September 17, 2018

Judge Kavanaugh update: the real and the fake

If the letter from Kavanaugh’s accuser had been made public, say, in July, when Sen. Dianne Feinstein actually received it, we wouldn’t have to quickly try to make sense of the crazed rush of stories about it RIGHT NOW, before the committee vote scheduled for just a few days away.  This calculated delay –- we know that’s what it was –- practically ensures there will be so much fake news, we won’t know what to think about it all and will therefore just have to delay the Senate vote.

But first, the real news:  Now that the accuser has identified herself, Kavanaugh has released a statement that reads, “This is a completely false allegation.  I have never done anything like what the accuser describes --- to her or to anyone.  Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday.  I am willing to talk to the Senate Judiciary Committee in any way the Committee deems appropriate to refute this false allegation from 36 years ago, and defend my integrity.”

The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, now a professor of sociology at Palo Alto University in California, has said she wants to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the White House supports that.  “She should not be insulted; she should not be ignored,” Kellyanne Conway said.  “She should testify under oath and she should do it on Capitol Hill.”  That could come as early as Tuesday, and the scheduled vote on Kavanaugh could still happen on Thursday.

As long as they’re taking testimony, they really should include Mike Judge, the other man (then a boy) who was identified in Ford’s letter as someone else who was in the room at the time and would have been a witness to the “attack.”  “I never saw anything like what was described,” he told The New York Times.   He said it would have been out of character for Kavanaugh.  “It is not who he is,” said Judge, calling him a “brilliant student” who played sports and was not “into anything crazy or illegal.”

When asked, he couldn’t even remember an incident of rough-housing that a girl might interpret as being aggressive.

“I never saw Brett act that way,” he said, according to The Daily Caller.  He said the incident never happened and, in fact, was “just absolutely nuts.”

On Monday, Ford’s attorney Debra Katz called the incident “attempted rape,” which reportedly was not the way it was originally described in Ford’s letter.  More details here.

Something else that’s real news:  Sen. Chuck Grassley has released a statement about trying to set up questioning of Ford; he says Feinstein’s office is refusing to cooperate.  It reads in part, “Sen. Feinstein...has had this information for many weeks and deprived her colleagues of the information necessary to do our jobs...Over my nearly four decades in the Senate I have worked diligently to protect whistleblowers and get to the bottom of any issue.  Dr. Ford’s attorney could have approached my office, while keeping her client confidential and anonymous, so that these allegations could be thoroughly investigated.  Nevertheless, we are working diligently to get to the bottom of these claims.”

But Ford’s attorney didn’t do that, and Feinstein held the letter until just a few days before the scheduled vote.  If the reason Feinstein didn’t act was to protect the identity of the woman, well, that’s now been blown, anyway.  The goal here doesn’t seem to be “getting to the bottom of these claims”; it seems to be delaying or preventing the Kavanaugh vote.  That’s what Senate Democrats really care about.

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So much for what we can be reasonably sure is the real news.  There were also a few fake stories going around that got played up quite a bit before being discredited.  A story about Ford’s parents’ foreclosure case being presided over by Kavanaugh’s mother turned out not to be relevant; that case was dismissed before the judge would have ruled.  A story about Ford’s horrible teacher evaluations turned out to be about another teacher coincidentally named Christine Ford; it was retracted.  Yes, Ford’s brother did work for the law firm that reps Fusion GPS, but that was seven years before Fusion GPS was formed, so there appears to be no connection.

We as conservatives need to be careful about jumping too quickly on stories that may not have been verified for accuracy and/or relevance.  That’s what liberals do –- the Steele “dossier” comes to mind as perhaps the ultimate example –- and they’re the ones, by and large, who keep “fake news” in business.  On the other hand, when Democrats deliberately throw last-minute firebombs that send everyone scrambling, it’s understandable that stories such as these catch a spark.  They soon burn out, because we (unlike some I could name) are looking for truth.


Carolinas update

The Carolinas continued to be lashed with heavy rain from Hurricane Florence over the weekend, and the flooding isn’t likely to end anytime soon.  The latest death toll stands at 17, after a three-year-old child was killed in Dallas, North Carolina, when a large pine tree fell onto a mobile home Sunday.  I hope that everyone will pray for the victims and their families, and for all those who are still in danger from the storm, especially the brave emergency workers who are risking their own lives to save others.

If you are in the path of the flooding, please don’t leave your home unless ordered to evacuate.  And if you have to leave, take your pets with you. Here are some shocking stories of what can happen to pets left behind, and the heroic efforts made by rescue workers to save them.




