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September 22, 2023



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Mike Huckabee

The Poverty Rate increases

It’s ironically appropriate that the Biden Administration’s plan to gaslight Americans into believing that Bidenomics is working is running out of gas. Along with all the other economic hardships that they’re trying to convince us we’re not really feeling comes this devastating new report from ABC News:

According to the SPM (Supplemental Poverty Measure), in 2022, the poverty rate in America was 12.4%, a leap of 4.6% from 2021. In that same period, the poverty rate among children more than doubled, from 5.2% to 12.4%. Those are not only huge increases, they’re the first increases in the poverty rate in the US in 13 years.

As Matt Margolis writes at PJ Media, this is because of several factors, including inflation, but especially because all the expensive government pandemic relief programs ran out. And while Biden will try to blame Republicans for not renewing them, Democrats controlled both Congress and the White House in 2021. In short, the only thing keeping Americans out of poverty was massive government handouts that have now ballooned the national debt to over $33 trillion.

Besides, if Bidenomics, which could most accurately be described as open borders, high taxes, massive regulations and insane levels of federal spending, actually created all those “good-paying jobs” that Biden claims it does, Americans wouldn’t need massive government handouts to stay above the poverty line.

Margolis sums it up perfectly when he writes, “Joe Biden appears determined to take credit for a good economy that doesn’t exist while blaming Republicans for the bad economy he created.”

Missing fighter is found

The Pentagon finally found that missing F-35 stealth jet. After the pilot ejected safely, it eventually crashed in rural Williamsburg County, South Carolina.

There are still many questions to be answered, but at least the taxpayers did get something for the $100 million that this embarrassing crash cost them. That’s the solid gold entertainment and endless meme material provided by 72-year-old Randolph White, who was shaving when the crash shook his house. He described it to the media in star-making fashion, complete with sound effects. If this man were Biden’s Press Secretary, White House press conferences might actually be worth watching.

Kurt Schlichter also weighed in on that missing stealth fighter, along with a lot of other things that have turned America into a laughing stock. Only Kurt could be this funny while describing a situation that he admits is absolutely not funny.

Unprecedented Trump gains, cause Biden White House to panic

Some new polls show that Donald Trump is making unprecedented gains with minority voters, who might remember when he was President, and their wages were rising above inflation while the border was secure and millions of illegal immigrants weren’t pouring in to take their jobs. This reportedly has the Democrats in panic mode, so the Biden campaign, the DNC and various leftist PACs are pouring millions into advertising to try to convince Latino voters that Biden has made their lives better.

Yes, if you’re a family-oriented Catholic (i.e., a “domestic terrorist”) who is pro-life (i.e., a “domestic terrorist”) and who is from a family that followed the rules to come to America legally (i.e., a “sucker”), I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to support Joe Biden’s reelection.

Fighting back

Over the past couple of years, there has been a once-unthinkable rise in acceptance of using our children as lab rats, pumping them full of dangerous hormones to stop their natural body processes and disfiguring them with unnecessary surgery, all under the misnomer of “gender affirming care.” The four legs of the platform that this quackery is built upon are radical “trans” activists; intimidated medical organizations; pandering leftist politicians, school officials and media figures; and greedy medical providers who smell a lifetime of lucrative follow-up care because the human body will forever keep trying to reject these unnatural alterations.

Well, there’s finally some good news: that fourth leg, the greedy medical providers, might be about to get kicked out from under the platform. Let's hope it makes the whole thing come a-tumbling down.

As Stephen Green of PJ Media writes, some of these children who were given drugs and surgery instead of the counseling they needed are getting old enough to file lawsuits against the adults who had a responsibility to protect them from their immature, uninformed decisions based on misleading propaganda. A young woman who was given a “gender-affirming” double mastectomy in 2018 and years of testosterone treatments that may have left her unable to have children is suing the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska Medicine, and three doctors for “negligence and lack of informed consent.”

She claims that due to her troubled background as a child of divorce, she suffered depression and anxiety disorder that left her vulnerable to grooming and being “swept up in a social contagion” of transgenderism. Her parents were given the usual banana oil about how this was an easy solution to her emotional problems and that she’d commit suicide if they didn’t let her be drugged and disfigured, while she wasn’t informed of the potential negative side effects.

