April 7, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • It's Funny Because It’s True
  • Breyer issues warning to Democrats
  • Punching back against "60 Minutes"
  • Gaetz denies allegations
  • New CDC guidelines
  • A Reader Writes...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee


It's Funny Because It’s True

By Mike Huckabee

Georgia state Rep. Wes Cantrell announced that to mollify Democrats who are condemning the new Georgia election reform law, he will introduce a bill to replace it called the “President Joe Biden Jim Crow on Steroids Act.” It would replace the Georgia voting laws with laws identical to those in Biden’s home state of Delaware, which are far more restrictive (to cite just one example, Georgia will now have 19 days of early voting; Delaware has zero.)

If you don’t like that, he also has a bill called the “Chuck Schumer Racist Voter Suppression Act” that would replace Georgia’s election laws with more repressive laws identical to those in New York. Click the link to see how he compares the states side-by-side to prove that, yes, it really will be easier to vote in Georgia under the new laws than in the blue states of Delaware or New York. So be careful what you wish for, especially if you’re in a red state you wish would turn blue.

Breyer issues warning to Democrats

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer warned Democrats to “think long and hard” about their dream of expanding (“packing”) the Supreme Court with additional leftist Justices to overpower the conservative Justices’ votes.

During a lecture at Harvard Law School, Breyer warned that the Court’s authority is based on the public’s trust that it’s “guided by legal principle, not politics.” He said, “If the public sees Justices as ‘politicians in robes,’ its confidence in the courts, and in the rule of law itself, can only diminish, diminishing the Court’s power, including its power to act as a ‘check’ on the other branches.”

Of course, that wouldn’t matter to people for whom diminishing the Court’s power to check the other branches is the whole point.

In other SCOTUS news, on Monday, the Supreme Court dismissed former President Trump’s appeal of a ruling that it was unconstitutional for him to block trolls from his White House Twitter account. The Court ruled it moot since he’s no longer President.

However, while Justice Clarence Thomas agreed with the ruling, he also made an important point that could form the basis for future needed reforms of laws governing these too-powerful social media sites. Lower courts ruled that Trump couldn’t block critics from what was considered a public forum because it was “unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination”...yet Thomas noted that Twitter – a private company – later blocked the President from his own Twitter account and therefore blocked all Twitter users from interacting with his messages.

Thomas asked how the law can find that First Amendment protections apply to a forum in which “unbridled control of the account resided in the hands of a private party.”

Noting the power of platforms such as Twitter to cut off speech, Thomas warned that the Supreme Court "will soon have no choice but to address how our legal doctrines apply to highly concentrated, privately owned information infrastructure such as digital platforms."

Let’s hope that happens very soon, since it’s obvious the Democratic Congress will never act as long as the social media giants’ biases and censorship are to their political advantage.

Punching back against "60 Minutes"

By Mike Huckabee

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is punching back hard at CBS’ “60 Minutes” over the smear job they attempted on him last Sunday. The claim that he gave vaccine priority to the Publix chain in exchange for campaign donations has been strongly refuted by DeSantis, Publix, Democrat officials involved in the process (one called it absolute “malarkey” – I thought Biden promised us that if he were elected, there would be no more malarkey), and the facts. The revelation that “60 Minutes” deceptively edited a video of DeSantis to remove his explanation only made their story crater even faster. You know your hit piece on a Republican was a disaster when even CNN is running stories about how misleading it was.

DeSantis is now giving a great example to other Republicans of how to react when the biased media lob their phony stinkbombs. He told a crowd that the show’s narrative was “a piece of horse manure,” adding, “These are smear merchants — that’s why nobody trusts corporate media. They are a disaster in what they’re doing.”

“They knew what they were doing was a lie. I knew what they were doing was a lie. Everybody here knows what they were doing is a lie…Unless you’re a partisan leftist, do not trust corporate media. You can’t trust them. They’re not trustworthy. They will lie. They will smear and they just move on to the next target and think that they’re going to be able to get away with it."

