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June 7, 2022



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But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

James 1:6

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MEDIA liberals think we need a “disinformation agency” to correct all that fake news from the right. Funny, my staff and I have kept pretty busy since 2009 just correcting all the fake news from the left. They seriously seem to think the reason nobody trusts the media anymore is because Trump lied about them. They just can’t see the real reason why nobody trusts them, even though it’s hard to believe narcissists like that don’t own mirrors.

That brings me to this story, about the Wall Street Journal slamming all the media outlets that lent credibility to a former Florida state health department employee who made later-disproven accusations about Gov. DeSantis manipulating COVID numbers.

They just can’t help themselves: if you’ve got something negative to say about a powerful Republican, they’ll run to you like puppies to a sausage salesman and give you a tongue bath.

And speaking of the endless parade of politically-motivated liars who have been elevated to hero status by the media, here’s more on crooked lawyer Michael Avenatti, recently sentenced to another four years in prison for stealing from his client, Stormy Daniels.

At the link, Mark Judge also has info about another media darling, Christine Blasey Ford, that I’ll bet you’ve never heard before. He makes a great point about Avenatti: the media hailed him as the “savior of the republic” and wanted to run him for President. In reality, “Corrupt, criminal, psychotic and a liar, he represents everything our media have become. Michael Avenatti is the media…Never let them forget this.”


Catching Up on Last Week’s Business: Kevin Downey Jr. at PJ Media goes through President Biden’s gun control speech, correcting all the false statements and pointing out the contradictions. Naturally, it’s one of his longer pieces.


More hopeful signs for the future: Joel Kotkin examines how traditional Democrat voters in heavily minority blue cities are so sick of the crime and unlivable conditions, they’re turning against the so-called “progressives.”

Even the New York Times realized this is happening, and I’m sure to their horror, are forced to admit that a Republican businessman might actually be elected mayor of Los Angeles for saying things like, “We’re going to have cleaner streets and better parks, and we’re going to have lower crime. And you’re going to be able to go for a walk and not worry about it.”

And here’s a particularly revolting example of why the tide of leftism is receding. Warning: disturbing video of double-felony hit-and-run with a car plowing into a mother and her baby carriage. The driver got just five-to-seven months in a juvenile probation camp under criminal-coddling DA George Gascon, whose recall can’t come soon enough.



Sometimes, I suspect that leftists want to end free speech just for the purpose of keeping Elon Musk from pointing out the truth and asking questions they don’t want to answer.



Surprise! Washington State liberals are stunned to learn that when you change the laws so that people don’t have to obey the police, they stop obeying the police. Who’d a-thunk it?!


We’re From The Government And We’re Here To Help You: An observational study by a German doctor published in the journal Medicine compared COVID death rates in Kansas counties that did or did not institute mask mandates.

The study found that contrary to the idea that mask mandates reduce infection, the numbers strongly suggest that mask mandates caused 50% more deaths than no mask mandates. The study theorizes that this is because once you get infected, “virions that enter or those coughed out in droplets are retained in the facemask tissue, and after quick evaporation of the droplets, hyper-condensed droplets or pure virions (virions not inside a droplet) are re-inhaled from a very short distance during inspiration.” They then bypass the bronchi and are inhaled deep into the alveoli, causing pneumonia.

As noted at the link, there have been other studies showing mask mandates had no effect on reducing case rates, but there is another study in Europe that found a “moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths,” suggesting that there might have been harmful unintended consequences to forcing people to wear masks for prolonged periods.

Of course, some of us long suspected that, as I wrote here when mask mandates were first being imposed. At the time, I linked to all the sanitary precautions the CDC’s website dictated for something you were going to wear over your face and mouth, and asked how many people really did all that, or any of it? Precious few would still be my guess.   


WHY, OH WHY: Wondering why so many attorneys, prosecutors and attorneys general are hesitant to investigate voter fraud, defend conservatives or prosecute leftists? Rachel Alexander at reveals how leftists are destroying the legal system the same way they’ve taken over universities. They've filled state bars and top legal jobs with leftists who abuse their power to gin up vague charges and target, indict or disbar any attorney who crosses them or helps the opposition. That even includes providing legal representation to people they don’t like, like former President Trump or January 6th defendants.

When Republicans are back in power, legal reform will have to go on the urgent To-Do list, right next to reforming the education system and the intelligence agencies. They've all started to resemble houses that got infested with termites and are being destroyed from within. 


Here are a couple of HOPEFUL SIGNS that if you can just get out of Washington, DC, you might find a court that dispenses actual justice.

First, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the dismissal of Title IX and defamation claims in a lawsuit by a physics professor against Cornell University. The professor was falsely accused of sexual misconduct by a grad student and convincingly refuted the claim. But Cornell dismissed or ignored his exculpatory witnesses; denied him a hearing, the right to call live witnesses and the right to cross-examine his accuser; and forced him to prove he was innocent. Then they fired him anyway. In its ruling, the court compared Cornell’s process to a “star chamber” that violated the professor’s most basic due process rights.

The really scary part is that this is being treated as a blockbuster ruling like the Johnny Depp verdict because it could impact so many other colleges that have incredibly unfair star chambers just like Cornell.

And in other welcome court news, a long overdue legal smackdown has been delivered to Los Angeles’ one-man plague, District Attorney George Gascon.

Gascon’s pro-criminal policies have resulted in a massive crime wave, including a 67% increase in shootings and a 34% spike in murders. Already facing a recall election, Gascon was sued by the Association of Deputy District Attorneys for refusing to obey the law.

This week, a three-justice panel of the California Appeals Court ruled in no uncertain terms that Gascon had overstepped his authority, specifically by ignoring California’s Three Strikes law that requires people convicted of a third felony to serve at least 25 years in prison. The ruling sharply reminded him that he is “an elected official who must comply with the law, not a sovereign with absolute, unreviewable discretion” who can’t go around ordering prosecutors to drop Three Strikes cases.

A spokesman for the Deputy DA’s group called it a loss for Gascon and violent criminals and a win for the people and line prosecutors, adding that there had never before been a case where a court had to tell a chief prosecutor that his job is to follow the law and he can’t just ignore or break it.

Now, let’s see if Gascon will actually obey the court ruling, or just ignore it.


Navarro, Part 2: Big arrest was lead-in to Big Show

Yesterday, we brought you the disgusting story of what was done to Trump economic and trade adviser Peter Navarro, leading into the week on which Democrats are pinning all their hopes and unrealistic dreams of holding back Republicans this fall: the hearings into January 6 being held by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s sham committee. If you do force yourself to watch any of that --- remember, “we watch the news, so you don’t have to" --- a lot of it will look familiar.

Who could forget the second impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, the one that took place when he was already headed out the door? The House impeachment managers went all-out, featuring a professionally produced video that heightened the drama of January 6 and exaggerated the violent “insurrection” that was going to destroy our democracy and take our country down by force! Never mind that it was really just a small group of desperately concerned but tragically misguided people who wanted the final vote to be checked out before the election was certified, and that there was not even ONE GUN among them. Some insurrection.

For the impeachment, video production was done not by a movie company, as was widely reported at the time, but by a firm called DOAR, which specializes in trial strategies, including "crafting visual presentations that aim to persuade juries."

I condemned the behavior on January 6 at the time and repeatedly thereafter, but I do understand that protesters were reacting to a hard truth: that no one in the Judicial Branch was listening to them. Remember, the only person killed in violence that day was an unarmed woman, and her death was at the hand of Capitol Hill security. (As we learned later, another unarmed woman who died may also have been killed by police, beaten as she lay on the ground, trampled.)

Anyway, this time, Pelosi’s hearings, to be held in primetime starting Thursday, will be “produced” by former ABC News president James Goldston, producer for “Good Morning, America,” “Nightline” and “20/20.” His contribution to the Democrats is described as “an upcoming primetime multimedia presentation that has been likened to a high-quality investigative documentary special.”

FOX News reports that Goldston has actually joined the committee as a “soon-to-be announced advisor.” His video is the first in a series “designed to engage the American people and journalists” who had tuned out of the issue. With the country in chaos on virtually every front, Democrats are desperate to brainwash voters into not voting for Republicans no matter how bad it gets.

So expect this “series” to continue till Election Day, cranked out by the big Democrat propaganda machine.

They’ve also enlisted the help of former ABC producer Amy Robach, who’s best known for saying on a hot mic that her network had spiked her Jeffrey Epstein interview and quashed the story for three years. It seems appropriate that Nancy’s committee has hired people with experience in spiking stories; get ready for the real story of January 6 to be similarly suppressed.

What you definitely should watch is the rebuttal by Republicans led by New York Rep. Elise Stefanik. It will tell what Nancy’s committee hearings will not: that on January 4, President Trump himself, in front of multiple witnesses (former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, his chief of staff Kash Patel, and Gen. Mark Milley) in the Oval Office, BROUGHT UP the subject of offering Pelosi --- who as Speaker of the House is in charge of Capitol Hill security --- up to 20,000 National Guard troops for security during his rally, and that she, along with Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Department of Defense, denied his offer.

