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November 22, 2023



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Here is today’s link to Fox News’ continually-updated news on the war in Israel… 

The big story is that Israel and Hamas are reportedly in the final stages of a deal for Hamas to release dozens of hostages (but only women and children) and to call a five-day temporary ceasefire to deliver humanitarian aid into Gaza. May I point out to all the Hamas defenders accusing Israel of genocide that all it took to end the bombing of Gaza was for the bloody terrorists you support to release their hostages. Of course, they still aren’t releasing all of them, which is why the fighting will eventually continue. You want an end to the siege of Gaza? Tell Hamas to release all hostages and surrender. Abracadabra, it’s done.

Whoever put together Maryland’s task force on hate crimes should look for another line of work, after it was revealed that one member, Zainab Chaudry, is an anti-Israel activist and director of the state office of CAIR, and she’s written numerous anti-Semitic social media posts, such as comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and claiming the babies slaughtered by Hamas on October 7th were “fake.”

Speaking of Holocaust deniers, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with the Palestinian culture in Gaza and the West Bank that the IDF reported finding an “extremist anti-Semitic” book being used as part of school curriculums. The book is called “The Big Lie: The burning of 6 million Jews in the gas chambers.” The IDF said, “Under Hamas’ rule, school curriculums promote extremist antisemitic practices -- calling for genocide against the Jewish people. This is another example (of) Hamas’ true ideology -- and another reason for us to dismantle it.” 

Related MUST-READ: Derek Hunter at on the shock among Jewish progressives and reasonable Democrats upon suddenly discovering that they’ve been sharing a Party with some of the most hateful anti-Semites on Earth, and didn’t notice what they really were because up until now, their violent, intolerant tactics weren't criticized because they were aimed at conservatives.

I especially appreciate Hunter's observation that Joe Biden refers incessantly to the evil Nazis at Charlottesville, but when “the Democratic Party’s Jew-hating Brown Shirts have held rallies 100 times larger than Charlottesville in every major American city and college campus,” instead of unequivocally condemning them, “the White House set up a task force to fight Islamophobia, just in case someone develops an attitude against paragliding assassins.”  

Happy Birthday, President Biden

I hope President Biden had a happy 81st birthday on Monday. If he read any of the press about his birthday, I doubt that he did, so I’ll just wish it for him. Usually, a President’s birthday is one of those feel-good, human-interest stories to fill space. But Biden’s entry into the second year of his eighth decade was covered with the kind of stories that make you think of sharks or vultures circling someone who’s doomed. And as this story from Western Journal notes, it’s not just from conservative critics. The negative chatter is coming from Democrat voters, friendly media and even his own inner circle.

Voters are making their concerns known via dreadful poll numbers, including his lowest approval ever in a new NBC News poll, with large numbers expressing doubts that he has the physical and mental stamina to serve a second term. Even a Washington Post reporter noted that “some argue that neither Biden nor his team have effectively communicated a reelection plan, a second-term governing vision or a clear argument against Trump.”

Some of us would argue that he didn’t have what it took to serve a first term, or a first-term governing vision, or a clear argument against Trump other than that he wasn’t Trump; and that was three years ago when he was a spring chicken of 78, but I digress.

This isn’t to say that age is the deciding factor on whether someone can handle the job, but age affects people differently. Mel Brooks is 97, and he just finished co-writing and producing a new series for Hulu. But even those closest to Biden are worried that his age-related difficulties are becoming impossible to deny (not that they don’t keep trying.) 

As that story reports, their method of dealing with it is denial, blaming others for bringing it up, and rather than urging him to retire from the most stressful job in the world, to put him in sturdier shoes and not let him walk very far on camera. Thanks for thinking of what’s best for America, guys.


To put the icing on Biden’s petrified birthday cake, that very same day brought this news:

Trump released a letter from his doctor reporting that his latest physical found that Trump has lost weight, is in “excellent overall health,” and “his cognitive exams were exceptional.” Although to be fair, Biden’s cognitive exams might look okay, too, if he’d ever take any.

However, it might be tough to convince young voters that Biden’s mind is sharp after he made a baffling joke at the Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony in which he seemed to mix up Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. Well, at least he didn’t drop Judy Garland into the mix. And then accuse the turkey of being an insurrectionist.


Bad Birthday Optics for Biden:

If President Biden’s handlers didn’t want people to think about how old he is, they probably shouldn’t have released a photo of him with his birthday cake topped by 81 flaming candles. It lit up the Internet and inspired meme makers with its resemblance to the Chicago fire.


A Threat to Vote Republican

A group of black Chicago residents held a rally outside of Alderman Desmon Yancy to protest the city spending $150 million on taking care of illegal aliens and ignoring the needs of citizens. For instance, homeless Chicagoans are sleeping on the streets while illegals get free hotel rooms.

One protester read this statement: “We’re here to say to black aldermen who were elected by the black citizens of Chicago that we are fed up with your not hearing our stress and our demands but rather do what you want to do to please the Democratic Party.” And in an almost-unheard of, and I’m sure terrifying to Democrats, turn, they even threatened to vote Republican!

