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April 27, 2022

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Whom have I in heaven but You?

And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.

My flesh and my heart fail;

But God is the [a]strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalm 73:25-26

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Poll Results

Is the use of chemical weapons by Russia in Ukraine enough of a reason for you to establish a no fly-zone over the country? 61% YES 29% UNDECIDED 10% NO

Are we doing enough to help Ukraine? 37% NO 52% YES 11% UNDECIDED

Should the United State take in more Ukrainian refugees? 86% YES 11% NO 3% UNDECIDED

Is the WH learning?

Is it possible that this White House is actually capable of learning? That might explain this headline: “Biden Administration to comply with court order blocking removal of Title 42 border restrictions.”

As I noted yesterday, even Congressional Democrats recognized this move as a disaster waiting to happen, and I said that the White House should take the restraining order as a lifeline and use it as an excuse to reverse its own terrible decision. Looks like maybe they actually are, at least temporarily.

Also worth noting: Can you imagine the media outrage if Trump had openly defied a federal court ruling? Yet it’s headline news when the Biden White House actually obeys one.

Attention Gov. DeSantis

Check out this video from Sarasota, Florida, of a woman being blocked from speaking at a school board meeting and removed by police because a liberal board member claimed she was “about to say” something “horrible” about a member of the school board.

Funny, I feel like saying something horrible about a member of this school board, too.

Sincere wishes for a speedy recovery

My sincere wishes for a speedy recovery to Vice President Kamala Harris, who despite being vaccinated has tested positive for COVID (I know the feeling!) It’s reported that she’s had no contact with President Biden for weeks (which raised some eyebrows in itself), and she’s showing no symptoms, but has been prescribed and is taking Paxlovid.

That news alone stirred controversy, since Paxlovid is in short supply and is supposed to be given only to people who are actually suffering symptoms. Some people complained that those who need it can’t get it, yet they’re giving it to the VP who doesn’t need it. Others suggested that it’s a PR move because the White House is promoting Paxlovid as a “miracle pill.”

I like to point out how all fully-vaxxed high-profile Democrats who get COVID, like Harris, always make a public statement of gratitude for the vaccine, crediting it for them not having severe symptoms – yet so far, not a single one of them has thanked Trump for Operation Warp Speed that developed the vaccine they claimed it wasn’t possible to create so quickly and couldn’t be trusted if it was.

Veto override in Kansas

Tuesday, two-thirds of the Kansas Senate voted to override Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of a bill banning transgender students from girls’ sports as well as a parents’ bill of rights ensuring parents can view and challenge classroom content. It’s unclear whether the House will have the 84 votes needed to override the veto, since they were 10 votes short of a veto-proof majority when they passed it earlier this month.

Any House members who support the veto might want to consider how big a veto-proof majority the Republicans will have after they’re kicked out of office in November.

Republicans are nuts...

With the coming midterm elections looming over the Democrats like the shadow of the guillotine, and no hoped-for rebounds in their poll numbers (too bad they don’t believe in prayer), some of their “strategists” are desperately grasping at any argument for reelecting them. But this has to be the one that will provoke the most spit-takes:

They want to tell voters that they can’t vote for Republicans because we’re a bunch of weirdos who have no policies and just want power. Talk about accusing people of being what you are yourself! Here’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren trying to inflate this leaky trial balloon…

And Matt Vespa at has the scoop on longtime party adviser James Carville trying to smear Republicans as “odd ducks,” “really crazy people,” “weird” and “not normal.” It’s even funnier if you imagine it coming out of James Carville’s mouth.

To try to back up this baffling charge, Carville cites some fringe nonsense that I’ll wager most of you have never heard of. The most famous is “Q-Anon,” an obsession with the Democrats that they love to imply we’re all part of. The first time they made that accusation, I had to Google Q-Anon. I’m a Republican who keeps up with the news for a living, and I’d never even heard of it.

But if that's the hill they want to die on, I’m here to help! Here are some more suggestions for ways that the Democrats can try to convince voters that we Republicans are crazy, wacka-doodle weirdos. Yes, we’re nuts because we…

* Think kindergarteners through third-graders should be learning about letters and numbers instead of bisexuality and puberty blockers.

* Think a criminal’s place is in jail instead of on the streets, in your home or in your car window with a gun to your head.

* Actually think that free speech is an essential element of democracy and not a danger to it.

* Think that churches are more essential to communities than liquor stores and strip clubs.

* Define “terrorists” as being like those people caught crossing our border who were on the terrorist watch list, and not parents who speak up at school board meetings against their kids being turned into America-hating racists.

* Don’t believe in the concept of a “mostly peaceful” riot.

* Think that parents should decide how their own children are educated, and not the government, radical left teachers' unions or Mickey Mouse.

* Actually believe that there are only two sexes; and that men shouldn’t compete against women in sports, invade their bathrooms and locker rooms, or be housed in women’s prisons, even if they do wear dresses.

* Don’t understand why we’re spending millions to support Ukraine’s right to defend its border from invasion while leaving our own wide open.

* Think that when you take out a loan, you should pay it back.

* Oppose removing all restrictions on abortion, like 75% of Americans do.

* Don’t see how it helps the climate to shut down our own oil and gas industries, then beg our enemies to sell us dirtier oil and gas.

* Are against borrowing another $5 trillion from our grandkids when we’ve already put them $30 trillion into debt.

* Believe that sidewalks are for walking on; not sleeping, shooting up or defecating on.

I could go on and on, but this should get you started. Now, you Democrats be sure to tell the voters what crazy weirdos we Republicans are for believing all that, and I’m sure it will get you exactly what you deserve in November.

Spinning in his grave

Ever since the Disney Corporation waded into radical leftist politics and LBGBQ activism and started trying to dictate what laws Florida could pass, a lot of people have repeated the words, “Walt must be spinning in his grave.” Well, Cal Thomas decided to do a little research and find out precisely what Walt Disney’s political views were and what he thought about using his entertainment products to push political agendas.

Spoiler alert: Walt must be spinning in his grave.

Related: Our own pop culture guru Pat Reeder has listed some family-friendly alternatives to Disney and other woke brainwashing children’s entertainment, but here is another list for parents to explore.

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