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March 26, 2024

I hope you had as good a night’s sleep as New York Attorney General Letitia James had a bad one. Just like Wile E. Coyote seeing the Roadrunner peel out and leave her in the dust yet again, she was all set to seize Donald Trump’s properties Monday when the appellate court conked her with an Acme brand mallet.

The appellate court reduced the outrageous $454 million bond he’d been ordered to put up to appeal his real estate fraud conviction to $175 million, and extended the deadline by ten days. It’s still an outrageous amount as well as a violation of due process rights that anyone should have to put up any amount of money to appeal what they believe to be an incorrect verdict. Still, for Trump, it’s much more affordable. When asked what he would use for collateral, he shot back, “Cash.” That was another figurative mallet whack on James’ noggin.

Right on cue, the leftist media had epic meltdowns at the news that their attempts to destroy Trump by politicizing the court system were hitting the rocks once they got out of the biased lower courts and reached the appellate stage, which I have predicted since day one.

Perhaps the most hilarious response came from Democrats complaining that Trump is benefitting from a “two-tier justice system.” This is rich, coming from the party of Hunter and Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and the “peaceful protesters” of Antifa and BLM. They prefer a one-tier justice system, where Trump and his supporters are always found guilty and have no constitutional rights.

Pouring some salt into those liberal wounds was news that on the very day that Letitia James was salivating to dismantle Trump’s business empire, the merger process was finalized to take Trump’s social media platform Truth Social public on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the taunting stock abbreviation, “DJT.”

Since Trump owns 58% of the company, this will make his share of it worth a minimum of $3 billion, although under the law, he’s not allowed to sell any of it for six months. But this will boost his wealth to an estimated $6.4 billion, making him one of the world’s 500 richest people.

I don’t know if Trump is brilliant or incredibly lucky or both, or if he just benefited from the inalterable cosmic rule that Joe Biden is always wrong about everything. Biden had recently tried attaching a mocking nickname to Trump, dubbing him “Broke Don” because of all the massive fines he’s facing. It was a petty and vindictive move, but also counter-productive. Perverting the legal system to try to bankrupt your political opponent and then mocking him for not having money doesn’t exactly engender a lot of good will. It made him look like a nasty tyrant. And now, he just looks stupid.

By the way, if Joe Biden thinks someone is “broke” just because he can’t come up with $454 million in cash in two weeks, then I guess the influence-peddling business must be even more lucrative than I thought it was.

News as delicious as Trump getting a last-minute reprieve while becoming even richer can only be made more enjoyable by adding the Babylon Bee’s take on it.

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