I wouldn’t get my hopes up, considering the last Republican mayor of Chicago left office in 1931. But at some point, maybe it will get so bad that blue city voters will "stop the insanity" and quit doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. New Yorkers had to hit rock bottom before they finally elected Rudy Giuliani to save them. He did, they forgot how bad things could get, they voted the Democrats back in, and now they’re at rock bottom again. But miracles can happen. At least, one happened in New York, once…


Trump's gag order

Politico reports that a panel of judges from the DC Court of Appeals heard arguments on former President Trump’s request to significantly narrow the gag order put on him in the criminal trial by special counsel Javert -- oops, sorry, Jack Smith – for challenging the 2020 election and allegedly inciting that “worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined insurrection” on January 6th. They haven’t ruled yet, but in a hopeful sign for Trump, the judges appeared extremely dubious about severely curtailing the free speech of a leading presidential candidate during an election campaign.

One judge asked incredulously, “He has to speak ‘Miss Manners’ while everyone else is throwing targets at him?” She added, “It would be really hard in a debate, when everyone else is going at you full bore. Your attorneys would have to have scripted little things you can say.”

Precisely! And considering that judge is an Obama appointee (!), it’s becoming obvious just how far out over his skis Smith is with his creatively unconstitutional legal warfare.


Helping at Thanksgiving

I know these are very difficult times economically for a lot of people, but with the holidays coming and inflation making food so expensive, food banks are facing high demand and very strained resources. Here’s more info, and you’re able to help, God bless you.

However, if you are in a blue city, you might want to look for a food bank that polices who gets the food. Poor Americans in New York City are being left with no Thanksgiving turkeys, thanks to illegal aliens lining up early at the food banks and snapping them all up. I wonder how many New Yorkers will be giving thanks this year that Joe "Open Borders" Biden is President?



Former US military members who lost their pay and benefits due to the Biden Administration’s COVID vaccine mandates are suing the US government. It’s currently three lawsuits that they plan to turn into a class action suit, they plan to sue for damages in the billions.

Their attorney says that while over 8,000 active duty troops were kicked out of the service, the number of troops and reservists who were negatively affected could be as high as 100,000. If you are among them, read the story and see if you might want to join a class action suit over that outrageous injustice against America’s heroes.

Elon Musk sues Media Matters

You’ve probably heard of the “thermonuclear lawsuit” Elon Musk has filed against Media Matters, a Soros-backed group that claims to be a media watchdog but has actually long been a Democrat Party attack dog. They recently launched an intimidation campaign telling companies that if they advertise on Musk’s platform Twitter (X), their ads will run next to Nazi and white nationalist posts. This has caused IBM, Disney, Apple, Paramount and others to yank their ads.

Musk’s lawsuit says that Media Matters “knowingly and maliciously” manufactured images showing ads next to racist fringe content when “not a single authentic user” saw ads from IBM, Comcast or Oracle next to such content.

Not only is Musk suing but the attorneys general of Texas and Missouri announced that they’re investigating Media Matters for possible fraud for allegedly deceiving the public in an attempt to limit participation in the public square.

But what you might not know is what exactly IS Media Matters? Issues & Insights published a good explanation for how this started, what it’s all about, who Media Matters are and what their true motive is, and it’s not fighting anti-Semitism or Nazism. Their twofold goals are (1.) harming Musk for taking away the left’s Twitter monopoly and bringing back free speech online; and (2.) drawing attention away from all the very real anti-Semites who’ve suddenly made themselves known in the Democrat Party.


Remember When

I’m so old, I remember when liberals used to condemn what they called “eliminationist rhetoric,” and not actually call for their political opponents to be “eliminated” in a public forum.

By the way, if Trump can be prosecuted because someone who allegedly listened to him rioted at the Capitol, why wasn’t Sen. Bernie Sanders charged with conspiracy to commit murder because someone who followed him was inspired to try to kill Rep. Steve Scalise and other Republican House members so that Democrats would get a majority? That seemed like a pretty serious assault on “our democracy” to me.

(Note for the deliberately obtuse: I’m not seriously calling for Bernie Sanders to be indicted for making speeches. I’m just pointing out how ludicrous it is that Trump was indicted for making a speech. Are we clear? Good.)


In Case You Missed It

You likely missed it because it wasn’t so newsworthy then, but last month, Javier Milei gave an interview to Tucker Carlson. That interview just became a lot more newsworthy following Milei’s stunning landslide election as the new President of Argentina. In light of that, everyone should read the advice he had for Americans about the need to fight every day to resist the “siren song of social justice” and to stop the socialist “long term agenda that will destroy everything it touches.” Anyone running a business that doesn’t want to follow the “Get woke, go broke” formula down the toilet should especially read this.

Let's hope 2024 ends this sort of insanity

At Ramapo College of New Jersey, yet another male claiming to “identify” as female switched from the men’s to the women’s swim team and miraculously won first place and set a new record in the 100-yard butterfly. See if you can guess which one “she” is from the team photo. Hint: look for the one who towers over the others.

As usual, the school responded to criticism by ladling out a dollop of pablum about how the school “supports all our student athletes.” Which is a load of manure because if they supported the female athletes, they wouldn’t let male athletes take over their sports and steal their trophies, records and scholarships.

This will only go on as long as the female athletes keep going along with it. Let’s hope that 2024 will bring an end to this insane denial of biological reality, as female athletes finally stand up for themselves and their sports and “Just Say No” to men cheating them out of their rights.




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