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February 9, 2021

 Twitter indefinitely suspended the account of the Gateway Pundit after the site announced that it would be releasing newly-discovered video showing late night deliveries of tens of thousands of illegal ballots eight hours after the deadline in Detroit.

The site said this is in response to “fact-checkers” dismissing all claims of election chicanery, such as those Mike Lindell put in his video at

So far, the most comprehensive rebuttal to Lindell’s video, and the most professional, least partisan and snarky, is from, although that site does have a tendency to accept denials from the targets of accusations as exculpatory evidence.

If only someone had suggested right after the election that Biden join Trump in demanding a transparent, bipartisan investigation of all claims of election regularities, so that a cloud of suspicion wouldn't hang over his Administration. Oh wait, I remember: I did that, and the left attacked me for it.

But putting all the talk of cyber vote espionage aside, as I already explained, you can accept that all the ballots were legitimate and still legitimately believe that the election was stolen due to collusion between powerful media, social media, corporate and government forces to manipulate voters by promoting or suppressing information. Indeed, Time magazine just admitted this happened, only they insist it wasn’t “stealing the election,” it was “fortifying” democracy, because the “right” candidate won (that being the candidate Time deemed the “right” one.)

Mark Tapscott at PJ Media has more on the thick blinders our self-appointed “philosopher kings” are wearing that make them think they were helping democracy by ensuring that the people were led to choose the candidate the elites preferred instead of the one who was actually standing up for them.

Speaking of voters being hoodwinked, how many Biden voters who thought they were just replacing mean tweets with moderate “normalcy” knew that they were signing up for stuff like this? "Catch and release" should be for fishing only.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s motto could be “Rules for thee but not for me.” She got her hair done while her constituents were banned from salons. She defended rioters who attacked Washington and praised environmental protesters who “occupied” her office, then wanted to impeach anyone who didn’t forcefully condemn the rioters who attacked the Capitol. She banned “gendered” language, then proudly described herself as a mother and grandmother. And now, she’s trying to dock the pay of Republican legislators by thousands of dollars for breaking a rule that she ignores herself.


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