November 27, 2019

I’ve already mentioned that Rep. Devin Nunes is threatening to sue CNN and the Daily Beast for running a story that alleges he secretly met in Vienna with Ukraine’s prosecutor last December to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and other Democrats.  Nunes called it a demonstrably false and scandalous story that was peddled to at least five different media outlets before they found two irresponsible enough to run it. 

But of course, that didn’t stop House Democrats from immediately leaping on it as a pretext to investigate Nunes, who’s been the raspberry seed in their wisdom tooth for a long time, most recently for dismantling their “Ukraine/impeachment” “witnesses.”

Now, if there were actual evidence of Nunes doing this, then I’d be the first to say it merits investigation.  But pardon me if I’m feeling a sense of déjà vu.  As the Church Lady would say, isn’t it conveeeeeeenient that every time Nunes starts to become a threat to the anti-Trump left, along comes some shadily-sourced accusation that somehow requires him to be sidelined?  Isn’t that exactly what happened when Nunes was starting to uncover the Deep State coup/“Russian collusion” hoax: he was suddenly accused of ethics violations that forced him off his committee for eight months before the allegations were dismissed?

Now, with remarkable synchronicity, both Nunes and Rudy Giuliani are accused of serious ethics violations requiring them to be sidelined and investigated, both in the same week and both as they're posing threats to the Democratic establishment.

Is it a startling coincidence or a recurring pattern of trying to derail the truth from being made public?  Margot Cleveland at the Federalist is also feeling some suspicious déjà vu and reminds us in detail of how the Democrats have distracted us down this blind alley before – and in Nunes’ case, using the exact same tactics against the exact same opponent.

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  • gary Stilwell

    11/29/2019 10:18 PM

    you must understand---this is what the dems do--it's their mantra-----and their only defense.

  • Margie Duckett

    11/29/2019 07:57 AM

    You are currently the only news commentator I feel I can trust. Some of those I have considered the "good guys" at Fox News are leaning so far to the left they must be getting dizzy!

  • David Harmon

    11/28/2019 08:11 PM

    Every Democrat should be investigated for false accusations! They always accuse the Republicans for everything they, themselves are doing, to try and hide their deceitful ways! Evil to the core! I will never vote for a Democrat...ever!!! They are so disgusting!!!

  • Patti Girardin

    11/28/2019 10:29 AM

    The Democrats just don’t understand that the American people are sick and tired of this. They are going to keep on until their dirty deeds are unearthed, which I believe will lead to the demise of the Democrat party. They have completely ignored the wants and needs of the American citizens since Trump took office. I call for term limits, no pension upon leaving office and, hopefully in a few years, a restoration of sanity in our government.

  • Chelsea Carpenter

    11/28/2019 02:16 AM

    Mike, I don’t understand how the Democrats get away with all these calls for investigations. They would not sit still for this in a million years!

  • LeAnn Kathman

    11/28/2019 01:01 AM

    Mike, Is there NO way to stop Pelosi and Schiff? This is ruining America.

  • Daniel D Beltran

    11/28/2019 12:39 AM

    America is threatened by this undercurrent below a thin floor of ice in which every once in a while a crack happens and it gets to swallow any thing or anybody that weighs in its cold floor of no conscience.

  • Joy Gotwalt

    11/27/2019 09:24 PM

    I'm beginning to wonder if there will ever be a time when real work for the American people will happen. It is shameful and divisive.