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July 22, 2021

Who says there’s nothing entertaining on TV anymore? Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci was back in the hot seat before the Senate, and it got blistering when Sen. Rand Paul, who is also a doctor, drilled down on his reported funding and support for “gain of function” virus research. That’s when viruses from sources like…let’s say, bats…are altered in the lab to make them more transmissible to humans, so that their effects can be studied.

In years past, Fauci made comments about the benefits of such dangerous experiments outweighing the risks, and it’s believed that the NIH under Fauci funded such research. If it turns out that COVID originated in the Wuhan lab, Paul wants Fauci to take partial responsibility for those risks that resulted in a deadly pandemic. He also quoted Fauci’s emails in which colleagues expressed fears that that was the case, but he publicly dismissed them. Fauci angrily accused Paul of not knowing what he was talking about. But Paul replied that Fauci can call him a liar, but he didn’t produce any facts that contradicted him. There are more details and video here:

Later, Sen. Paul told Sean Hannity that he will ask the DOJ for a criminal referral against Fauci for lying to Congress.

In further Fauci news, the doc says he agrees with the American Academy of Pediatrics that it’s “reasonable” to require all children older than two to wear masks all day at school.

I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV, like some people I could name. But I’ve already written at length about the many problems with making children wear masks for hours, from developmental issues to forcing them to breathe dangerous levels of CO2 to all the bacteria and viruses that get on the masks and are then pressed tightly over their mouths and noses. Here are a couple of links as reminders. I hope someone forwards them to Dr. Fauci and the AAP.

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  • Zella James

    07/26/2021 08:33 PM

    Why isn't it mentioned that in about 1987, "Dr." Fauci and Bill Gates were involved in this research in the United States? They were told to stop, so they moved to China and continued to get funding from the United States. I wish I had kept the article. It's NO secret! God help us!!!

  • Ronda Wells MD

    07/26/2021 04:25 PM

    Well, I am an MD, with extra training in public health/epidemiology, and kids don't need to wear masks, period - UNLESS they are a child at risk due to underlying health issues and their doctor advised wearing one. The masks get filthy, the kids don't know how to wear them anyway, and the study that shows increased CO2 levels is a good one. Kids don't spread the virus like adults. Plus cloth masks are essentially useless.

  • Cathy Cornforth

    07/26/2021 02:08 PM

    Question please...Where are the Clinton's, Obuma's and why are they being so quiet?
    Love your show, prayers of safety, health, and happiness to you , staff and family AND...
    PRAYERS for Sarah's WIN!!

  • Michelle Clark

    07/26/2021 12:27 PM

    If the democrats have their way, we won't be able to question anything.
    I am not a rocket scientist, but I attended schools that made you ask who,what,when,where and how. We were taught how to research - thankfully before Wikipedia!
    When those who are 'in the know' and trusted, waffle, and basically lie to us, trust is lost. We search out our own answers and discover many opinions that matter are being silenced.
    I personally have lost faith in most entities that are known by 3 initials: CIA, FBI, CDC, etc.
    instead of the vaccination police going door to door, send them to the border. 30% of Illegal immigrants refuse the vaccine. They get to choose? New variants coming out, Texas over run with illegals and Senate Democrats test positive for Covid. I have several theories on that but I am called a conspiracy theorist.
    COVID information is everywhere without trying to find it - certain opinions are pushed at you every day, plus the option to get the can't miss them!
    Fauci is a farce! Along with those in charge who never let a crisis go to waste seem to be trying to create a crisis. The numbers overall do not show this virus to be a plague but we are suppose to live like it is one. It is all in the interest of control: control the narrative and you control the people.
    Blame Republicans for insurrection, non compliance and generally being a thorn in the sides of the Democrats. Too bad 1984 isn't required reading by everyone. We are on a very slippery slope and I pray to God we choose wisely on every decision we make, looking toward the future as to how we will sustain our choices. I could go on and on into different areas because they all interconnect, but that would be a fool's folly. All you have to do is question what the media puts out.... do they answer the basic questions and do they jive with everything else we know? Or is it more waffling and changing the narrative, as we have seen with the current administration?

  • JER

    07/26/2021 09:21 AM

    daystar.covid had several frontline doctors on their program who said that Fauci intended for all of this to happen and they have caused this scare to proportions because he is in 'conflict of interest' with the pharmaceutcal companies to make money on this vaccine. He and Gates. Scare the people and they will die to get this vaccine and he and Gates will be making a LOT of money. Not only that, they are not even 'accountable' for what happens if this vaccine hurts people because no one can sue them. They had a bill passed that prevents this. Mr. Huckabee, do your home work and check all of this out. They have even SILENCED the frontline doctors from warning people of all of this. And also, Ivermectin is a drug that can prevent Covid 19. And if you have Covid, it will heal it. Check it out. And they are so upset that we that know this, are not willing to get vaccinated. Because they are also experimenting with the public and some have baby parts in the vaccine, etc. Check out daystar. They have been talking to Christians to help them decide what they would like to do. Ivermectin has been around for years. And it works! The vaccine has also crippled a lot of people. The vaccine is only an experimental drug. they don't know what that stuff will do to you. Check daystar out. They will give you the truth if yu are looking for it. God Bless You. Rand Paul is getting in to a bees nest and if he will get with Daystar.Covid, he could get proof from these frontline doctors. He should talk to Dr. Pierece Kory, MD, he testified at the Senate. It was silenced. Do you know Uganda is one country that did not get Covid. Why? They can get Ivermectin over the counter. They took it off the United States' counters. If you want to know the your homework. You will be shocked! God knows your heart.

  • Margaret Bernard

    07/25/2021 10:04 PM

    I’m an 80 year old woman. I wore my mask for 8 hours at a card making function and got a severe headache, that evening I started having an asthma attack and ended up on steroids and nebulizer treatment for a week. I almost ended up in the hospital. It is pure child abuse to make these little ones wear masks to school. Read the research masks don’t help and in this case can hurt.

  • Barbara A Zwetzig

    07/25/2021 10:03 PM

    Love your newsletters. Not one news channel has addressed the elephant covid theory that has so many frightened of the vaccine. Some circles believe it was designed for global depopulation. Even saying that we "sheeple" who got the vax will die horrible deaths within 2 years. ??

  • Natalie Freed

    07/25/2021 09:44 PM

    My daughter has severe hayfever, and she can't tolerate a mask. Her Dr. excused her from masks for medical reasons at school, thankfully, but how many children have similar needs yet are unheard by doctors or parents? And why are children in our Chicago schools only fed at school? If only our children were treated at least as well as our pets. That goes for nursing home residents, as well.

  • Karen Lee Curnow

    07/25/2021 07:29 PM

    If children’s masks are this bad, what about the masks of grown ups. I had a long chat with my doctor and we looked at the web site for the Australian guru on Covid. Masks don’t stop the virus, period. But the news isn’t all bad…..what is not being reported is that the general public out there are not ALL PUT IN HOSPITAL if they catch the virus…..I know many families who have all had it and it was not that bad. I know not everyone is the same but that would be true of any virus out there.

  • Mary L Sauer

    07/25/2021 06:36 PM

    Just when you think the Covid situation has reached it's limits for crazy, it becomes even more bizarre! I no longer have any school age children, but if I did, there would be no mask wearing in school for my child. I would homeschool, of course!!! No one is actually listening to the science, when it contradicts the apparent agenda.