She was only 15 and incapable of understanding the ramifications. As I like to remind people, even the blue state of New York bans tattoos for minors because they’re not capable of understanding the consequences of permanently altering their bodies, but somehow, it’s okay to castrate them and chop off their breasts. The doctors she’s suing failed in their primary duty to protect a child from her own poor decisions. Remember that archaic Hippocratic Oath stuff about “First, do no harm”? It’s literally the FIRST duty of doctors.

I wish her the best of luck with her lawsuit, and I hope she wins big and it’s followed by many more. It’s sad to think, but maybe taking the profit out of child abuse will be the one thing that will stop it.

Related: About those puberty-blockers that we’ve been told were life-savers that are completely safe and reversible with no negative side effects… That extremely influential claim was based on a 2011 UK study by the University College London Hospitals (UCLH) and the Tavistock Centre’s Gender Identity Development Service. However, a new analysis of that study found that in reality, only 29% of children saw improvements in mental health after being put on them. 36% saw no difference, while the mental health of 34% of recipients deteriorated. That’s the problem with this whole issue: reality keeps getting in the way.

A Democrat DA sues a Democrat-led city government

I never thought I’d be rooting for lawsuits, but now, I’m cheering on two in one day. Maybe because the courts seem to be the only government spaces left where citizens can still get any protection of their rights (if they draw the right judges and courts, at least.)

In another case that I hope is the harbinger of a trend, Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho, who is a Democrat, is suing the Democrat-led city government for allowing, creating and enabling a homelessness public safety crisis that has created “Third World” conditions and put the community at a “breaking point.” Ho says that over the last seven years, the homeless population has increased by 250%, worse than in San Francisco, while the government has refused to enforce laws against unlawful camping, sidewalk obstruction and storage. Well, except at City Hall: they don’t allow camping there during the daytime. Ho said, “I ask the city to extend the same protection they give to themselves to the rest of us." Ha! Good luck with that!

Naturally, expecting Democrat city leaders to put up with the same horrors they force on the citizenry isn’t going over too keenly with them. They called Ho’s lawsuit “frivolous” and “a distraction,” and said he should be working with them (although, obviously, working with them hasn’t worked out too well.) And naturally, homeless advocates are accusing him of attacking the homeless for wanting the laws enforced.

Again, I wish him well with the lawsuit. I’d love to see a huge wave of lawsuits for dereliction of duty filed by citizens against blue city leaders across America who have turned our once-great cities into crime-ridden sewers. Although ideally, it would be cheaper, easier and more effective if they’d just stop reelecting them.

Roger Whittaker RIP

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

I’m sad to have to report that internationally-known folk singer Roger Whittaker has died at 81. A statement appeared on his website saying that on September 13th, “he left us in peace in the presence of his family.” They requested privacy while they grieve and wrote that “Roger was an iconic artist, a wonderful husband and father. He touched so many hearts with his music during his lifetime and will always live on in our memories.”

Whittaker’s deep, smooth croon, comparable to Don Williams or Jim Reeves, and (unusual for an artist past the pre-swing era) expert whistling ability led to a long, successful recording career and so many albums that he released 25 in German alone (when he first started, he couldn’t speak German and had to sing them phonetically.) He landed six albums on the Billboard US Top 200. His best-known singles included “Durham Town (The Leaving),” “New World in the Morning” and “I Don’t Believe in If Anymore.” His biggest hit, “The Last Farewell” topped the A/C charts, reached #19 on the Hot 100 and sold 11 million copies worldwide.

Many Americans first became aware of him when his music appeared on one of those compilation albums that was advertised constantly on late night TV, a sales tactic that also boosted the careers of such unlikely stars as Slim Whitman, whose singing voice sometimes sounded as if he were whistling. Whittaker’s music was successful all over the world (he even had a hit in Finland called “The Finnish Whistler”), but I assume most Americans must’ve thought he was British or Canadian. He was actually born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He retired to France with his wife in 2012. RIP.

Ophelia warning

As of this writing early on Friday morning, a tropical storm is about 300 miles off the coast of the Carolinas and could bring high winds, heavy rain and life-threatening storm surges to the East Coast. If you are in its path, please prepare, keep yourself and your animals safe, and watch the weather news closely.

