time addicted to, or a user of, narcotics. Although this clearly was not true, no charges were brought against Hunter for lying on the form. Judge Contreras even said the fact that Hunter had written about his addiction in his own memoir did not diminish his privacy interest in any records about the episode. Huh??

“Disclosure would reveal whether Hunter Biden was criminally investigated by the ATF,” the judge wrote. “An individual’s public disclosure of information that could be potentially incriminating in a general sense does not reduce his privacy interest in whether he was the subject of a particular criminal investigation by a particular agency.”

Gosh, if I were more cynical, I might say that this disclosure would also be “potentially incriminating” to the DOJ, as it would show that Hunter was not prosecuted even though the evidence of his guilt was really, really strong. The DOJ’s privacy interests must be protected and certainly outweigh the public interest!

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin, as in, how President Trump has been and is being treated by the legal system. Margot Cleveland has a new commentary on the story we brought you yesterday, about Special Counsel John Durham’s latest court filing in the Igor Danchenko case. In it, she finds seven significant ways that U.S. intelligence agencies were used to make sure he was denied a second term as President. No one seemed to be concerned about Trump’s rights at all.

As you know, the icky story (totally made up) about Trump and a couple of prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room came to the FBI courtesy of Danchenko, who told it to “dossier” author Christopher Steele. This was the story that grabbed the media attention needed to spread the “Trump-is-an-agent-of-Putin” narrative all around the world. Recall also that Trump was briefed by the FBI on this salacious story so the briefing could be leaked as “news” to the salivating press. Very crafty. And so much for Trump's privacy.

If anyone wants to say, “Well, yes, but you’re comparing the President with the son of a President, arguably not as much of a public figure,” just imagine for a moment if this had been a similar story about Donald Trump, Jr. Do you honestly think his privacy as a member of the Trump family would have been respected? Really?? In addition, all the other stories, the ones from Hunter’s laptop, were kept private by the FBI as well, even though his father, a presidential candidate just like Trump, was strongly implicated in his son’s foreign business dealings and lied about that. So, yes, these situations ARE comparable, and, yes, the matter of privacy was handled very differently.

If you read yesterday’s newsletter, you also know that the FBI promoted Danchenko to “CHS” (confidential human source) to hide what he’d been doing under the cover of “sources and methods.” Very shrewd move at the time, but now it only testifies to what they were up to and had to knowingly conceal.

One count of Danchenko’s lying to the FBI is his denial that he had spoken with Hillary crony Charles Dolan (“PR Executive-1” in Durham’s indictment). The other four counts of lying relate to his claims that he’d spoken with Sergei Millian, who was then chairman of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. Danchenko had suggested, however inconsistently, that Millian was the source for the “Russian prostitutes” story, but it has been determined that he never spoke with Millian. Millian himself quite adamantly denies it. (Interestingly, however, he got out of testifying at Danchenko’s trial.)

In the section under Cleveland’s subhead, “The FBI Paid for Russian Disinformation to Target a U.S. President,” the double standard of justice rings loud and clear. The FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team continued to use Danchenko as a paid source even after they knew his stories were fabrications. “In fact,” Cleveland writes, “Mueller’s team was so focused on getting Trump, it completely ignored whether the Steele dossier included Russian disinformation.”

Another take-away is that Hillary also paid for Russian disinformation --- the Alfa Bank Hoax --- and she did it specifically to interfere with the 2016 election. Her friend Charles Dolan was involved in this as well, as “Dolan maintained a relationship with several high-ranking Russian government officials who appear in the Steele reports.”

There’s so much more here in Cleveland’s article, much of it leaving the FBI, in her words, “looking like fools.” There’s even a mysterious trip by Obama’s undersecretary for State Victoria Nuland to Cyprus that coincides with a trip there by Christopher Steele. Cleveland finds this “a tad too coincidental to ignore.” Read the part subheaded “Strange Cyprus Things.”

On the downside, Cleveland gets the impression from this filing that Durham will not be putting the FBI on trial. His preferred storyline, as in the Sussmann case, appears to be that the FBI was duped by lying interviewees. (That narrative really seems implausible; we can't believe they signed Danchenko up as a CHS without knowing exactly what they were doing.) “Unless the special counsel team acknowledges the FBI’s role in the Russia collusion hoax, Danchenko will likely score the second acquittal,” Cleveland writes.

