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September 14, 2022

The managers of the New York Times are facing a major reporter strike, and I’m sure Republicans are enjoying this a lot more than any woke entertainment products coming out of Hollywood. There’s almost too much liberal hypocrisy to point and laugh at.

As Spencer Brown at reports, the paper actually expects its liberal elitist staff to get past the COVID hysteria and actually show up at the office to work for a whopping three days a week. They are refusing to do this unless they get a hefty raise because they claim that due to high inflation, if they have to pay for things like commuting, lunch out and pants, it will be like taking a pay cut (welcome to the world of every other American suffering under the inflation created by all the Democrats they fervently support.) The Times countered by giving each of them a free NY Times-branded lunch box, but amazingly, that failed to win them over.

Brown’s account of this standoff between spoiled, out-of-touch liberals is both enlightening and entertaining. I especially enjoyed this paragraph:

“The next round of contract negotiations is set for September 14 during which employees — who are refusing to go to work — will hoot and holler about how they ‘can't’ work because of how bad the economy is — due to the policies of the man they feverishly worked to get elected. Maybe if The Times had reported on and confirmed Hunter Biden's laptop-from-hell before the 2020 election they wouldn't be in this mess?" Nor would the rest of us.  

Here’s a riddle for you: If 1300 New York Times reporters decide to stage a strike and refuse to write anything, who wins? Answer: America.

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  • Virginia G. Moore

    09/20/2022 07:47 PM

    Why am I getting your news letters on this page & emails also, that were written last week? I pray you are not ill! I look forward to your emails each evening - it is the only news I like to read anymore.

    Ginny Moore