Senator Bob Menendez is indicted

New Jersey Democrat Senator and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez and his wife Nadine were indicted Friday morning on federal bribery charges in the Southern District of New York. And unlike a lot of indictments against political figures we've heard lately, this one involves actual crimes.

The indictment alleges that they took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes in exchange for Menendez using his influence to enrich several New Jersey businessmen and help the Egyptian government. The bribes allegedly came in the form of cash, jewelry, pay for a no-show job, use of a luxury apartment and a Mercedes-Benz, and the part I bet you’ll find most intriguing, up to $400,000 worth of gold bars. I can’t think of a better illustration of a corrupt Senator than someone literally weighed down by having his pockets full of bars of gold.

Some commentators don’t know how seriously to take this. Menendez is famous for being able to wriggle out of scandals, and this is his second indictment since he took office in 2006. Some critics say it’s just AG Merrick Garland trying to reduce the heat over his agency’s partisan prosecutions by indicting a low-hanging-fruit Democrat. Then again, the grand jury has supposedly been investigating these allegations for over a year. I look forward to learning more when the details are released. I wonder if they have receipts that show he paid for lunch in the Senate cafeteria with gold bars?

Incidentally, for those who think the indictments against Trump mean he’ll be convicted and never be elected again, this write-up of the Menendez story from ends with a recounting of 13 Senators who were indicted, many of whom got acquitted or had hung juries, or had their convictions overturned and ended up serving out their full terms and even getting reelected. Menendez is one of those.

When Borders Fall

By Colonel Ken Allard

Comrades, you have asked me to tell you how America lost control of its own borders, ushering in possibilities only dreamed of by previous generations of revolutionaries. In his masterwork Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky and his leading disciples – Cesar Chavez, Tom Hayden and Barack Obama – demonstrated that community organization could transform cultural Marxism from airy-fairy theory into hard-edged reality. Of course, none of that would have been possible without the willing cooperation of the American media and their academic accomplices – fed, fattened and nurtured by tenure and non-white privilege! How wonderfully ironic that these national megaphones grew louder and ever more powerful once freed from traditional opiates like “spiritual values” or “academic objectivity.” Neither parents nor state legislatures complained about increased tuition as newly hired legions of academic administrators created campus reserves of political correctness.

Career advancement in either profession simply became a matter of racial or ethnic credentialing - combined of course with the aggressive use of opportunities. For example, when poor George Floyd met his untimely end, radicals from coast to coast instantly seized upon the priceless openings gifted them by a corrupt and racist system. So great was popular outrage that target lists exceeded even the wildest expectations. It was easy enough to persuade former Southern capitals to remove statues of Confederate generals that had long fueled resentment: But American youth had been taught such paltry amounts of actual history that their outrage came to include Union heroes like General Ulysses Grant! It was thus a small step to conclude that the real underlying culprit was American history itself: So why not include the Founding Fathers and even racist explorers/exploiters like Christopher Coumbus? On July 4th 2020, hard by Baltimore’s Little Italy, a revered statue of the Great Navigator was reduced to fragments, which were promptly thrown into the filthy waters of the Inner Harbor!

So what, you might ask? How could a little overdue civic redecoration possibly affect the larger revolutionary agenda?  Forgive my bluntness, comrades, if I suggest that maybe you aren’t up-to-date in your readings of Saul Alinsky! Or possibly you have never even realized that cultural Marxism is still Marxism! Haven’t you noticed that a country which turns against its own history and destroys once-cherished statues will also ignore its own borders? While occasionally commemorating border-driven events like the 911 attacks, these sentimental outcroppings were far less significant than the studied indifference with which most Americans typically regard their own security. As card-carrying historical illiterates, hardly anyone remembers that Rome fell primarily because young Romans were no longer dispatched to defend their borders against foreign incursion.

But so much the better for us because our disciples quickly seized opportunities that patient preparation has a way of providing. The evidence: Barack Obama is finally receiving his long overdue recognition as “America’s Lenin,” setting up Joe Biden as his overt “successor” while he quietly continued to rule from the shadows. On his first day in office, Comrade Joe suspended virtually all the border policies of the imperious Donald Trump – to nearly universal applause. The news media featured photographs of immigrants sporting signs pleading for Biden-Harris to let them enter the country. When they did, the Border Patrol and ICE were instantly transformed into travel agencies, a neon welcome sign the entire Third World understood.