According to Patel, there is ample documentation of all of this, which the January 6 committee should have but will likely not make a part of their primetime production. He says that what this committee really should do is release all documents and transcripts they have relative to January 6, showing that they acted appropriately, “and that the President’s authorization was unequivocal.”

“I can say definitively,” Miller told Hannity, “President Trump offered any and all support requested by suitable officials within Washington DC...federal and local.” He went on to say that the U.S. military, with 10,000 police officers scheduled for duty in DC that day, had said they could handle UP TO A MILLION DEMONSTRATORS without enlisting additional security. If that sounds crazy to you, it does to us, too. Think Nancy’s committee will address this at all?

Shockingly, Mayor Bowser actively discouraged “additional deployment,” as in this letter from a recent inspector general’s report (which, believe it or not, found preparations for the event “appropriate”): “To be clear, the District of Columbia is not requesting other federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment without immediate notification to, and consultation with, MPD [Metro Police Department] if such plans are underway.”

Why not utilize more security if it is available? Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Gosh, you’d think Democrats were deliberately paving the way for the event to get out of control. Nah, surely that couldn't be.

As for Navarro, he was not at the Capitol on January 6 and did not encourage anyone to breach security. He ended up in handcuffs and shackles, sitting in a cell that once held would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley, only because he wouldn’t violate President Trump’s executive privilege for Nancy’s committee. (And he'd told them he would have turned himself in; FBI headquarters is an easy walk from his next-door apartment.) The committee wants to know every detail of Trump’s private conversations, so they can go after him just for discussing the constitutionality of various courses of action. Not for carrying them out --- because he didn’t, of course –- but for TALKING about them with his advisers. Talking about them is not a crime. But this is all they have to try to keep him from running for President again.

Recall that a decade ago, Obama Attorney General Eric Holder was found in criminal contempt of Congress for citing executive privilege in refusing to comply with a subpoena relating to the “Fast and Furious” scandal that armed Mexican drug dealers and led to Border Patrol officer Brian Terry's murder. This charge had overwhelming, bipartisan support. NOTHING happened to Holder.

Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue Monday about the double standard of 'justice' featured a montage of media hacks trashing Navarro for his non-compliance. “This prosecution is really about punishing Navarro based on his blatant disrespect for the congressional subpoena,” said one typical idiot on MSNBC. Ah, so this is really about respect! Hey, if it’s illegal to blatantly disrespect this illegitimate committee or any of its work product, I guess we should be counting the minutes till the FBI breaks down our door and places us in handcuffs. It has given us no reason to grant it the slightest respect.


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  • Anna Boggio

    06/08/2022 03:40 AM

    I love your newsletters. I hope you have a place to store paper copies because years from now when Republicans manage to stop indoctrination in our education system & slanted news students won't believe what we had to endure. As a high school student, I couldn't believe Animal Farm or 1984 could ever happen here. Well, surprise!

  • Mackey

    06/07/2022 02:34 PM

    And remember, the last DNC convention was produced by a Hollywood company. It came across as a cheap infomercial you would see on television at 2am. The RNC convention production was top notch, and came across as genuine and compassionate.

  • stephen russell

    06/07/2022 11:16 AM

    Seeing more, varied posts about Famine coming:
    o Food processor plant sabotage
    o Inflation
    o Ukraine War
    o costs for farmers

    Pls address

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/07/2022 10:49 AM

    One other thing: with pro Abortion and Antifa Terrorists rampaging unchecked I don't know how they think that will play out in Real America.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/07/2022 10:17 AM

    This Jan 6th crap will tank like everything the stooge Blue Reich media puts out. Yawn.

  • Dorothy Gable

    06/07/2022 09:17 AM

    Looking for confirmation for the Conservative Treehouse story that broke 6/6 that Biden is starting the process to take over the energy industry. Here is the link - I do not recall the time it took for the socialist government to destroy Venezuela, but one of the actions they took was nationalizing industries. Is this the beginning, having used the excuse of the baby formula shortage, softening Americans for their control of the food industry, along with starting the process of taking over our energy supplies? Even if the Repulicans win big in November, will there be enough of them to stand up and take action before it's too late or will it become another cautionary tale for future generations? I pulled out my copy of Metaxas' Bonhoeffer and am chilled with the reminder that Hitler was aided by many just wanting to go along to get along. As long as they had food on their table and a roof over their head, they didn't seem to want to look at their missing neighbors or the destruction of useless eaters.