January 24, 2018

The Barna Group just released a new study of Generation Z (current teenagers) that found they are the least-Christian generation in US history. Nearly twice as many claim to be atheists as Millennials (13% to 7%), and 35% of current teens say they are either atheist, agnostic or unaffiliated with any religion. Just 59% say they are Catholic or Christian (a six-point drop from the Millennial generation), and only 4% hold what is considered a true Biblical worldview.

The survey places the cause of this change on today’s teenagers having been brought up in a post-Christian, post-modern environment where they’ve never been exposed to Christianity or church. I would have guessed from looking at the results that their parents allowed pop culture to replace traditional Christian values as the #1 influence in their kids’ lives, and it’s showing up in other harmful ways as well.

For instance, they’ve been brainwashed by pop culture to think that if you believe in science, it means you have to reject religious belief. In fact, you can easily find those things compatible (many of history’s greatest scientists were religious believers). Many recent scientific discoveries, from the vastness of space to archeological finds to life inside the womb, have actually provided more evidence for those who believe in the Bible and the sanctity of life.

Yet, at the same time, pop culture that preaches atheism and the pronouncements of politically-biased scientists as unquestionable fact (and in self-serving bumper sticker parlance, that “facts have a liberal bias”) has obviously left this generation extremely confused. One out of eight current teens claims to identify as non-heterosexual, an unlikely leap in one generation; and 30% claim to know someone who has changed their “gender identity.” That could only be attributable to pop culture promoting the recent notion of “gender fluidity,” which is politically-motivated quackery disguised as science, taking precedence over biology.

Unlike Generation Z, I’m old enough to remember just a few years ago, when the gay rights movement dismissed as nonsense the idea that a person’s sexuality could be changed by outside influences such as peer pressure. To suggest that someone wasn’t “born that way” was homophobic. Now it’s homophobic to suggest that you can’t change not only your sexual proclivities but even your gender just by thinking it. I thought science that supported leftist viewpoints was all “settled”?

If you had to sum up the results of this survey in one sentence, it would be that it’s shocking how far off course children can drift when their parents simply cut them loose.

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    01/28/2018 06:35 PM

    The problem I see here with Generation Z is that most of them couldn't even define what an atheist is. Our Republic is in serious danger.

  • Al Everson

    01/27/2018 09:26 PM

    Please do not overlook or ignore the influence — nay, the power — of the evil and godless government cesspool/school system upon the young. I do not believe it is a stretch to say the failure to teach Godly moral principles and American history amounts to child abuse. If the schools failed to give proper nutrition to students in the cafeteria, there would be an outcry that would reach the White House and Capitol Hill, but the willful failure to provide spiritual nourishment is destroying the minds, souls and spirits of those who are coming up through the grades. I am very thankful that a I am not a kid coming up now. Who will reach the young with the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

  • Lance Brown

    01/26/2018 08:34 PM

    Mike: "The Barna Group just released a new study of Generation Z (current teenagers) that found they are the least-Christian generation in US history". So you are telling me that it is only gonna get worse?

  • Carolyn Wlasiuk

    01/25/2018 05:51 PM

    What can we do to change this situation? Teens aren't being exposed to church because parents aren't going to church. When children's sports -- soccer, Little League, etc. -- started holding games on Sunday morning, many parent chose to eliminate church so their children could stay involved.

  • rodney Burke

    01/25/2018 04:43 PM

    It all boils down to the parents who are failing to do their job in instructing their kids in the bible. Where I attend, the "youth minister' says many of the kids say "I'm here because my parents make me" so from birth to 13 kids do not have proper instruction on biblical principles. This is the problem. And church leadership in general is doing zero. and it will continue until something is done about parents. And those churches they are gravitating to don't have anything to offer. It is so watered down, they don't know what God and his word are. Joel Osteen, Swaggart,Prince and all that other crap on TV. The only person who is really teaching the bible is Dr. charles Stanley I don't read "Go out and join the church of your choice." in the bible anywhere nor do I read about choosing our own doctrine. We've got a NT to go by, God gave us all we need.

