February 17, 2021

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Mike Huckabee





By Mike Huckabee

President Biden has yet to offer a coherent reason for killing the Keystone Pipeline project and all the jobs it created, other than “Everything Trump did BAD!” Even the claim that it will help the environment fell apart after a study showed that the oil will still have to be transported to the refineries by diesel trains, so we’ll be adding pollution equivalent to nearly 150,000 cars instead of it flowing through a carbon-neutral pipeline.

But if you think killing the Keystone Pipeline was a dumb idea, hold the phone: Biden is now coming under pressure from Hollywood celebrities to cancel the Dakota Access Pipeline, too. To quote Homer Simpson: “Celebrities! Is there anything they DON’T know?”

How would that affect you? Well, agriculture experts such as the American Farm Bureau say it would force farmers to have to compete for train space with oil companies, which would drive up the cost of transporting food, cost the agriculture industry about a billion dollars a year, lead to farms going bankrupt and farm and food processing jobs disappearing, and increase the cost of food for everyone in America. But we'd be helping the environment by transporting oil on diesel trains instead of letting it flow through a nice clean pipeline.

Maybe those Hollywood celebrities don't care about the cost of food. In the places where they eat, a $500 dinner check may be par for the course. But for most Americans, killing that pipeline would be pointless and disastrous, so I wouldn't be surprised if Biden did it.


President's Day

By Mike Huckabee

Between Valentine’s Day, the impeachment circus and the dangerous weather, President’s Day got sort of shunted aside this year. That’s unfortunate, because we’ve had some Presidents who deserve to be honored. At this link, Toni Williams of the Victory Girls blog provides us with some fascinating history about George Washington and his times. It should be required reading for all the “progressives” who want to rip down his statues and rename schools that are named after him because he was just a white male slave owner.

Ms Williams has unearthed some very interesting history about Washington, his times and his attitude toward slavery. She shows that he was far ahead of his time on this issue, even if he doesn’t live up to todays Twitter mob moral code. It’s ironic that the same people who want to return to censorship and segregation, to roll back the clock to before Americans had First and Second Amendment protections, to revive socialism, witch hunts, public shamings, book burnings and other horrid ideas of the past, are so judgmental of George Washington, a man far ahead of his time, when they are so far behind their own.

Great Philosophical Questions

By Mike Huckabee

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody's around to hear it, does it make a sound? And if a top Democrat tells a blatant, obvious lie and none of the "fact-checkers" who parsed every comma from Trump bothers to correct it, does that make it the truth?

Making A Mockery Of Impeachment

By Mike Huckabee

Roger Kimball at American Greatness refutes the left's sore loser narrative that while Trump was found not guilty, it was not a vindication that he was innocent.

He also lists the seven Republicans who voted (along with ALL the Democrats - nope, nothing political about this impeachment!) Two were a surprise, additions to the five usual suspects who voted with the Democrats that it’s constitutional to impeach a private citizen. They are Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, and oh boy, are they already hearing from the folks back home, who quickly censured them.

But that’s nothing compared to GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, whose vote for impeachment in the House earned him a heated letter from 11 of his own relatives, calling him a “disappointment to God,” among other things.

All these Republicans claim to be unbothered by all those furious folks back home, which is usually a sign of having been in Washington so long that you think agreeing with the Washington Post is more important than representing your own people. They insist they were standing on principle, which is a noble thing and maybe they’re sincere in that. But in this case, I think their principles are misguided.

Defending the Constitution is pretty high on my list of principles, as I think it should be for all Republicans. This farcical “impeachment” of a President who left office a month ago...built on a false charge that he incited a riot with a speech in which he urged followers to protest peacefully, a riot that we now know was being planned up to two months prior to the speech Democrats blamed it on...following a rushed House impeachment process that was allegedly so urgent, they had no time for any evidence, investigation, defense or due process. And then, Nancy Pelosi proceeded to sit on it for a week and half before sending it to the Senate. And the “trial” there was yet another travesty.

All these things combined make a mockery of the serious, last-resort process of impeachment. It’s as if a potentially dangerous tool that should be handled only by trained adults has fallen into the hands of a posse of drunken teenagers. Impeachment of a President was so grave that it had happened only twice since 1776 up until last year. Now, as one wag pointed out, if you’re 18 months old, you’ve lived through half the impeachments in US history. It’s now been diminished to a cheap political attack tool that will be trotted out every time the White House and Congress are in the hands of opposite parties. And expending so much time and money on it when the nation was facing real crises made both Houses of Congress look like out-of-touch, partisan loons. They think it harmed Trump, but it really tarred themselves.

While I’ve never been a Senator, I have been a juror. And I can assure you that if a prosecutor came into court seeking a drastic punishment, then showed me “evidence” that consisted of emotional appeals, hearsay, old comments lifted out of context that had nothing to do with the case at hand, debunked fake quotes from the defendant, misleadingly edited video and falsified evidence, I don’t think a “not guilty” verdict would violate my principles.