This initial conditioning period lasted for the first two years of the alleged Biden administration while the new immigrants infiltrated virtually every American community with astoundingly small opposition. Who cared if Texans complained or made empty gestures instantly dismissed by the media elites as “political stunts?” Our side now knew everything: the borders were irretrievably open; and Americans had lost their will to fight. When we knew beyond any doubt that the few remaining thousands of American border agents were mere speed bumps to the millions we had ready and waiting, orders were quickly given. As the immigrant trains headed north, any conductors or Federales unwise enough to slow down were instantly dealt with.

We saw only the immigrant armies of the proletariat heading inevitably toward the new manifest destiny Marx, Alinsky and their latter-day apostles foresaw long ago. You see, gringo, that ancient history from the Old West to the Book of Joshua feels entirely different when someone else applies it to you. So why are you complaining: Don’t you like it when the little guy turns the tables and wins one for a change? Si, nosotros tambien! (Yeah, us too!)

Colonel (Ret.) Ken Allard is a former West Point professor, Dean of the National War College and NBC News on-air military analyst. He still treasures his Cold War roots.

“Elvis...has...left the building!”

I speak of Elvis Chan, the FBI agent who was scheduled to speak before the House Judiciary Committee on September 15.  Actually, we don’t know if he even got to the building.  That interview reportedly “fell through.”

(NOTE:  News writers tend to use vague expressions such as “fell through” when they can’t or don’t want to give the pertinent details.  Phrases like this are easy for other news outlets to pick up and run with.  Another example:  Hunter Biden’s “sweetheart” plea deal “fell apart.”  That deal didn’t just “fall apart” on its own.  The same goes for Elvis Chan’s interview “falling through.”  We’ll get to the details of what happened.)

You might remember Chan from the “Twitter Files” stories as the assistant special agent in charge at the San Francisco field office who was particularly involved in social media censorship ahead of the 2020 election.  The Judiciary Committee wanted to depose him about his role on the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF), which pressured social media companies to censor online speech.  Even without his testimony, though, we can still understand a lot about the role he played from his emails and texts.

The September 15 interview was derailed because of a dispute between Judiciary Committee investigators and the DOJ.  So here’s the quick explanation of why the interview “fell apart,” according to the DAILY CALLER:  The DOJ had informed Chan that he had the option of being represented by either his personal counsel or an attorney for the DOJ.  But the DOJ brought a staff attorney for him, and that’s when the interview “fell apart.”

The DOJ, it may be presumed, did NOT want Chan testifying before the committee, because that’s the way they’ve behaved in stonewalling the committee’s requests.  The committee says now, on X, that “No amount of lies and excuses will stop the Committee from deposing FBI Agent Elvis Chan.  The American people deserve to know the full truth about the Biden censorship regime.  And they will.”

Chan has testified before, in November 2022 in the censorship lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, Missouri v. Biden.  That important lawsuit has been equal to the “Twitter Files” in unearthing deep state misconduct regarding the censorship of private companies.  We’ve learned that the FBI had weekly meetings with social media companies, demanded takedowns of specific accounts, and facilitated the suppression of stories they wanted out of the public conversation.

As described in AMERICAN GREATNESS, “Chan testified that the platforms became far more aggressive in removing alleged ‘misinformation’ during the 2020 election cycle than in previous election cycles, and they have remained so.”  With an election coming up in next year, the need to free-up the flow of information is urgent and under massive threat.

But Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan of Ohio said that Chan appeared to have lied, as internal Facebook documents show that he’d had more meetings with Facebook than he’d let on.  Jordan had the Facebook messages to prove that.  And apparently, when he was asked whether or not the Hunter Biden laptop was real, he told them “No comment,” when the FBI has known good and well that the laptop is real since at least early 2020, probably late 2019. 

