Woke mobs are targeting smaller towns

June 26, 2020 |

Must-Read Article: I recently linked to an article about how very different life is in rural and small-town America than it is in the deep blue cities filled with riots and “occupied zones” and cancel culture and attacks on police. The writer seemed unconcerned about all those things because they were in those horribly-run cities and wouldn’t touch the rest of the country. I argued that while he was certainly right about life being better and people getting along a lot better outside of leftist-run cities, he was wrong to think that “it can’t happen here.”

In fact, it already is happening. The woke mobs are starting to target smaller towns with the same smear tactics and organizational techniques they’ve perfected in cities to get sympathetic leftists elected to office where they release criminals and make cops stand down and kneel before rioters and monument smashers. Here are some examples of small towns where conservative mayors, school board members and other officials have been intimidated into resigning amid nonsense accusations of being “white supremacists.”

How does this happen? It happens when you’re not paying attention (that’s how AOC got into Congress via a low-turnout primary, the same method radical leftists are using to get local DA’s elected who “reform criminal justice” by refusing to prosecute or jail criminals.) It happens when officials knuckle under, apologize and resign instead of standing up for themselves. And it happens when citizens are too scared to fight back and say “No” to the mob’s demands. Yes, there is a silent majority, but we are quickly reaching the time when the majority can’t stay silent any longer, or it will find itself being oppressed by a very vocal, very leftist and very, very stupid minority.

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  • Roger Huntington

    06/27/2020 09:22 AM

    They're going to find resistance in small towns. We're not afraid to resist nor is our Police department. Many are vetrans with years if training and OJD to take it to the mob. Action is the best defence.

  • randy gates

    06/27/2020 04:45 AM

    SO very spot on those who claim to BE Christian have to stand up to these punk bullies vote vote vote our NATION FREEDOM DEPENDS on it GOD Bless sir

  • Linda Herbster

    06/27/2020 12:35 AM

    Small towns WILL NOT put up with the mob protest b.s.
    We are armed had will fight for our homes. They should not test us! We not back and will chew you up and spit you out. That was proven in Butler, PA

  • Anthony Caracausa

    06/26/2020 11:16 PM

    If any of those mobs make the fatal mistake of coming to Junction City, Kansas, they will learn why I call it a "fatal mistake" here. I may be the only one in the town with the will to stand against them...and I will end every one of them and everything they hold dear. Consider this your one and only fair warning, anarchists.

  • Jody Flotow

    06/26/2020 08:49 PM

    Our world as we know it is being threatened. I don't understand nehy people can't get it. God Bless America

  • Larry j Humphrey

    06/26/2020 08:38 PM

    I was on voter registration drives a lot during the 70's-80's and it was amazing the percentage of people who either refused to or just plain lazy to vote, roughly a 50% turnout on election ? We now are seeing the result of those bad choices? If this Antifa bunch ever attains the power they seek we all are screwed to put things bluntly? No one to blame but themselves:

  • Barry Weeks

    06/26/2020 07:52 PM

    Can you give us some specific examples and not just say it's happening?

  • Charles

    06/26/2020 06:44 PM

    Time to remove the gloves!

  • Nancy Drummond

    06/26/2020 05:58 PM

    If they don't live here they should be thrown out of town!

  • Marsha Barnett

    06/26/2020 05:54 PM

    Do you believe we are heading into a real civil war soon?
    Please let me know Mike
    I’m praying. My church is praying. These are very scary times

  • Rebecca Lewis

    06/26/2020 05:51 PM

    They’d better be really careful. Smaller towns probably have more weapons than people.

  • Gail Hudler

    06/26/2020 05:39 PM

    We all must stand up for what is right. I became convicted about this several months ago so I am now taking more of a vocal stand. What is happening is that many of my Christian friends are calling us (me and others like me) insensitive, argumentative, unkind, and insinuating that we are a poor witness. If we remain the silent majority then a lot of our freedoms will cease to exist. May God bless you for not being afraid to say what is right!!!

  • Regina Kapica

    06/26/2020 04:55 PM

    I believe it’s time for the silent majority to really rise up not only in prayers as what we are doing but also to be bold to stand for godly principles that USA was founded for. If these BLM mobs get into your county, I believe in the power of its people. In this case the residents. Get out to your blocks and create a barricade so they can’t enter your county. Pray in the streets even. Show them what a real peaceful rally is. The Lord bless His people in Jesus’ name!

  • Gary Burfield

    06/26/2020 04:28 PM

    I just hope we get tipped off if they cone to our smaller towns here in North Central to NE Ark!! We'll do like Ada, OK citizens did, and meet them with armed citizens for a show of force if they get bussed in! Heard they got back on their busses there & left!! Hope every city's citizens will follow suit!! We mean business, that none of that crap is going to be tolerated in our areas!!

  • jim muse

    06/26/2020 04:19 PM

    they better bring their own body bags.

  • Connie hemphill

    06/26/2020 04:08 PM

    I will fight against them if they come to my town. I’m poor & I’ll be darned if they tare up my town!!! We are all hunters here men & women so they better be ware!!!’ We don’t cower down to demons!!!! ??

  • sharon krogman

    06/26/2020 04:02 PM

    Mike, what can I do to help stop this other than voting

  • Walt Miller

    06/26/2020 03:11 PM

    Why are the people in this country so afraid to stand up for what is right. Why are the people letting this happen? Are there any true American people left in this country. I will not live in socialism for anyone. I am a free person and will die a free person.

  • Myra Glee T Richardson

    06/26/2020 03:10 PM

    Yes, we have to pay attention and stand up for the rule of law and say no tithe mob rule.

  • Robin Flowers

    06/26/2020 02:59 PM


  • Debbie Phenix

    06/26/2020 02:55 PM

    Yes, my daughter's town in southwestern Ohio bussed in supposedly BLM crowds to march in their town of 6,500 and all the hotels were full from these people...the town got word of what was going on and told the sheriff they didn't want them there. He really didn't do anything to stop it so they all showed up practicing their 2nd ammendment rights, with their rifles and shotguns and needless to say there were no problems and they moved on quickly with no problems.

  • Ben Laurens

    06/26/2020 02:37 PM

    It is past time for Americans to stand up to the unlawful violent "protests" America is the longest lasting Republic in human history. We cannot allow anarchists operating under the umbrella of African American equality to destroy our nation. They WILL NOT continue to attack our businesses, personal properties and wound and kill our citizens.

  • Sharon Hickey

    06/26/2020 02:17 PM

    Like yourself, I post about the workings of the left. We can say wake up America, but no one suggests what it is conservatives can do to stop this. Do we take to the streets and start throwing rocks and setting fires? Unfortunately, fighting through the courts costs money and neither Soro or Clinton have sent us any, so for the average citizen that is out of the question. I don't see any well-to-do conservative politicians putting up money to help the Church fight this eviction, in the California town. Even the CEO of Chickfila is catering to the left saying we owe the black community an apology and none of this really has anything to do with black people. It is just the Democrats using these people once again. So again, what are conservatives suppose to do?

  • Kendra Howell

    06/26/2020 01:46 PM

    They are definitely in my small town of Sylva, NC. They are annoying, rude people who don't care one ioyta about our town.

  • Katherine Schlappi

    06/26/2020 01:35 PM

    Yes- came to small Michigan resort town of South Haven.
    Was told it was scary.