  • Charles M

    01/25/2018 04:32 PM

    At least we can imagine the pleasure we would have in knowing that atheists will be taking care of those atheists in their golden years - probably similar to Planned Parenthood at origin. The brain will be suctioned out and the usable parts sold to the highest bidder.

  • Nancy holland

    01/25/2018 02:43 PM

    Mr Huckabee I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletters. You, sir, are a breath of fresh air in this crazy world. May the Lord Jesus bless and keep you.

  • Danny Dawdy

    01/25/2018 01:56 PM

    Mike, We have found that Christian Camping is a place where students can unplug from their world and can intersect with Jesus Christ. The church can then have a strong mentoring opportunity to help students understand God's Word and His plan for their lives.

  • Jeanne C Orrison

    01/25/2018 11:20 AM

    I have 5 teenage grandchildren, and all are born-again church kids. I spent a lot of time with them, and know their hearts are toward the Lord, but am aware of the part social media plays in their lives. Parents must stay aware of their social media contacts and what they are watching on those smartphones and other devices. This is the most devious tool of the devil to this generation.

  • Margo E. Bombard

    01/25/2018 10:53 AM

    You are so right Mike, Children today are growing up without the benefit of knowing about God. Something happened in my generation that allowed our children to find ways of making God less important than he is. In doing that, our children continued in the same vein and our grandchildren don't know about him at all. The short-sightedness rests with our generation.

  • David Meek

    01/25/2018 10:32 AM

    Christian Greetings, Would be honored to share on "burn-out" 2 yrs after MA- Counseling! Just about killed me! 2 yrs later we were back to Pastoring. & my Prayer n CO Senate 3/5/02 which caused 6 Senators walked out! & what terrible things happened to CO that yr! Wonder what happen to those 6 Senators? I also portray my relative,n buckskins, Legendary MT man Joe Meek, founded OR as Territory & was 1st Marshal!! Reason why school & police shootings- 1 woman got Bible & Prayer kicked out of the schools, 63 & 64! Where was the CHURCH?
    THANKS, USAF Veteran, England, Germany, & Thailand Pastor Greeley, CO

  • Tom Barnhart

    01/25/2018 10:08 AM

    It's frightening to realize these Gen Z young people will one day be our doctors, retirement home care-givers and politicians who'll decide our right to life policies.

  • Donald R. Heath

    01/25/2018 08:02 AM

    It's encouraging to me when I read and hear about a large number of teens that are receiving Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. I have to question these polls as to where and how many were actually polled.

  • James Yepsen

    01/25/2018 06:16 AM

    I Consider myself a Christian, do these kids nowadays think that people, animals and everything else just magically appeared? Do they think the way a person is made up was from a amoeba that just grew into a person? Are the ones that think man developed from apes and if so why are apes becoming human again.
    They might think that aliens placed us here but who made the aliens? I believe wholeheartedly that there is a God that formed mankind and all the creatures on earth and I do believe there are other living species on other worlds that God created.
    These children are allowed to watch these TV shows and movies and listen to this music that is against everything Christian and the parents of these children are to blame by not teaching the children better. I seen pictures of the women's March where children little girls were holding signs saying something F***ING, and you wonder what kind of mother allows a little girl to carry a sign like that the mother must really be proud that it makes me sick and in the society I grew up and people were out on the street marching and had signs like that they would be arrested for vulgar language and their children would be removed because of that type of upbringing. We need to go back to the old ways and hold people accountable for our stuff like that.
    Use your the rappers telling the kids to kill somebody or calm the girls sluts or other disgusting things in the kids eat it up because her parents are afraid to discipline the children because our courts have gone haywire.
    I would sooner believe in a God and find out when I die that there isn't one than to not believe in God and when I die find out there is a God. These kids had better stop following their peers and using their own conscience to decide what is right. May God forgive this world for what it has become.