When Chan failed to appear for his scheduled hearing on September 15, the House Judiciary Committee immediately fired off a subpoena compelling him to testify before the committee next month.  Jordan went public with some of what the committee already knew, such as the fact that Chan and Laura Dehmlow, section chief of the Foreign Influence Task Force, met with Facebook reps on October 14, 2020, which happened to be the SAME DAY Miranda Devine’s Hunter Biden laptop story appeared in the NEW YORK POST.  (What are the odds?)  Dehmlow and other FBI agents also spoke with Twitter executives by phone.

Dehmlow has been deposed, and she testified that when someone at Twitter asked if the laptop was authentic, one of the FBI agents on the call confirmed that it was, but another agent jumped in to cut him off and say, “no further comment.”  And from then on, the FBI’s standard answer was “no comment,” even though they’d known for about a year that it was real.

In his Missouri v. Biden testimony, Chan answered “no” when asked if he knew about any other communications between Facebook and the FBI regarding the laptop story.  But this contradicts an internal Facebook document that shows Chan took part in a follow-up phone call the very next day.  “COMPLETELY FALSE,” Jordan wrote on Twitter of his testimony.

The Judiciary Committee has been trying to interview Chan and other agents since this Congress convened in January 2021, when they sent a letter to the FBI instructing them to make these individuals available for interviews.  They got no response.  They wrote another letter in November 2022 and got no response, and another in January 2023 and got no response.  The FBI claims they didn’t know about their request until March of 2023.  In case there’s anyone left who still believes anything the FBI says, the committee has copies of the letters they sent.

The AMERICAN GREATNESS story explains in more detail how the meeting with Chan “fell apart.”  Witnesses who don’t already have personal counsel are allowed to appear before the Judiciary Committee with agency counsel to avoid the financial burden of hiring a lawyer.  But according to agency protocol, the witness may appear with either personal counsel OR agency counsel --- not both.

Chan had his own personal counsel to be inside the hearing room with him.  The FBI knew about the protocol for two weeks before Chan’s hearing but said nothing.  Then, “65 hours before the scheduled deposition,” the FBI demanded that an exception be made so Chan could appear with both personal and agency attorneys in the room.  (Obviously, they wanted their own attorneys in the room and Chan wasn’t going to give up his.)  They were back and forth on this for two days, and less than 90 minutes before the deposition was to begin, the FBI and DOJ tried to force the Committee’s hand and enter the hearing room with their own attorneys but the Committee would not allow it.  As for Chan, he did not show up.

So, with his deposition coming up next month, where is Elvis Chan now?

“Elvis...has...left the country!”

RELATED READING:  And now, a third IRS official says the ‘Justice’ Department blocked U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s authority to charge Hunter Biden in his tax/finance case.  This new whistleblower has come forward by name:  IRS Director of Field Operations Michael Batdorf.  He went to the House Ways and Means Committee on September 12.

Details and a link to the transcript of his interview are here…


I’m not even going to describe the latest gender insanity that the elite liberal arts college Colgate University is inflicting on students. I’d rather you go here and read it than that I have to recap it.

But I will add that tuition, room and board at that school runs about $84,000 per year. As a parent and grandparent, I can think of better uses for $84,000, like using it to light my barbecue grill.


The Russell Brand Story

British comedian-turned-anti-establishment podcaster Russell Brand has quickly become the center of a rising pushback against cancel culture. Brand was hit by disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct, including rape, from over a decade ago, when he’s admitted he was promiscuous and struggling with addiction. To be clear, the charges should be treated seriously, and if proven, should carry harsh consequences. But he adamantly denies that he ever did anything that wasn’t consensual. The allegations are mostly anonymous and were brought by a British TV show. Despite there so far being no charges filed, no evidence presented and no convictions, Brand was immediately dropped by his agent, demonetized by YouTube and had his publishing and comedy tour contracts canceled.

But there are welcome signs that people are finally starting to fight back against cancel culture, trial-by-Internet and guilty-until-proven-innocent. The TV show got over 130 complaint calls from viewers about the show’s unfairness. One former girlfriend of Brand’s claimed she was contacted but when she said only positive things about him, she was cut out of the show and told her story didn’t fit their narrative. Even MeToo founder Rose McGowen spoke out against the "concerted effort" to destroy Brand based on anonymous allegations and questioned whether justice for the victims was the true motive.