There’s more to his statement, and it’s all worth reading at the link.

Bear in mind, these are the same “journalists” who relentlessly attacked everything Trump said and called it a lie, but who now lick Joe Biden’s hand like neutered Pomeranians. They make North Korean reporters’ treatment of Kim Jong Un look hard-hitting. If Biden claimed to have gone golfing and sunk 18 holes in one, they’d respond with, “Congratulations, sir!”

For their part, “60 Minutes” still claims to stand by their nakedly dishonest story, even claiming that the video that was clearly edited to mislead viewers was merely edited for “clarity.” I haven’t heard such jaw-dropping denial since the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” sketch.

Unlike “60 Minutes,” I don’t claim that my newsletter is some towering icon of journalism. We find stories we think are important or interesting and pass them along to you with commentary. But on those rare occasions when we make a mistake (it happens to everyone; that’s why journalism is called “the first draft of history” and newspapers have a daily “Corrections” page), we write a correction. Why can’t “60 Minutes” just own up to this?

Maybe because we merely correct honest mistakes. It’s a lot harder to say, “Sorry, folks! We tried to dishonesty smear someone we oppose politically with a story that was nothing but hot garbage. We never imagined we’d get called out for it. You have our solemn vow that in the future, we’ll try to do a better job of crafting our slimeball hit pieces so they’re not so obvious.”

Gaetz denies allegations

By Mike Huckabee

Updates on the New York Times’ story about sexual misconduct allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz, which he denies and says are part of a blackmail attempt:

Former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill penned an op-ed calling on Gaetz to resign “if there is even a fraction of truth to these reports.” Ironically, the two had been friends in Congress, and Gaetz defended her when she was caught in a sex scandal that ended her career. The difference in this case is that Gaetz says the charges are false and refuses to resign.

One person alleged to be part of the extortion attempt all but admitted in an interview Monday that he did try to get Gaetz’s father to pay him $25 million but insists it wasn’t an extortion attempt. He must think he's awfully persuasive! Details at the link.

New CDC guidelines

By Mike Huckabee

For the past year, operating on the advice of the unquestionable scientific experts at the CDC, most of us have been constantly swabbing our hands and every surface of our homes and workplaces with industrial-strength sanitizer to kill the COVID-19 virus.

Well, the CDC just issued new guidelines based on the latest data, and they now say that the risk of contracting the virus by touching an infected surface and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes is actually “low.” How low? The risk is about 1 in 10,000.

They describe it as “possible, but not a significant risk.” They say people “generally catch COVID-19 through direct contact with a sick person or droplet or airborne transmission.”

Remember supermarket customers running whenever it was announced that a few bottles of hand sanitizer or Lysol had arrived? Here’s the new guidance on what it takes to clean contaminated surfaces:

“Simple cleaning agents appear to be effective against the virus, and disinfectants aren’t necessary for most situations”…There is “little scientific support for routine use of disinfectants in community settings.” Cleaning with normal soap or detergent is considered effective.

And that’s the unquestionable expert scientific advice for this week. Remember this whenever someone tells you about anything, “The science is settled!”

A Reader Writes Back...

I loved the story about the Polish preacher in Canada and his response when cops showed up to harass him and his followers. I don't blame him one bit for calling them Nazis and Communists. I got a good laugh from that story. I think it is time that Americans begin pushing back more.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Hot Springs National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-21 of 21

  • Doug Miller

    04/08/2021 07:56 PM

    It doesn't matter how restrictive Delaware, New York, Georgia, or any other state's voting laws are. The Democrats don't have to follow the law.

  • Jerry

    04/08/2021 09:45 AM

    When a society allows corruption that changes lawful issues to become unlawful issues the outcome usually is good for a few and a disaster for many. Georgia got into bed with the devil and its offspring is 2 Senators that could not care less about Georgia and a President and Vice President that is doing everything the 10 Commandments asked not to do. Yes I dislike what is happening in Georgia and whats happening to America get in bed with the devil and corruption and the offspring is what we have today destruction of a moral society and the disregard of the 10 Commandments.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    04/08/2021 09:34 AM

    Mrs Radley
    NO. Do not be " hushed up " - speak up and loud !!
    The Jews in Germany were told to sit quietly at home, obey the authorities and be hushed -- where did that end?
    DNC and Rinos be damned. They are all cowards and traitors -- MAGA Arise!!
    And pull your grandkids OUT of the failed public schools.
    We won't raise leaders to save our Republic by " sitting quietly and being hushed"...