 #Metoo movement threatens Kavanaugh nomination

The Washington Post dropped a bombshell over the weekend by printing an article revealing Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s 11-1/2 hour accuser and her claim against him.  At the link is the original letter that Sen. Diane Feinstein sat on until the last minute.  The (REDACTED) parts are that it was written by Christine Blasey Ford, a Northern California research psychologist and Palo Alto University professor, and the other boy she claims was in the room was Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge.  (Warning, this contains upsetting adult content.)

And here’s some good analysis and background of the charge and its political aspects from Fox News:

It’s a serious charge that, if true, was surely traumatic for a young woman. On the other hand, it’s also an unsubstantiated allegation made about a then-teenage boy, 36 years after the fact, backed by no evidence, no witnesses (the only other person she claims was in the room, Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge, also denies that it happened.) And she admits that she didn’t mention it to anyone else for nearly 30 years.  

Ford claims she sought “medical treatment” for the incident, but that actually means she brought it up during a couples counseling session over 30 years later, so there are no contemporaneous medical records to prove any assault.  And the counselor’s notes show she didn’t mention Kavanaugh’s name even then, just that she was at a party with some prep school boys who’d been drinking (there are also some discrepancies between those notes and the story she’s telling now, which she attributes to the counselor writing it down wrong.)

The source and timing also raise inevitable questions, such as why she never brought this up in nearly four decades as Kavanaugh rose to the level of DC Appeals Court Judge and went through numerous FBI background checks and a previous Senate confirmation vetting.  The accuser is on the record as an adamant Trump opponent and Bernie Sanders contributor, and her attorney is also a liberal activist with a history of dismissing claims of sexual impropriety against Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Al Franken for lacking hard evidence.

Naturally, this has Democrats demanding that Kavanaugh withdraw or his confirmation vote be postponed pending a thorough investigation (although how you can investigate a 36-year-old “he said/she said” allegation with no witnesses or evidence is unclear.)  Some Republicans such as Arizona's Jeff Flake, the GOP’s top Trump critic, said they would withhold their votes, but they might have been planning to do that anyway.  If the investigation can be dragged on long enough, and Democrats can take over the Senate, then Kavauagh’s confirmation can be killed and his career derailed based on an 11th-hour blindside allegation with no evidence.  “Social justice warriors” might celebrate that, but I fail to see how it would represent justice in any form. 

As with all the MeToo allegations, this is a delicate matter.  I never discount out of hand allegations of sexual assault, which should always be treated with the utmost seriousness.  I also try never to let partisanship dictate my responses.  In the cases of both Roy Moore and Al Franken, I said that if they were guilty, they should own up and face the consequences, but if they pleaded innocent, then both deserved due process.  There are good reasons why we have the rule of law, due process protections and statutes of limitations on allegations of crimes for which evidence degrades and memories get fuzzy over time.  In this case, the FBI simply passed the letter on the White House because they recognize that a 36-year-old allegation with no evidence or witnesses would be inadmissible in any court.   

It’s also impossible not to question the motives of Kavanaugh’s opponents, who made it clear that they intended to stop any Trump appointee by any means necessary, even before they knew who that nominee would be. Their hypocritical opportunism couldn’t be on more obvious display if there were a spotlight on it outside Grauman’s Theater:  DNC head Tom Perez, who is righteously demanding a full investigation of Kavanaugh, has had little to say anything about his fellow DNC official and Democratic candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, who is accused of much more recent domestic violence.

At this link, David French lays out the details very well, including why certain people such as Bill Clinton, due to their long histories of questionable sexual behavior, are less deserving of the benefit of the doubt than someone like Brett Kavanaugh, who is accused of behavior as a high school boy that seems completely out of character with the way he’s lived his entire life.


 No denying where Sinema stands

Now, this is an example of how a political figure’s past can come back to haunt them, based on actual proof.  In the Arizona Senate race, Republican Martha McSally is neck-and-neck in the polls with Democratic Rep. Krysten Sinema.  McSally’s campaign had slammed Sinema for her history as an anti-war activist who denigrated US troops in the Middle East as terrorists.  But Sinema’s campaign weathered that by denying it and claiming that while she opposed the war, she's a moderate who has always supported US troops.

That just became a much harder sell after the world’s biggest “permanent record,” the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” that archives long-deleted web pages, yielded some fliers made by an anti-war group run by Sinema in the early 2000s.  It’s the kind of stuff that makes Michael Moore look mealy-mouthed: rants against “Bush and his fascist, imperialist war;” slogans such as “My President Is A Psychopath” and “We Burn Stuff” (written on an American flag); and most disgusting of all, a cartoon of a US soldier as a skeleton with the caption, “You can help us push back U.S. terror in Iraq and the Middle East.”