A few of us, including Greg Gutfeld, are speaking up, not to defend Brand’s behavior because we don’t know if he’s guilty or not, but to defend his right to the presumption of innocence and not having his career destroyed by as-yet unproven allegations. 

But perhaps the biggest shot across the bow of the SS Cancel Culture was fired by the free speech video platform Rumble. They received a letter from British Parliament Member Dame Caroline Dinenage, reading, “We would be grateful if you could confirm whether Mr. Brand is able to monetize his content, including his videos relating to the serious accusations against him. If so, we would like to know whether Rumble intends to join YouTube in suspending Mr. Brand’s ability to earn money on the platform. We would also like to know what Rumble is doing to ensure that creators are not able to use the platform to undermine the welfare of victims of inappropriate and potentially illegal behaviour.” The “or else” was implied.

As to what business it is of a government official to ensure that someone is demonetized by a private video platform due to unproven allegations that have nothing to do with any of the content of his videos, I cannot say. But this inflamed suspicions that the sudden blasting of Brand over anonymous allegations from a decade ago might have more to do with his current status as a leading critic of the government and Big Pharma than his alleged sex crimes.

I won't quote the letter that Rumble sent back to her because I want you to go to that link above and read it in its entirety. It might be the best American response to a British tyrant since the Declaration of Independence.

A Joke

“Homeland Security” Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that 472,000 Venezuelans who are in the US illegally will be granted temporary protected status and work authorization. This is in addition to 242,700 Venezuelans who are already benefiting from TPS. That makes a total of about three-quarters of a million illegal aliens from one country alone who are now immune from deportation and allowed to compete with Americans for jobs.

In the worst impression of a tough immigration enforcer in history, Mayorkas added that it is “critical that Venezuelans understand that those who have arrived here after July 31, 2023, are not eligible for such protection, and instead will be removed when they are found to not have a legal basis to stay.”

Reminds me of the old joke about drawing a line in the sand, and warning that if anyone steps over it, you’ll draw another line. The Border Patrol doesn’t find it funny: they’re bracing for a fresh onslaught of illegal entrants from Venezuela, anticipating that if they get into the US, the rule will just be expanded next year to include them. It’s amazing how Venezuelan illegal immigrants understand this Administration so much better than the American media companies that cover it every day.

And if you think that story is bad, it’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Related: Brian Kilmeade of Fox News has a perfect description of Biden Press Secretary Katrine Jean-Pierre’s claims about Biden’s border security policies: “The most worthless series of sentences I could imagine.”

Struck down

A federal court in Louisiana struck down the Biden Administration’s attempt to put last-minute restrictions on an offshore oil and gas lease.

The judge found that not only would the restrictions cause substantial costs to the oil companies, but he slammed the Biden Administration for attempting to "provide scientific justification to a political reassessment of offshore drilling." He also ruled that the Administration's process looked "more like a weaponization of the Endangered Species Act than the collaborative, reasoned approach prescribed by the applicable laws and regulations."

The Biden Administration claimed it was following the law when it was really just playing politics? Why, it’s unprecedented!


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  • stephen russell

    09/24/2023 04:22 PM

    Biden & NJ Bob:
    Both have these in common:
    Both Senators
    Both Dems
    BOTH Corrupt
    sold secrets
    Abuse office
    Rich from selling secrets to enemies
    My question is
    Will NJ Bob be the fall guy & or can Both get prosecution?
    Like to see Dems react on this alone if 1 is found Guilty
    Or will they hit Guilty

  • Bruce Obermeyer

    09/22/2023 07:57 PM

    While flying a combat mission during the Vietnam war, I once had to duck **INTO** A THUNDERSTORM in my World War II era DC-3/EC-47 near Tchepone, Laos to break radar lock from a North Vietnamese radar controlled 57 MM AAA site, yet the F-35 pilot EJECTED from a state-of-the-art $100 Million jet because of some "bad weather?" Heaven help us if we have to depend on
    Scaredy cats like that one in a war.

  • Stephen Russell

    09/22/2023 03:44 PM

    F35 issues:
    Pilot Indoc
    ( see JAG episodes of missing F14s , one to Cuba to power generator, other for Patriots group)