  • Carol Denardo

    01/25/2018 12:19 AM

    I agree. The next few generations are in trouble. they can't inherit the kingdom of God because they do not know Him. I am glad I am 69 years old and raised by the greatest generations ever. I am a Catholic who sees fewer and fewer people at Mass. My generation is leaving this earth and young people just don't practice any religion. I live in Vermont, the least Christian state in the union. Yet our liberal law makers think Vermont is progressing because we were the first to have civil unions and legalized pot shoved down our throats without being able to vote on the issues. Vermont is pro abortion and physician assisted suicide. We have a very liberal and powerful senator in Leahy who calls himself a Catholic. Yet he was very instrumental in repealing DOMA. He also told me our constitution is a very sacred document and shouldn't be tampered with when I asked him to consider a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. I told him the Bible was very much more sacred and we should not be tampering with God's word on marriage. I also told him I would never vote for him! Yours in prayer for our country, Carol Denardo, Rutland, Vermont


    01/24/2018 11:14 PM

    Form a special prayer group dedicated to tackling this problem and this problem only praying in three shifts, 24 hours a day, to bring the current generation to Jesus!

  • Alfred Jerry Akridge, Ph.D.

    01/24/2018 10:44 PM

    Bro. Huckabee, your articles are a drink of cool water while most of the "news" organizations trumpet themselves from the dry desert of liberalism and ungodliness. Regarding Generation Z's, Millenials', and other groups' departures from conservatism and godliness, I have discovered through 40 years of ministry in teaching biblical and scientific evidences for the Creation and Genesis Flood, that much of this problem originates from a disbelief of Genesis 1-11. As mentioned in your excellent article, changeable science is held by many higher in authority than the inerrant Word of God, the Bible. Students are assaulted daily in public schools and colleges with origins having happened through a non-scientific, religion called evolutionism. If we as humans are but the result of a happy accident in space, there is no real purpose in life. Evolutionism cannot correctly answer the innate questions written on every heart: Where did I come from?; What is my purpose?; Where am I going? When young, church-going children leave home for college or work, as many as 70% do not return to church. They are not grounded on the foundation of Scripture and are easily led from the narrow path. Because that is happening right now, continuing generations will increasingly change in numbers to reflect mostly secular, humanistic, and atheistic worldviews. We see this happening today in other countries and now in our own beloved USA. So, that's the problem. What is the answer to this problem? Anyone who is responsible for the education of children please take note! Know what your children are studying, whether in public schools or Christian schools. Be prepared to guide them to truth when the subject of evolutionism is taught. By this, evolution means biologic changes of one life-form to another supposed "higher" life-form, as if molecules of gasses can ultimately change into plants, animals, and humans over great amounts of time. This heresy is non-scientific and without any semblance of truth. Secure a solid foundation in those eager minds from God's Word and they in turn will be able to defend themselves with Truth when the opportunity presents itself! Read and memorize 1 Peter 3:15 and see how to effectively do that. And be sure that your children know Jesus Christ as Savior at their earliest point of understanding His salvation. That is primary! Do this and you can help steer this nation back onto the right path. May God prosper you as you work to bring this about!

  • Margaret Hamm

    01/24/2018 10:09 PM

    I have read two books by scientists that started out to prove there was no God, only to end up believers, because the chance of everything happening by chance was so far out there to be impossible. I don't remember the authors, but one book was over 800 pages. This guy had covered all possibilities to the highest power (Don't remember how high but higher than most could comprehend.) and could not say it could have just been nature taking it course.