Sinema’s campaign insists the charges of her not always supporting the troops are false allegations and the issue is settled.  Unfortunately for them, among stuff that doesn’t burn are the records retained forever on the Internet.


 New film

Mark your calendar: the creators of the Internet sensation “Clinton Cash” have a new film coming out called “Trump @ War,” chronicling the media and DC establishment war against the Trump Administration.  This Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST, the Western Journal is hosting a free online showing before it goes to theaters.  But you’ll need an invite code to see it, and at this writing, only 4000 of the 10,000 available are left.  To get yours, and to see the trailer, hurry now to


 Thanks Jimmy!

The RNC should send former Present Jimmy Carter a thank-you card for his in-kind contribution to reelect Republicans.  Speaking at Emory University, Carter issued a blanket condemnation of President Trump, saying he would change every single policy initiated by him.  I’m fairly certain any Democrat would do the same.  So remember, if you want to exchange a booming economy, lots of jobs, national security, improving trade deals and strength against our enemies for the way things were under Jimmy Carter, just vote the Democrats back in.

Incidentally, for all you young people who don’t remember just how popular Jimmy Carter’s policies were with Americans, here’s a little reminder from “The Simpsons.”



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Comments 1-22 of 22

  • Helen Collette Ellenberger

    09/20/2018 09:54 PM

    Hi Mike! Every one of your newsletters are extremely informative and I read them with 'relish'. I wished I had a way with words, as you do, to be able to tell all the people of color, be they black, yellow, red, what will happen to them should they vote for the Democrats this mid-term election. It would place them under the thumb of Democrats/Liberals who will go back to supporting them, tell them what to do, change government so they are dependent on the Democrats/Liberals for every thing. It's like going back to the the Uncle Tom era. It makes me absolutely ill to think that many people, in this great country, don't understand or seem not to, what the Democrats/Liberals are working towards - which is to keep the people of color 'under their thumb'! I know there is a much better way of getting my point across, but am not sure how to do it. I hope you will address this issue soon, as to me, it is alarming! If you already have, please email that newsletter issue! Thank you and God Bless You and Your Patriotism.

  • rodney Burke

    09/19/2018 12:56 PM

    confirm. This is a pathetic delay tactic from someone who KNOWS she is about to be investigated for possible capital charges with that driver she knew very well was a spy. What has DiFi done, how much classified info was leaked to the chinese? We KNOW it's a lie, a stall tactic, Set them aside and vote him in. This charade is old, stale and rotten to the core.

  • Amelia Little

    09/19/2018 03:53 AM

    I believe there are women (and, actually men) who have encountered situations where they are sexually accosted, harassed, or raped. However, it does seem to me (and did so even way back with the start of the me too movement) that the person accused should have his day in court before he is carried out of town on a rail. It does seem, though, that some, like slick willie didn't get run out of town. While there are many accusations that are true, there is also the possiblity that some are not--just people wanting to get on the band wagon. Some things come to mind--like the Lacross team that was falsely accused, and their reputations ruined before the accusation was proven false. Or I have read of several cases where a man spent some years in prison for rape--only for the accuser to later admit she was lying--either about the rape, or about the person doing the raping. Another thing that bothers me is that there are those who feel like they could (and should) accuse a man of sexual harassment if he says "you look good in that blue dress" or "I like your new hair style." Really? Because there are those who will complain that, after all she went through to look so nice, no one mentioned it!!! There are times when men are NOT going to win for losing!!

  • Carolyn Waldrop

    09/18/2018 04:34 PM

    I am appalled and disgusted that the Senate would even CONSIDER holding off the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court over a 36 year old situation that is by all facts shown thus far, NULL & VOID!! What are they going to come up with next, something from grammar school? I WILL BE PRAYING, along with other like minded Christians that this be shown for what it Idiotic last minute attempt to derail this vote for Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court position! I, for one, am totally DISGUSTED AND FED UP WITH OUR CONGRESS!!

  • Elaine Romanias

    09/18/2018 01:33 PM

    Debra Katz's we go again!!!!!

    She is the lawyer representing Christina Ford who will soon testify against Brett Kavanugh at the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Katz is a board member of POGO, a George Soros organization.

    She calls Trump supporters "miscreants". In March 2017, Katz declared via Facebook that, "These people are all miscreants. The term ‘basket of deplorables is far too generous a description."