  • Susan Crabtree

    04/08/2021 08:54 AM

    I wish your evening newsletter was a little longer. I've given up on all forms of media and lost my one source of verifiable information- Rush Limbaugh- I really do miss him. So I read your evening addition every morning and look forward to it. There is SO much going on that it's hard to keep track. We are getting hit on all sides.

  • Jerry

    04/07/2021 11:53 PM

    The nations around the globe must be watching the disgraceful activity this administration is doing to the population. The mocking press releases the filthy 60 minutes hacking of the Florida governor great job handling the China virus MLB pulls a racially motivated move to replace Atlanta all star game while a great American black baseball player was to be honored in the city he played
    HOF Henry Arron disgraceful in its own place Arron died this year baseball should have grieved losing him instead chose to disrespect him because he broke Babe Ruth’s home run record mlb is a disgrace I got 4 free tickets to see the red socks on Monday I will give them back pound sand mlb

  • Frank Chavez

    04/07/2021 11:19 PM

    Governor Huckabee,

    Relative to the transfer of the All Star game from Georgia to Colorado based on bad information, my thought was why can't the concessionaires, their staff, and the many businesses that will lose millions of revenue, file a lawsuit against MLB and Stacey Abrams? I am not sure on how the President can be sued for false information, but maybe his S-Corporations where has hidden his money from taxes? Just a thought.



  • Dan Kloppenborg

    04/07/2021 10:00 PM

    Is there anything that can be done with the results from the parliamentarian? She ok'd the the 2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill even though most of it is NOT infrastructure. They lie but still get away with their budget? bills.

  • Barbara Bollinger

    04/07/2021 09:39 PM

    As our world seems to get crazier and crazier by the day, I look to your evening newsletter for legitimate news and one sane voice: “crying in the wilderness” that our beloved nation is fast becoming.

    I thank you deeply for sharing your insights and perspective.

  • Anne Amato

    04/07/2021 08:49 PM

    Dear Governor,
    With reference to the new CDC guidelines.... Since ebola first appeared, have done a lot of reading on viruses. A virus can stay on surfaces depending upon its "likes" & "dislikes" (temperature & moisture) for variable time periods. The virus can remain "inert" but alive until it comes in contact with a likely host.
    Also...learned the only effective killer of virus is bleach....or products containing bleach.
    So...after considering the "mask", "no mask", "two masks", etc...information that "follows the science".... got to wondering.....what if? What if these new guidelines are really misinformation? Wonder if somewhere, someplace, someone wants an increase in CoVd? Sounds conspiratorial, I know...but...still worth considering.
    Also...the detailing of the CDC regarding people with autoimmune diseases and/or allergies leaves a LOT to be desired.
    First of all, the CDC does not really care about immune diseases unless they are human-to-human transmitted...maybe 5 of the 100 that exist in the USA alone.
    Secondly, they do not even discuss effects of the vaccine on those with OVER-active autoimmune diseases; they only mention two autoimmune diseases (out of over 100 known in USA alone).
    And, third...., why not have an easily understood list of allergies published...I KNOW there IS one. My physician had me name mine...and when it came to "tetanus shots" was abruptly told "No! You cannot get the vaccine."
    So..there MUST be an easily understandable list available. Why has that not been made public?
    I trust AARDA (American Autoimmune Research Disease Association, WebMD, & MayoClinic sites a lot more than the CDC.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    04/07/2021 08:46 PM

    I think the Left's ReEducation Plan is working-- look how many folks are rethinking their votes :)

  • Harold Levi

    04/07/2021 08:17 PM

    You will never win an argument with the Marxist-Democrats, they have no principals nor rules.

