November 8, 2017

Three cheers for Shalene Flanagan, who was the #1-finishing woman in Sunday’s New York City Marathon, and the first American woman to win since 1977, forty years ago. In recent years, the marathon has been dominated by African runners. The overall winner this year was Kenyan Geoffrey Kamworor; and Kenyan Mary Keitany, who won the last three Marathons, came in right behind Flanagan.

Even more amazing: Flanagan said she was driven to win, and had to “suffer dearly” to do it, after she was forced to drop out of her hometown Boston Marathon after fracturing her back last winter. Flanagan said she’d dreamed of winning since she was a little girl, and worked seven years to do it. But what was on her mind while running was the victims of the recent terrorist attack on a New York City bike path. She said, “I really want to bring a smile to New Yorkers’ faces today, and I’m so happy that I could. This is the moment that Americans need.”

You’re so right, Shalene. And you are someone we’re all proud to call a fellow American.

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