  • Donna Brendle-Parrish

    09/18/2018 10:02 AM

    I believe the Statue of Limitations has looooong run out. His wife should sue this whoredom-living DemoncRAT professor...30yrs kept trap shut - or maybe she didn't keep it shut - she is another Monica Lewinsky! The #metoo hashtag and 'accusers' allowed new 'meat' to be abused and sexed up BECAUSE they kept quiet - it is STUPID!

    This is coming from me - a LEGAL born &breed 60+Senior female that could destroy several gov. employees due to their actions - but 10yrs, 25yrs, 30yrs and 52yrs ago I said ' the Lord WILL be my vindicater!

    Not confirming Any of Trump's choices is only SPITE and HATE for this Administration - there are Laws against this - EXECUTIVE ORDER is needed - AND PARDON BILL COSBY!

  • McRae F Williams

    09/18/2018 04:14 AM

    Does everyone know what a Bipolar person is like ???? They have their memories all mixed up with other people' stories, things they have seen or read on TV, radio, the computer. The movies or other people's conversations; Their thought waves are arching between different channels of their brain.. They can be incredibly convincing because they believe what they are saying is the truth. She, her husband and her therapist should all be questioned about her past and why she was in therapy with her husband, If she starts to double back or change her story, her mental condition. should be questioned. A Regressed memory can be MANY THINGS ,some fiction. Her Therapist would know.

  • Doris Hickey

    09/18/2018 12:48 AM

    Try not to be shocked over the weekly news events that just come out of the smoke. Now Kavanaugh story that is made up to prevent his being Supreme Court Justice . This story is so unbelievable that the media is trying to say must have a day to allow both to dispute what happened? WHY? See who she is now a Calif. Professor Democrat in a very liberal city Palo Alto and now 36 years later she is traumatized over this party event but not raped. Cover over her swimsuit taken off ? WHAT?
    Becoming tiring the whole media and their attacks daily on The View and no support for Judge Kavanaugh the women is right? WHAT? Sad time for this country and what this liberal side is doing and keeps on reporting that is not the truth? If the voters go for the house for Democrats we all lose and step back to the do nothing time of Pres Obama. Take credit for JOBS and not dare to say how he tore down our military and those booted out? Republicans have to show more of what has been going on show the jobs in the states that went overseas many coming back again. Get out with RV and tour the US like you Gov Huckabee go talk to the religious who backed Pres Trump not per his being any angel but for what he said and is doing on JOBS good paying and why he has went after the trade deficit per what the Chinese have taken over WHY? Show the taxes and what they have done, the businesses that are doing better not per Pres Obama. Immigration legal not illegal and then allow all kinds of drugs that come in to kill our loved ones? Ask why Voters the media has been on this attack what were they to gain? Bezos and his money off Amazon most is made overseas. He is a billionaire and can have his own paper the Washington Post to spout his beliefs and get the writers if you want your job to go his way? Talk about the money of Pres Trump and what he is doing now and how he is so wrong per he is fighting the SWAMP that is not wanting to be fought. WHY VOTERS WHY?

  • Carl Smith

    09/17/2018 10:52 PM

    Most damning statement that can Prove MS Fords statement- She sought medical attention? Some one has a record if it was a Doctors office or a Clinic. No record ? Senator Feinstein HOLDING the info until the last minute just tells me she is culpable in hiding evidence until it became apparent all else had failed.
    If the bathroom was upstairs and she was able to leave UNDETECTED?
    Lawyer might have taken the deposition but I'm not impressed with her intelligence. I could have written a better obfuscation with my eyes closed.

  • Ruth Tiedemann

    09/17/2018 10:29 PM

    I don't have to know any more about Kavanaugh's accuser than the fact that she is a Progressive. That explains everything. I have never met or seen someone who claimed to be a progressive who didn't lie at will and who wasn't willing to cheat, steal or anything else illegal or immoral to accomplish whatever they deemed necessary.

  • Deborah McCallum

    09/17/2018 09:40 PM

    The folks of eastern NC are struggling in a number of ways post Hurricane Florence. Emergency response to victims of flooding is admirable. In non flood areas, power must be restored to businesses and residents ASAP. The focus seems to be on the larger population areas, not the smaller towns and more rural areas. Carteret Counry residents are still without power. Fuel supplies to keep generators running are scarce. Water pumps in rural areas cannot be run on flush toilets, etc. FEMA needs to audit Duke Power to insure all efforts are being made to restore power, not just in Wilmington. All trying to be patient.

  • Amelia Little

    09/17/2018 09:27 PM

    Listening to the news--and, FINALLY an order to declassify text messages. They can cry national security all they want, but the only security at risk is their being exposed. And, hey!! hilary had no problem putting national security at risk with her emails, etc.