  • William A. Cummins

    01/24/2018 09:31 PM

    I know exactly how the millennials feel and what to do about it. Here is an excerpt from my Stonecroft Ministry testimony:
    "Sadly, I was 20 years old, dead broke, lonely, depressed, and I really missed my Mom.
    I grew up in a Christian community. My parents believed in God, but we never went to church or rested on Sunday. The only prayer I knew was “Star Light, Star Bright.
    I didn’t know I was a sinner who needed forgiveness. I never thought about Jesus or the fact that he had died. I focused only on the basic things I needed to survive.
    One evening, while sitting alone in my car, I opened the glove compartment and pulled out the little red New Testament Bible that was given to me in high school.
    I flipped it open to pass the time when these words jumped off of the first page:
    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” & “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”
    I thought to myself, “Wow... no one ever told me where wisdom and knowledge came from and I really don’t like being called a fool.”
    As I continued reading, it slowly dawned on me that an important part of my life was missing. Who is this God? Is He real? Can I trust Him? What happens if I pray?
    Then on the back page of the little Bible, I read...
    “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”
    I closed my eyes and said, “God, if that’s true, show me what it means.”
    The feeling came over me that I was no longer alone. Suddenly, I was lifted high into the air. The people below looked like tiny grains of sand on a beach. The warm and gentle arms of God held me safely as I would a little baby. Then I heard Him say, “Bill, I’ve been waiting for you.”
    When I slowly realized God actually knew my name from among all those millions of people, I felt strangely overwhelmed. Tears began to flow and I sobbed for a long time. I didn’t want those moments to end even though I knew God would never leave me."
    Thank you. I live in Port Orange, Florida and can be reached by phone: 386-383-5198 or email: [email protected]

  • Tom Rutledge

    01/24/2018 09:19 PM

    Today the parents don’t parent. Instead they coddle, try to make everything easy for their precious kids. News flash, parents instill the values and morals of the children they raise. Hand them everything they think they want, make everything as easy as possible for them, don’t teach them that there is a force greater than themselves in this world and they will grow to be self centered immature snow flakes prone to drug abuse, suicide, dishonesty and a totally self centered view of the world. What America needs is a Universal Service Act that requires each person graduating from high school or turning 18 to either do 3 years military service or 7 years community weekend service. “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.” JFK

  • J Bruce Gabriel

    01/24/2018 09:02 PM

    The most influential type of education on my ethical and moral core was Sunday School (on Sunday mornings obviously) and Catechism class on Wednesday evenings that my parents required me to attend during my youth. With the decline in the Catholic Church due to its scandals as well as poor leadership at the top of the Church, resources for this type of education regrettably have become less available and thus, this kind of instruction has positively affected fewer lives in our country since America's peak prosperity of the 1950s. That corresponds with a precipitous decline in America's economic viability and place in the world since the 1950s. The largest amount of decline both morally and economically occurred during the Obama years as did the decline in the efficiency and effectiveness of its institutions, the most ponderous and overbearing of which is the leviathan known as the United States Government with its $20 trillion debt and $211 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

    I learned the big three Commandments in my Sunday School and Catechism classes: Thou shalt not kill, covet or steal! Obviously our elected officials and bureaucrats in the federal government never learned that. After all, the government cannot give to anybody that which has not been taken (or stolen) from somebody else.

    The vastly underrated, meticulous and methodical Calvin Coolidge always says it more eloquently than I do and he always says it best, so I will let him chime in with one of his many pithy quotes:

    "No other theory is adequate to explain or comprehend the Declaration of Independence. It is the product of the spiritual insight of the people. We live in an age of science and of abounding accumulation of material things. These did not create our Declaration. Our Declaration created them. The things of the spirit come first. Unless we cling to that, all our material prosperity, overwhelming though it may appear, will turn to a barren sceptre in our grasp. If we are to maintain the great heritage which has been bequeathed to us, we must be like-minded as the fathers who created it. We must not sink into a pagan materialism. We must cultivate the reverence which they had for the things that are holy. We must follow the spiritual and moral leadership which they showed. We must keep replenished, that they may glow with a more compelling flame, the altar fires before which they worshiped."