New CA Congresswoman Wants Anti-Trump ‘Truth Commission’

By Mike Huckabee 

Remember when leftists were talking about transitioning out of the Trump administration and into a new world of social justice with a form of the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” that sought to bring together and re-educate post-apartheid South Africa?

I am not kidding. In fact, we’ve mentioned this before. Well before the election, a number of leftists were talking about this as something they’d like to do, something the country NEEDS to wash the taste of Trumpism out of our mouths. Ostensibly to promote “healing,” this would be a confession of sorts, an opportunity (lucky us!) for former members of Trump’s administration, his supporters, and any others who want to purge their guilt, cast aside their unwokeness and replace their outmoded and shameful racial attitudes of bigotry and white supremacy with a new dedication to social justice, diversity and equity. It would presumably give Americans who supported Trump a way to overcome the threat of “cancelation” by going before a select, Inquisition-like panel, confessing their “sins” and having a conversation about how they can do better.

You’ll be delighted to know this idea is still alive and well, and is enthusiastically espoused by a freshman representative to Congress, Sara Jacobs, who appeared Sunday on CNN with Brian Stelter. Yes, she is from California.

Rep. Jacobs, who was an appointee in Obama’s State Department, knows about this stuff, because, as Stelter said in his introduction, she has studied radical extremism abroad. “Before running for office, she studied ways to prevent and counter violent extremism overseas,” he informed his viewers. And this is important, he observed, as there is cause to fear, as he put it, “a ‘whitelash’ --- a white, Christian America a changing country, personified by Trump.” Gosh, it’s only natural for those on the left who want this new “changing country” to draw comparisons between Trump supporters and bigoted South African white separatists. Anyone who can’t see the obvious similarities, well...Rep. Jacobs will be happy to explain.

“So,” she told Stelter, “I think a part of what we’re seeing now is because we haven’t really done the reckoning with the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past that we need to do. And so, you know, a ‘truth commission,’ a lot of people will think of South Africa. We have used them in countries around the world. Basically what it is, it’s the communities, all the way up to the national level, having conversations about both the gory and the glory of our history and what happened both throughout the history of our country and leading up to and on January 6th, so that we can come to a common narrative, moving forward [to] what we want our country to be.”

Got that? We need to come to a “common narrative,” which involves linking the uprising at the Capitol by a relative handful of angry people (urged on by members of leftist antifa mixed in with the crowd) to “the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past.” Because everyone knows those Trump supporters were white supremacists who believe in and want to preserve the social injustices of our past. If they don’t, well, it’s time for some re-education.

As you know, I have strongly condemned the behavior of those demonstrators. Entering the Capitol Building and confronting the Capitol Hill police was a stupid, foolhardy thing to do and it resulted in a woman being shot to death. It also played right into the left’s hands by giving them an excuse to censor conservatives and otherwise clamp down on their civil rights. It made things infinitely worse, tagging all Trump supporters with the absurd label “domestic terrorist.” Thanks, you guys.

At the same time, I understand what they were making such a fuss about. They were protesting for an honest and transparent election process. They truly felt the election was being stolen, and while we don’t have conclusive proof that Trump would have won if all the rules had been followed –- which they weren’t –- the case can certainly be made. Still, that is SURE not the way to make it.

Anyway, now that we have a new administration, many on the left say it’s time to re-educate and reform the unwoke, which means everyone who supported Trump. And a freshman congresswoman from California is ready to help make that happen.

Stelter asked Rep. Jacobs if she thought congressional leaders “have the stomach for” such a commission.

“I think so,” she said. “I think that there are a lot of us who know that this impeachment trial was just the start of holding Donald Trump accountable.” Now that Trump is a private citizen and has been acquitted of impeachment charges --- twice --- I assume she means it’s time to pursue criminal charges against him. Oh, and also against those who worked for him but are now, like him, private citizens, having been cleansed from positions of authority. Sara, with her knowledge of foreign extremism, seems to want America to do things previously associated with banana republics.

Here’s a little more information about Sara Jacobs: At 32, she is the youngest member of the California congressional delegation. She holds a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University (big shock there). And, finally, she is the granddaughter of Big Tech billionaire Irwin Jacobs, who founded the wireless technology company Qualcomm. Mr. Jacobs’ wife donated an estimated $1.5 million to a political action committee supporting Sara in her run to represent California’s 53rd Congressional District. Presumably, such ready access to huge campaign funds freed her to continue fighting for justice and wokeness.

If she doesn’t like the way we’re talking about her, maybe she needs to know how it feels to be stereotyped.

The video and full transcript of her CNN interview are at the link.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Biscayne National Park, visit it's website here.