    So, with the news about some high school girl who claims sexual harassment (or whatever she is claiming, it seems there is more than one version) from high school Brett Kavanaugh. Now, I don't know if there was an actual incident or not. But--the democrats are going full tilt here. I think they should ask his mother if he ever sassed her--that right there should be grounds to not confirm his nomination!!! And, if this is a true incident, I'm wonder who looked up all his high school classmates and grilled them (perhaps suggesting some sins he might have committed) until they found someone who (might or might not) have "remembered" an incident of some kind. Of course, they could already cross a number of them off the list to question--those who had already spoken out on his character in a positive manner. Which makes me wonder--did they also look for anyone who might have said he was argumentative, or played dirty in sports, etc etc etc? Cuz I haven't heard any of those reports. I do have to laugh about the naysayers who scoff at how quick supporters were able to come up with all those females who have known him, who have worked for him, and with him, who had good things to say about him. I guess that didn't take as long as digging 30+ years ago.

  • Sue Breslin

    09/17/2018 08:32 PM

    Okay, my neighbor and I were sitting in the courtyard, she is a democrat, I am a strong Trump supporter, and we were discussing the Kavanaugh case. FUNNY THING, we BOTH agreed, why wait 38 years to bring it forward now?. No police report was made, and her actions are a bit questionable. And its a he said/she said. So what would the RESULT be? What is she looking for? (Justice, Revenge) The judge does not get confirmed, (which is what the left wants), or you've come to an impasse, and the judge gets confirmed. So what does Ms. blasey-ford want. Her answer would be very foretelling.

  • Robert Ernst

    09/17/2018 08:29 PM

    American politicians are sure going to hell in a handbasket! First GW Bush starts speaking against President Trump. Then Obama stands up and blames everything except creation on the President. And now Carter is adding his voice to the criticism. The question has been asked many times, but so far I don't recall hearing any explainable answers...What has happened to American civility and tradition? These three Presidents had their chance to make America great again, but failed. Just sit down, shut up, and let "The Donald" have his shot. And his efforts seem to be working!

  • Carla Isselmann

    09/17/2018 07:59 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    thank you for explaining th 'fake-news' around Ms. Ford, but it would be totally wrong to let her talk. She is sponsored heavily by communists and nobody needs this treason.
    Why no vote on Thursday?
    And ,again, I wonder why Mr.Larry Klayman is not invited to help president Trump out legally..

    Thanks, Carla

  • John Parker

    09/17/2018 07:37 PM

    You gotta a lot of young readers, Mike? Well, I would tell them this about Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer who proudly served his country in the Navy, an honorable Man, a Sunday School teacher, a Habitat for humanity volunteer. Moral. Honest. God how I long for that, economy and all, compared to this pathetic excuse for an American! REPENT!

  • Stephen Bancroft

    09/17/2018 06:57 PM

    With regard to Kavanaugh's accuser:

    I think someone should be looking into the finances of Dr. Ford. I wonder if she has "miraculously" come into some recent "windfall". Although such a windfall might be hard to discover since if her testimony is being curried with money this might well be carefully hidden so that she wouldn't actually acquire the funds until a later date.

  • Adrian Rehak

    09/17/2018 06:54 PM

    If you have any contact with my Senator Chuck Grassley, please convince him NOT to delay the vote and confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to be the newest Supreme Court Judge. I have written him also. BS delays by the radical left are hurting the United States and costing the taxpayers a fortune as is the phony Mueller investigation.

    Thank you,
    Adrian Rehak


    09/17/2018 06:51 PM

    How about lie detector tests for Kavanaugh & accuser?

  • Michael James Ferris

    09/17/2018 06:50 PM

    The demoncrats have taken clinton's 'Politics of Personal Destruction' to a new low in their attacks on Judge Kavanaugh.
    Sadly, because of their hatred for President Trump, they have not yet bottomed out.
    Michelle Obama claimed that when they go low, we go high. Not true.
    She should have said that when we (democrats) go low, we plan on going lower.

  • John Parker

    09/17/2018 06:48 PM

    Yes. By all means, Bring Mark Judge to testify. But you might want to read Judge's book first where he explains he was a teenage alcoholic. Judge also wrote about his friend " Bart O'Kavanaugh" a fellow underage drunk. Yes, Mark Judge will make an excellent addition to next Monday's hearing which I'm sure you've heard about and welcome. REPENT ,Mike!

  • Peggy Rendleman

    09/17/2018 06:09 PM

    I remember very well the case where an accusation was made against Clarence Thomas when he was nominated for a position on he SCOTUS. What a hassle that was.