    - From President Coolidge's speech at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence July 5, 1926

    Respectfully submitted,

    Bruce Gabriel
    Marlborough, MA

  • Virginia Anderson

    01/24/2018 08:37 PM

    Last week I attended a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at a reputable local theatre. I was stunned at the presentation -- set in Las Vegas with a major show number done by showgirls (actually men in drag queen dress). Hardly a mention of the Bible or the original story.

  • John Gonser

    01/24/2018 07:51 PM

    Many years ago when I was a physics grad student, a group of students (the psych department grads) tried to influence me to be homosexual. I was at that time a physical specimen, a competitive weight lifter, a hunter, and a lover of classical music. These were regarded by the grads as incompatible conditions, so they attempted to "turn" me by several actions. I, having come from a nearly all-male school, was totally enamored by the seemingly endless population of lovely young women and had no interest in these grads' pressures. In fact I found them ridiculous. The reason for this story is that back in the '50s, it was assumed that with adequate pressure and influence a person could be "turned." This is not a new concept. Peer pressure can do much for good or for evil. These people collectively believed that a young very buff man with my IQ (I qualify for Mensa ) simply could not be
    physicist, a classicist, a hunter, and a heterosexual all at the same time. I fear that the colleges are rife with similar people who have moved from student status to departmental leadership, and they will continue to breed more and more aberrations through their influence over young and impressionable students. Prayer and Christian activism are the only solutions.

  • James Evart

    01/24/2018 06:52 PM

    Wellllll, I see that most people who read your news great and informative news letter are left without comment so far (I don't blame them), sooooo, I'll wade in. What we see is a nation that has turned it's back on God and we will soon see reciprocity for this behavior as spelled out in Rom 1:18-32. The spiritual chaos, moral degeneration and personal spiritual loss that I have witnessed in this new generation from the lack of an infinite anchor is astounding. The one thing that I need always to keep in mind is that, "God knows those who are His." Num16:5 & 2Tim2:19, 1Jhn4:6 and that He will loose none of those given Him, Jhn6:39.
    So, as I watch our Christian society disintegrate around me and feel the loss as I see the lying, biased Liberals and their Media corrupt the truth and spin everything they can, I do know that God is in control. Witness the gift of our present great president.
    Take heart, He lives!

  • Kenny Rosewitz

    01/24/2018 06:47 PM

    I’m horrified to admit that the Barna Group is correct!
    But neither am I surprised at their findings as I have felt for years that these facts were out there if only people would open their eyes to what was going on about them.

    I will offer to you that one continuing cause, and perhaps the very root of it, is the fact is that since WWII the family unit been disintegrating. The divorce rate started to sky rocket, latch key children became common, excuses were made for a child’s bad behavior even for their criminal behavior as adults. The self-styled know it all social pundits were explaining that little Mikey and Sally were only the results of society.

    I could go on in this vein ad nauseam but I will leave it to you to carry on.
    God bless you and yours

  • Rachel Liddell

    01/24/2018 06:38 PM

    Not my children. I am raising my children to be disciples.They will have plenty of peers to share the gospel with.

  • Sandra Capps

    01/24/2018 06:33 PM

    There are many disturbing things going on in America today but, this has to be, by far, the most distressing statistic yet!!!

  • clifford r. sneed

    01/24/2018 06:12 PM

    you took god out of the schools and everywhere else==professors are teaching atheiism in there classes---politicians are anti christian and are banning any reference to god. the younger people are not held responsible for anything but yet want all of the entitlements given to them because they are taught that it is owed to them. the justice system is a joke and the criminals have more rights than the victom----------------so what do you expect

  • SueStone

    01/24/2018 04:52 PM

    Scary! I’ll be at Home when these young people take over the world but my Grandchildren will be here(Lord willing) and that scares the heck out of me.