Question to Mr. Durham: Why in blazes AREN’T you putting the FBI on trial?  You seem to be letting them off the hook, when we know they were eager participants. Do they have to have been deceived by Danchenko for his lies to “count”? Why would you choose to stick with this false narrative, especially when someone like Margot Cleveland thinks it puts you at risk of blowing your case?

These tactics by law enforcement aren’t new. William A. Jacobson at LEGAL INSURRECTION is reminded of what a Democrat prosecutor did in Wisconsin in 2013-2014, pretty much shutting down the conservative movement at the state level through raids and subpoenas. It took the Wisconsin Supreme Court to finally shut this down.

One big take-away from the events of recent weeks is that in dealing with conservatives, the FBI criminalizes actions that ARE NOT EVEN CRIMES.  That has to end, which almost certainly means the FBI itself has to end. I’ll leave you with a quote from former Trump adviser Stephen Miller –- who himself has been served with an FBI subpoena –- in an appearance with Sean Hannity last night: “...Federal law enforcement...has become a tool, and an extension of partisan Democrat politics, to put innocent Republicans in jail, to raid their homes, to steal their property, to target them and their families, while Democrats are immunized, shielded, protected…

“...This is what we have in America. And for the love of God, if Republicans get control of Congress, there MUST be accountability. We need a Department of Justice that goes after the murderers, the drug cartels, the criminals that are laying waste to our cities, instead of going after Republicans, conservatives and Donald Trump.”

The Left eats his own

It’s always kind of satisfying when the monsters created by leftwing political and media figures turn and devour them. So gaze in awe at this story, in which a writer for the liberal magazine The Atlantic contacted a black female curator at the Guggenheim Museum via Twitter to politely ask for an interview and was slapped back with an unhinged, 30-tweet thread accusing her of being a bullying, unethical, presumptive, offensive, demanding, arrogant and “dangerously wrong” racist.


Golf shoes in the news

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a sad, brain-wasting disease, and seldom has there been a more pathetic example of the symptoms than this week, when deranged Trump haters on Twitter became convinced that Trump was about to be arrested on federal charges because he was spotted in DC… wearing GOLF SHOES! He was actually there to visit his golf course. Still, there’s no denying that the golf shoes certainly did suggest that he was facing federal charges. And if not, then how do you explain the giant invisible rabbit that was accompanying him, hmmmm?!...

Memo to leftists who think America is the root of all intolerance and evil, and that every other culture is superior to ours

Two women have been sentenced to death in Iran for the crime of being lesbians.


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  • Joseph Orsini

    11/14/2022 07:41 PM

    RULES for Republican PRESIDENTIAL Candidates:
    1. PRAISE for YOUR OWN abilities and accomplishments.
    2. SILENCE regarding your COMPETITORS' abilities and activities.
    VIOLATING these rules means NO SUPPORT.

  • joe reynolds

    09/16/2022 06:33 PM

    Looks like we need to add more letters to the FBI, like in the" SS FBI" or FBI of SS?

  • stephen russell

    09/16/2022 08:57 AM

    LA Sheriffs raids
    Now Dems can sample what weve had to endure
    BUT too bad raids not held in the wee hours like for Stone
    See IT can Go Both ways

  • JPK

    09/15/2022 03:14 PM

    Then voting blocks for our Socialist Party should include ID card for the deceased, Mentally Challenged, Criminally insane and the addicted drug users and then add the corrupt white collar business person to the voter ID Box. Most of these people do not go to grocery store and pay for food items for a family of 4 or 5 people. The cost would amaze if a visit would take place the above might say wow man these items cost a lot of money or if any of the above might drive a vehicle that uses gasoline another Wow man this fuel is costly the actually paid for fuel at a gas station a lot the Socialist voters just steal vehicles they do not pay for insurance or licenses the cost of anything means nothing to them biden or a state or federal program takes care of their needs. That people is the ID of a Dem / Socialist voter and in 2020 81 million of them voted !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Kern

    09/15/2022 01:36 PM

    I have a question I wish rmthe RNC establishment would answer. Why are you working so hard to erase all who supports MAGA? It looks that way as many Republicans won't support limits on abortions in many Red states

  • stephen russell

    09/15/2022 11:11 AM

    More raids:
    35 homes of Trump allies Hit in 1 day

    Side note:
    LA County Sheriff did same to LA City & Council members, ( all Dems)
    LA CA

  • stephen russell

    09/15/2022 11:10 AM

    Lindells phone seizure:
    Had to track him via his phone or other?
    Why there?
    Why Now?