July 18, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Democrat support for abortion rising  -- Travel Ban update  -- Martin Landau RIP -- Socialism trips to Venezuela -- Republican Obamacare failure


Interesting analysis of the trends in support or opposition to abortion over the past 20 or so years. Even though the nation as a whole is about equally divided on the issue, support for abortion among Democrats has risen to 71%. The party faithful have gone so far into the “pro-choice under all circumstances” tank that a moderate Democrat with views like those of the more pro-life Independents that Dems need to attract could never hope to win a Democratic nomination.

Democrats who wonder why they keep losing, and blame it on everything from sexism to Russia, might want to consider that maybe they’re becoming like the mock rock group, Spinal Tap: they aren’t losing their audience. Their appeal is just becoming “more selective.”


Mike Huckabee



Travel ban update

By Mike Huckabee

The Trump Administration is seeking to bypass the Ninth Circus Court of Appeals and go directly to the Supreme Court to overturn the federal judge in Hawaii who thinks he has the power to rewrite SCOTUS rulings. In this case, to declare that the Trump travel ban that was upheld on all but close family members applies to everybody from in-laws to third cousins twice removed (I assume that includes even those twice removed from the US by ICE).

Let’s hope the SCOTUS acts immediately. This judge not only should be overturned, he should be removed from the bench until he can pass a test on the federal judicial system organizational chart and realize that he’s at the bottom of it.


Martin Landau RIP

By Mike Huckabee

One of Hollywood’s best and most well-liked actors, Martin Landau, died Saturday in Los Angeles at 89. His acting career spanned over six decades: In the ’50s, he appeared in “The Twilight Zone” and Hitchcock’s “North By Northwest,” leading to multiple Emmy nominations for playing the master of disguises on “Mission Impossible” in the ‘60s. After that, he suffered a long period of bad roles before reemerging as a great character actor in such films as “Tucker,” “Crimes and Misdemeanors” and his Oscar-winning role as Bela Lugosi in “Ed Wood.”

But one fascinating fact that many fans might not know is that he didn’t start out as an actor. He wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist, and he not only pursued it, he was very successful at it. It’s dismissed with one line in most of his obituaries, but here’s a very interesting interview with Landau by comic book writer and historian Mark Evanier, in which Landau talked about his little-known days as a cartoonist and his love for comic strip artistry.


Socialism trips to Venezuela

By Mike Huckabee

This might be funny if it weren’t so chilling: a reporter from Campus Reform asked college students their opinion of socialism. Proving that they were paying attention in class when their professors were spouting leftist idiocy, they wax rhapsodic about how great socialism would be in America. It would spread the wealth and make things fairer. It’s just gotten a “bad rap.” But then comes the second question: What, exactly, is socialism?


Might I make a modest proposal that college students who think socialism is a great idea should be encouraged to take a field trip to Venezuela? One suggestion, though: they might want to take along their own food. And toilet paper. And a bulletproof vest, in case they have any interactions with representatives of the benevolent socialist government.

Republican Obamacare failure

By Mike Huckabee

Some Republicans are starting to talk about working with Democrats to bail out the floundering exchanges and save part of Obamacare. But that would be an utter betrayal of their promise to voters to repeal Obamacare and come up with a market-based alternative that brings back consumer choice and lowers premiums.

As Rand Paul points out, Obamacare was a predictably (some think deliberately) unworkable money sink from day one. It’s collapsing of its own accord, and the last thing Republicans should do is try to prop it up by throwing bales of taxpayer money at it. We have enough big government entitlement programs sucking the taxpayers dry already, and in case they’ve forgotten, we already have a $20 trillion national debt. As for this growing idea that some form of single-payer government health care is “inevitable” so we might as well go along with it, I’d suggest they look at the example of Charlie Gard and his parents and remember why Americans think decisions about their health should belong to patients, not DC bean-counters.

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  • Firewagon

    07/18/2017 04:34 PM

    The 'Greatly Overrated Putzes' are nothing if not consistent. They have consistently frittered away, wasted, the "gift of ultimate power" given them by America's voters. What is that Einstein theory of insanity? At some point, Americans must consider that these 'entrenched' pols are technically joined at the hip, one party of Democrats, the other Democrat Lite! None want to get dumped from the taxpayer gravy train....

  • Sister Charlotte

    07/18/2017 01:50 PM

    I have to agree with Michael Malloy which is the best description of these traitors not just to their Repu. Party but more important to the American people who pay them for a job they don't seem to care about doing or anything but their agenda, which is????

  • Jeffery Nuckolls

    07/18/2017 12:10 PM

    Obama Care Failure: The Republicans have betrayed us again. One party, two heads.

  • Pat

    07/18/2017 11:22 AM

    Hi Mike - I agree - the Republicans are walking a thin line with Obama-care.....They had better first repeal (all of it) and then work out a solution. Why does the government have to be involved in health insurance anyway? Why not figure out what to do with the Medicade people and go from there - we certainly don't need to "up" that group! It's time they stood on their own two feet. I know they will hoop & holler about it but do they really vote anyway? They just collect their "goodies" and stay on the porch! Thank you - appreciate you!

  • J Michael Malloy

    07/18/2017 10:42 AM

    The Republican side of the US Senate is infested with political jihadists who because they are driven by political ideology, are willing to blow up their party in the name of political purity. We've elected individuals that lack political expediency and compromise and have all the compassion and sense of suicide bombers. Since the new Congress began last winter their most significant accomplishment was playing a bipartisan baseball game. And while we're on that subject, it appears that the only ones who can get Republican lawmakers to move are Democratic snipers.