  • Bonnie Miller

    01/24/2018 04:48 PM

    I lay the lack of Christianity squarely on Madelyn Murray O'Hair. She single-handedly erased God from everything, just beginning with the kids. Well, you & I know His laws & rules for life do not change. My best to you & your family. Sarah is doing a bang-up job!

  • Kathryn Rae

    01/24/2018 04:25 PM

    I have seen a decline in practicing Catholics. Catholic churches and schools are closing. I see this as a result of the Pope trying to "re-write the bible". Some of those older folks leaving Catholicism (myself included) are searching for other Christian churches that still adhere to the teachings of the bible. However, some of the younger folks that have left seem to be having difficulty with Christianity as a whole. They feel that after growing up Catholic, that they were lied to their whole lives and they aren't seeking other Christian churches to enrich their faith. Unfortunately, many of these folks have impressionable teenagers that are now left without Christianity at the most vulnerable time in their lives!! These teens are growing up with fads like "gender identity crisis ", women marching with "female anatomy hats", "cops are bad", etc, all led by the left aethiests. What will become of these kids who were once church going Catholics? We aren't doing ANYTHING to reach out to their angry parents. Leaving Catholicism doesn't have to mean " leaving God". So many of them feel guilty for leaving the only religion they've ever known and they don't know where to turn. How will these folks teach their teens that "God does not make mistakes" and that God gives us "free will" to choose good or evil. Without prayer and religious education in the home and in church, teens don't get that powerful message. Without it they join with the wrong people. Christianity is growing throughout the world. But NOT with the folks that have left the Catholic church. This group needs help. God bless you and your family, Mr. Huckabee. We love you.

  • Linda Fenimore

    01/24/2018 04:10 PM

    It’s also the first generation that was convinced they had to go to college and I belief that is where the brain washing is completed.

  • Joseph J McKay Jr

    01/24/2018 04:07 PM

    What? No mention of the effect on our children (and society) by the public school system!

  • Amy Syrell

    01/24/2018 04:03 PM

    I place this rising shift of young atheists and agnostics squarely at the feet of their families (parents and extended relatives). In addition to a lack of faith, this generation seems to be the worst (lowest) in morality and lack of responsibility. Modern culture and technology can never be an appropriate replacement for faith in any religion. This lapse is an opening that organizations like ISIS and the Taliban are taking full advantage of. These statistics are disheartening in the extreme. While the older generations worry so often about the condition of the country and world we are leaving for our children, the teenagers today don't seem to care much about anything they get as long as they don't have to do anything to get it.

  • Judy

    01/24/2018 03:56 PM

    You are so on point with this. My husband and I were confirmed Lutherans but as we raised our family we drifted from church and that definitely effected our children not in a good way at all. My husband and I are now Evangelical Christians attending a mega church. All of them have seen what a difference the relationship with God has made in our marriage and lives and they are paying attention. Their lives are on the right track. The grandchildren are watching all of us too and are all demonstrating good Christian values. God is so good.

  • John D. Basinger

    01/24/2018 03:48 PM

    Mike, I send letter to my Senators and the White House and had had no reply. I see a real fallacy in the new tax law for the middle class folks. I am on SS and a pension from Lockheed Martin; our income is in the 10-75K range; without the personal exemptions we pay in more taxes than before! This going to affect all middle class folks that voted republican as soon as they realize it. If you are below 24k you will get a drop in your taxes ; we will lose those votes in the coming elections if the is not fixed in a hurry. Help , contact Trump or someone that can talk to House speaker about it.let me know what you can/will do!

    J.D. Basinger

  • George Marshall

    01/24/2018 03:43 PM

    Very true. This country was created based on Judeo-Christian ethics. Even our courts and the Supreme Court have (or used to have) a carving or other depiction of the Ten Commandments or Moses holding the tablets with the Ten Commandments. One is free to practice their religion (as long as it doesn't conflict with our Constitution even Atheist. Removal of prayer in our schools (voluntary), etc. should not have been allowed.