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  • Rap McBurney

    02/17/2021 01:37 PM

    Back to the 3rd party thing: With 74+million pro-Trump voters ostensibly being Republicans, I believe those voters will become the Republican party and the ousted never-Trump, RINO crowd will be relegated to 3rd party status and further, there won't be enough of them to sway any election.

  • Steven Ridinger

    02/17/2021 01:29 PM

    Please tell me how long our former, and one of our greatest presidents, Donald Trump have to put up with the slander and defamation of character, before he can bring legal charges against those who are still trying to ruin him ?

  • Neal Adam

    02/17/2021 01:14 PM

    Hi Mike,
    Wouldn't this kind of language (by Sara Jacobs) qualify as 'hate language'?? Dems would consider it such if it were applied to them!
    Also, I noticed at work an advertisement for Black History Month whose graphic was a raised fist. Seems hypocritical when we consider all the Trump was accused of in the impeachment trial, doesn't it?

  • Charles L Ellis

    02/17/2021 01:07 PM

    I appreciate your willingness to stand with America and your convictions.
    I'm not an expert on the constitution, so I'm wondering, how did the Senate have the right to determine whether the impeachment was constitutional? Isn't that the purview of the supreme court? Couldn't the supreme court even now declare that it was unconstitutional?

  • Darron Tarr

    02/17/2021 01:00 PM

    As a South African, I have one message for Rep. Jacobs. If the only perspective your Masters of International Affairs degree from Columbia affords you is so superficial that it warrants equating Trump supporters with the architects and enforcers of Apartheid, then I suggest you go back to this so-called vaunted institution and ask for a refund of your tuition costs because your education is far from complete. The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission was justified on the basis of 40 years of brutal, factually documented racial oppression. A similar commission is not justified in the USA, a country in which the existence of white supremacy and systemic racism is contrived by people of questionable intellect and perpetuated by fake media narratives.

  • Floyd Unger

    02/17/2021 12:45 PM

    Thank you

  • JK

    02/17/2021 12:43 PM

    One thought about climate change our sun gets warmer by 10% every billion years so in about a billion or an extra million years our water supply will not exist and Al Gore and his fake news pals won't have much to do to stop it. Use our Natural gas today and maybe we can expand our nuclear course where it is more reliable than solar and wind the mills are ugly and ruin the looks of the planet use a lot of resources to build and maintain and are noise polluters put solar on your roof to run your air conditioners in the summer make energy when the sun shines. You can not control the weather you are not God most people do not know the power of the sun or the planet itself including Al Gore.

  • jack macdonald

    02/17/2021 12:39 PM

    The blackout in TX will have one positive aspect. It has exposed the farce that the green new deal really and is promoted by such morons as AOC . Someone needs to give her remedial education. I'm sure many in TX fired up their Generac Emergency power generators to survive. These are run by natural gas, gas, and diesel (all fossil fuels). She should pass legislation that these generators all come equipped with a little wind turbine and solar panels so they will run when fossil fuel is outlawed. Logic does not phase people like her and the hollywood dimwits. It takes a special kind of stupid to opt to ship energy by rail and truck which pollute more than pipelines.

  • Ted Huckabee

    02/17/2021 12:12 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Thank you for the great bible verses. Thanks again for your support for My President, and for all the hard work you do to help keep the Real Americans informed of the actions of the communist left in D. C. God bless you with strength, health, long life and prosperity.
    What is your opinion of the Republicans ability to successfully run for any future political offices . Is it possible to get past all the road blocks that biden may throw at us?
    My wife and I would like to congratulate your daughter for her plans to run for the Governorship of Arkansas. We absolutely love her, and feel that she would do a great job!
    Lastly, is it possible for us to communicate with President Trump, either directly or second hand. We love him and his entire family, and would like to be able to let him know that we wholly support the work he has done for this country, and for any future work he will be doing.
    I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in My mouth. Psalm 34

  • Rick Locke

    02/17/2021 12:06 PM

    On a new/old topic. The pandemic continues. The China Virus continues to interfere with our lives, destroy business and kill thousands of people all over the world every day. Why is China not being sanctioned? Why are they not being forced to issue some kind of payment? Some retribution. Why are they not being spanked like the disgusting, loathsome children that they are? In my experience, if you don't discipline the child, they will continue to act out.

  • Jj

    02/17/2021 12:04 PM

    Don't hold your breath for Biden to become coherent after most of his life he has spent most of his time coming up with insane solutions to everyday ordinary problems every thing he has done caused more problems. This fellow Biden is toxic to everything good closing the pipelines is insane and his policy for immigration is another insane policy if you are an American individual. The huge corporations are cheering Biden along with the CCP Iran Russia and North Korea probably should begin shooting missiles over Japan before the 4th of July.

