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October 11, 2022

I said about Kanye (“Ye”) West’s interview with Tucker Carlson that he was an interesting combination of ideas about which his head was screwed on straight and ideas that are really out there. The “out there” stuff has gotten him banned from Twitter and Instagram for posts deemed anti-Semitic.

However, it looks as if his Twitter ban may be short-lived, thanks to Elon Musk.

Normally, I don’t comment on show business stories, but this one touches on political and social issues beyond the music world. So I’ll say this about it:

I have no interest in defending what West posted. I despise anti-Semitism and think anyone who espouses it should be strongly repudiated, and I’m glad to see it getting negative attention. However, I’m also seeing a disturbing trend of anti-Semitism rising in America on the left. The media continue to ignore or downplay this hateful anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric. Here are just a few recent examples. They include liberal universities pushing “Jew-free” zones, teachers’ unions helping anti-Semitism get a foothold in elementary schools, liberal politicians mocking Jewish politicians’ names, and a New York Times Middle East reporter whose social media posts called for killing and burning Jews like Hitler did (the Times did cut ties with him.)

And that’s not to mention the rising number of assaults on Jews in our cities and some of the anti-Semitic tripe we get from current Congress members, like Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilham Omar, who are both still on Twitter.

Why won’t the media react with the same swiftness to these outrages that carry real weight as they did to Kanye West’s loopy tweets? I can’t help suspecting that they’re really less concerned with the bad things he said about Jews than about the negative things he said about BLM and the good things he said about Christianity. I’m glad to see some pushback against anti-Semitism, but let’s make it a general, society-wide pushback against all anti-Semites and not just a selective political tool.   

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