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December 31, 2022

The Democrats did exactly what everyone knew they would do if they were allowed access to former President Trump’s private income tax forms: they illegally released them to the public for no reason whatsoever other than political vengeance. But that nasty trick might blow up in their faces, and I want a seat in the front row when it does.

By smashing precedent and violating Trump’s legal right to privacy, they’ve set a new precedent, and now I and many other Americans want to see all of their tax returns, too. As expected, Trump’s tax returns showed nothing incriminating or embarrassing, other than he declared no income (big surprise) during a period when he left his corporate CEO job to be President and donated his entire salary back to the government (note: Biden keeps his, but then, just look at the job he’s doing and tell me he’s not worth $400,000 a year.)

According to Rasmussen, 54% of Americans think all the Democrats who voted to release Trump’s taxes should have their own taxes released, but I say, why stop there? I don’t care about Trump’s taxes; he actually got poorer when he devoted a few years to public service, which is what should be expected. I want to see the detailed tax forms of all the politicians who came into office without a lot of wealth and left as multi-millionaires. I want to know precisely how large a profit margin there is on influence peddling. They knocked down the walls of privacy just to get Trump, now let’s trample over the rubble and grab their private tax forms to see what they’ve been hiding all these years.

As expected, Bonchie at has some more entertaining comments on this topic.



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  • Jim Greer

    12/31/2022 01:46 PM

    Yep!!! Making Trump’s tax returns public is definitely a good idea. And while we’re at let’s take a look at Biden’s, Kamala’s, Nancy’s, Chuck’s, Bernie’s… well you get the point! Do pigs really fly?