August 23, 2019

My website has a loose affiliation with Western Journal, and yesterday, the New York Times (Unofficial Motto: “Lying for the Left Since 1932” - ) ran a hit piece on WJ that was remarkably one-sided, inaccurate and misleading, even by current Times “fake news” standards.  At the link is a detailed rebuttal to the Times smear by WJ managing editor George Upper.

(For the record, note that this is the same icon of journalistic integrity and objectivity that this week published an op-ed accusing President Trump of anti-Semitism and the very next day was scrambling to do damage control from the revelation of years of anti-Semitic and racist Twitter tweets by its own politics editor:   And remember, as Charles Glasser noted at Instapundit, all those sanctimonious liberal editors and writers at the Times, the ones who now slander all of American history as racist, worked with this guy for years and never said a thing about this.)

I’d also add that while the Times falsely accuses WJ of selectively choosing only facts that support a misleading narrative (was the Times writer gazing in the mirror as he wrote that?), that’s not only not true of WJ, it’s certainly not true of this site.  We may link to certain preferred conservative sites for more information, but rest assured, those are not the only sources we read.

I have some trusted writer/researchers who’ve worked with me and on other services for years. While I make no bones about presenting my personal opinions, not straight news, they insure that my opinions are based on a full understanding of the issues by checking out a variety of sources across the political spectrum.  We have a few ironclad rules, such as: never accept any partisan claim on face value without hunting up the other side’s response or any mitigating circumstances…and never use a quote that is what someone said someone else said (this is what the left’s entire “Trump is a racist” narrative is based on.)  All quotes must be tracked down to the original source and read in full and in context before we cite them.  

I don’t mind having a lot of people on Twitter shout names at me from their moms’ basements, but I won’t have anyone accusing me of playing fast and loose with the facts.  In that regard, my little newsletter has higher journalistic standards than the New York Times.  In fact, when someone takes issue with what I write by calling me a nasty name instead of citing any facts I got wrong, I simply consider it an admission that they’ve got nothin’ else.  

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  • william fuhrer

    08/24/2019 07:52 AM

    Communist used to belong to a Party and carry cards. Socialists are coming out of the closet. Why don't both use the adjective ATHEISTIC Communist and ATHEISTIC Socialists. So voters know that neither believe in the 10 commandments and truth and laws

  • Jennene Reagor

    08/23/2019 03:36 PM

    Wish this could be shared to the 18 Pro-Trump groups I am in.