  • William Carroll Cook

    01/24/2018 03:25 PM

    The problem with the children today is what Albert Einstein would fear the most-the electronic age, where a family would no longer sit at the supper table and communicate face to face!!

  • Shauna Dickerson

    01/24/2018 03:21 PM

    Very sad for this newest generation, and very sad for our savior, Jesus Christ and the torment He went through for our sake. To reject Him and His atonement is so misguided.

  • Joseph Orsini PhD

    01/24/2018 03:17 PM

    In comparing the current teenage generational changes, it would probably be more accurate to compare this generation with the older generation's responses to the same questions when they were teenagers.

  • Knox "Kipper" Tabb

    01/24/2018 03:14 PM

    I have been meeting with John Heerema of Biglife Ministry, what if we used this radical discipleship method here in the US.
    If it can work with ISIS and Al Qaida, Lord willing, it can work with North American youth!
    When are you going to have John on your TBN Show on Saturday nights? Would you be willing to help bring about revival in our Nation?
    Pray about it!

  • Glenn Mize

    01/24/2018 02:56 PM

    Unfortunately, as a middle and High School teacher, I pretty much knew most of this. Of course this varies a lot by regions. As you know, education these days is a major problem contributing to false views of what’s real. The question is how do we organize and start to take back our kids and therefore the future of our country!

  • Michael Egbert

    01/24/2018 02:54 PM

    I just left a bible study today. The emphasis today was Ephesians 6:10-18 (putting on the full armor of God and praying for everyone). We have to stop this trend of churchlessness...I guess churches using "rock n' roll" bands or free pizza to lure people in is growing in popularity but then you have to wonder are they coming to hear the word of God or to get that pizza and hear the band?

  • Donald Reid

    01/24/2018 02:53 PM

    People need to get back to reading the Bible if they have ever read it. Time is getting short.

  • Joyce Shaw

    01/24/2018 02:40 PM

    I enjoy your articles. At the rate of social change declining pretty soon us normal folks will be @ 1% & we will be the wierdos- all I can say is Jesus come soon??

  • Kevin Brooks

    01/24/2018 02:33 PM

    This is so sad but true Mike Huckabee and I as a Christian know there is one Savior and that of course is Jesus Christ! I encourage you please sir or anyone on your staff to go to and look for and download a great book based on your subject! The book is named "The last generation on earth"! The author is named Kate Sheridan! This book even though it is fiction is based on the last days before Christ returns and the generation that will be the last generation on earth at the rapture! Please have someone download the book and let me know what you think! My wife and I are coming to see you live in Nashville this weekend! I look forward to seeing you in person Mike Huckabee, because you are a man of integrity and Christ driven!

  • Laurie Giesler

    01/24/2018 02:32 PM

    If this is true, this nation is finished. As one teacher once told our class, you are either guided by God or by the devil; there is nothing in between. And as founding father, James Madison, stated, "We have staked the whole of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God." If there is no faith in the Creator, then they will not feel compelled to live according to His commandments, and there will be no nation. They will become slaves of the Order of Nimrod and his followers, the Oligarchs. Then they will cry out, but it will be too late.

  • Vincent Gonzalez

    01/24/2018 02:27 PM

    You are so right, Mike. I voted for you in 2008 primary. I HATED voting for McCain that November, but alternative was even worse. Our country is a mission field again. By the way, my wife and I enjoy your show on the weekend.

  • Richard Marineau

    01/24/2018 02:26 PM

    More danger, more breakdown, more chaos rapidly approaching for this culture...the antidote God is ultimately in control...the ball is in Your court LORD JESUS ! AMEN.

  • robert hicks

    01/24/2018 02:21 PM

    On your comment about the NFL and the ad , I believe the Jacksonville Jaguars were the first team to kneel in London! A dispicable act on foreign soil!!