  • Jerry

    02/17/2021 11:53 AM

    Could the frozen wind mills be deiced like airplanes would that free the the blades to rotate

  • Stephen Russell

    02/17/2021 11:50 AM

    Wind Turbine reuses:

    Reuse centerline support for pipes: water, power, communications
    Reuse blades modify for Tidal or current offshore, micro wind mills for farms?
    Reuse cables & powerlines to cities.
    Reuse landspace for farming & ranches for TX.
    Beats burying idle turbines & costs there alone
    Cut blades by 100-200 ft+ for local farm, ranch use?

  • Vernon Thompson

    02/17/2021 11:49 AM

    Because like you, Ben Carson is a great American, a man of faith, and a person with incredible common sense and intellect I suggest you check out the American Cornerstone Institute.
    Recommend it to all your readers.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/17/2021 11:31 AM

    More energy mix:
    Tidal, current offshore submerged: HI CA Mexico LA FL NC VA ME PR
    Mexico crystal caverns for energy for Mexico & US.

  • Joseph Trokey

    02/17/2021 11:16 AM

    I truly believe there have been a whole lot of babies that were dropped on their heads when they were born.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/17/2021 11:07 AM

    US Energy mix mode:

    Thorium, molten salt reactors
    Automated coal plants & mines
    Expand NG plants
    Open Keystone & DAP
    Automate NG plants
    Some Solar
    Reuse waste to Fuel.
    Energy storage Units estd.
    Combo energy plants: Nuclear & coal BUT use coal waste to drive turbines.
    Offshore Tidal, current: HI PR FL , FL Keys
    Space based Solar Power: High Frontier, 1975 book then.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/17/2021 11:02 AM

    Windfarm locales
    I meant Control from Remote centers for windfarms

  • Stephen Russell

    02/17/2021 11:01 AM

    Wind Farm locales siting for:
    Offshore: CA OR FL CT HI PR VA NY NC GA, TX
    Great Lakes
    Hudson Bay
    Med Sea ( EU & No Africa)
    Persian Gulf

    Saw some offshore wind farms near Scotland.
    Best offshore.
    OR remote locales away from population centers.
    IE Rocky Mtns & Sierra Pacific Range.
    & add deicing equip to Farms.
    Control my remote centers.
    Reuse those torn down for new siting placement

  • Brad Barnes

    02/17/2021 11:00 AM

    I have not received your newsletter the past two days. I am also surprised that I can access it on hours before I received previous emailed newsletters.

    I have written numerous comments previously to you regarding other matters, but never got any sort of reply.

    I used to subscribe to Sean Hannity and Sara Carter, but often got no emails. I figured someone had hacked and deleted some folks. I easily gave up reading them.

    However, I am not willing to continue missing out on your forthrightness, humor, and spiritual insights.

    Brad Barnes

  • Stephen Russell

    02/17/2021 10:55 AM

    TX post storm ideas:

    Move wind farms OFFshore in Gulf of Mexico.
    Reuse land for farms & ranches in areas needed.
    Invest in:
    Thorium, molten salt reactors
    Automated coal plants
    Expand NG plants
    Update Grid
    share grid power with NM AR LA Neb CO WY
    Offshore solar farms to feed TX from Gulf.
    Poll citizens, vendors statewide

  • Stephen Russell

    02/17/2021 10:52 AM

    Truth Comm: apply to Dems first & make=.
    Make Uniform, right
    Have her go first.
    & allies

  • Graham Jarrett

    02/17/2021 10:26 AM

    It seems so strange to me that people call up South Africa. The reality of Nelson Mandela is very different. For anyone who wants to see how he approached his own supporters on the issue of Race or having come through Appartheid, they should watch a fabulous Rugby movie starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman, Invictus.
    In it, the now victorious ANC wanted to remove the symbol of white South Africa, the Springbok as the emblem of the SA rugby team, change its colors from Green and Gold. Mandela told them after they had voted unanimously to do so that they were wrong to do so. They needed White South Africans and if they were to bash them into the ground, they and their money would all go overseas and leave South Africa in the quagmire. Instead Mandela sought the aid of the Springbok captain to lead South Africa to victory in the 1995 World Cup and to unify the whole country in support of it. Biden could learn from watching the movie, not abrogating his responsibility to unify the country by not putting an end to the Trump impeachment.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    02/17/2021 10:14 AM

    The idiot Left know why MILLIONS of Americans support Donald Trump and millions more from all parties will do so in the future and this bimbo is the sign of it.
    No wonder they need fake elections.
    Trump won big and will continue to do so.
    Still the DNC were founded by slave masters and supported nazism and the evil empire -- how did that work out for them?

  • Renee Kendrick

    02/17/2021 09:56 AM

    Other than Illinois, Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines run through red states! Talk about "unity" by Biden!

    Even though I am a "tea"-totaller, I say "Forget Warren Buffet, 'What would Jimmy Buffet do?'"