July 11, 2016

Remember the investigation of Clinton crony Sandy Berger on the charge that he removed classified documents from the National Archives in his socks and pants?

(How could we forget? Once again, the Clintons and their friends had come through for comedy writers everywhere!)

Well, FBI Director James Comey happens to have played in a role in that inquiry, apparently by limiting its scope in such a way that other Clinton associates who may have helped coordinate his actions were not implicated. Berger pleaded guilty to taking and destroying documents in 2005.

Also, key lawyers who were part of the investigation into Hillary’s mishandling of classified materials go way back with Comey. In fact, he, Loretta Lynch, Cheryl Mills and the aforementioned “big-pockets” Berger share the distinction of having been partners at the Washington law firm of Hogan & Hartson, which prepared the Clintons’ tax returns and also reportedly did patent work for a software company that had to do with Hillary Clinton’s infamous private email server. Hogan & Hartson was also one of the biggest contributors in the legal industry to Hillary’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

Incidentally, Berger continued to correspond with Hillary over her unsecure email system while she was Secretary of State.

Now, Washington is a very cozy place, and I certainly don’t intend to cast aspersions on anyone simply by relating this history. (As we’ve heard, it all comes down to “intent.”) I’m just pointing out that in Washington, everybody knows everybody else. Such connections might not be at all significant, but when a decision completely defies logic, as Comey’s did, it’s only natural to go hunting for more information, as any good investigator would.

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