    You can tell this by the fact they continue to use Nazi inventions such as gas turbines to power jet airplanes. The first jet fighter airplane was the ME 262 introduced by the Luftwaffe during WWII.

    Ahh, such is life under the Marxist-Democrats.

  • Paul Russ

    04/07/2021 08:13 PM

    No gross hypocrisy in the way that Matt Gaetz get treated compared to Cuoma, Swalwell, and Bill Clinton.
    For Republicans, always guilty until proven otherwise. Gaetz's father wasn't wearing a wire for no good reason.
    If only anyone cared about the facts and the DOJ/FBI were forthcoming with the facts.
    BTW: Supreme Court has already proven that it is highly politicized. Justice Breyer is just blowing smoke for cover. The Court is worthless and has irreversibly failed to protect democracy in America.

  • Judy Davenport

    04/07/2021 07:44 PM

    I just clicked on the link you gave re: the CDC changing guidelines for disinfecting surfaces. I got a response saying this page can't be found.

  • Judy Radley

    04/07/2021 07:31 PM

    Thank Goodness for Gov. DeSantis and others FINALLY speaking up against major media shows for what they are, just huge gossip shows that don't show anything of real true news, just made up opinions they try to make sound like facts.

    My grandson who is in 7th grade said he had to watch a video of Biden talking about all the lies about COVID that he wants people to believe as truth. My grandson has also gotten in trouble in school for speaking up against Biden, his parents got a call from the school. My grandson also said if they show that video again, he will just get up and leave the room and stand against the wall until it is over. His parents and I also reminded him, that yes he has the right to his own opinion but unfortunately in school, he can't say it out loud right now, but if the teachers or other kids give him a hard time, to tell his parents and let them handle it. The school he goes to is in a small rural community school with farm fields all around the town and in the town, and even there, people with Conservative thinking are being hushed up and given a hard time. I told my grandson that if he gets questioned by the teacher just say that it is 'misinformation' being show to him or just ask to be excused to go to the bathroom. I hope he doesn't get into trouble by what I said, because then I told him whatever is talked about at home, stays at home and to just sit quietly at school and tell his parents what is going on in school. I also told my son that he and his wife should become school board members for that school, my son said no he would be too hot-headed and no one would want to hear what he has to say. I told him, that he IS the kind of person that NEEDS TO BE PART OF THE SCHOOL BOARD, and that they need to get more parents like him and his wife involved in the school board because otherwise, things won't change. They are both in their 30's, Conservatives, and are the hope for America's future.

  • James Drury Jr

    04/07/2021 07:29 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • John T Trotter

    04/07/2021 07:22 PM

    PLEASE do a story or article on Blockchain technology and election integrity. Thank you.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/07/2021 07:07 PM

    Thank you

  • Susie Carver

    04/07/2021 06:49 PM

    I appreciate so much hearing truth being told by an honest person. Thank you for keeping us up with what is really happening.


    04/07/2021 06:45 PM

    I know you don't want to punish "the little guy" which is good. But it has to happen, with the libs moving the playoffs from GA to Denver, the concession people in Atlanta are out of a job. The people in Denver will get the jobs. We can not win if we don't stop doing business with these people. I would ask you to tell everyone to not go to baseball games and don't watch them on TV. Have Shane and Laura and everyone else that has a mic and camera to do the same. We are losing by not standing up. We have to play hardball, we can not be nice to the libs, they are visious. thank you Alfred Nagel I enjoy your letter and TV show

  • William Fuhrer

    04/07/2021 06:17 PM

    JAG and BLUE BLOODS address some of the issues concerning the military and the current law enforcement but some come with no conclusion or conclusions that would be good for the United States and have some quite naive characters. I didn't know that socialists carried cards

  • Stephen Russell

    04/07/2021 06:13 PM

    Schumer compares 1-6 to Pearl Harbor:
    OK then mobilize the whole Defense estd vs the lowly NG
    So lame