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June 1, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Buyer's remorse is showing up in polls
  • Good News for Recovered COVID Patients
  • Maine Dad battles Leftist School Board
  • The Experts Are Always Right!
  • Censored by YouTube
  • The bloom is off the rose
  • RIP, B.J. Thomas And Gavin MacLeod
  • A Reader Writes...


Mike Huckabee


“Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins:”

Acts 13:38 KJV


Buyer's remorse is showing up in polls

By Mike Huckabee

Many Americans who voted for Joe Biden thought they were getting a moderate, bipartisan unifier. Instead, they’re suffering whiplash from how quickly he’s yanked the nation hard-left, with open borders, massive spending, huge tax hike proposals, a return to failed “appease our enemies” foreign policies, the destruction of America’s fossil fuel industry and more insanity from the far left wish list.

The buyer’s remorse is showing up in polls. I told you last week about a Fox News poll showing that the number of Americans who think Biden is too far left has jumped 10 points to 46%. Now, a new survey by Echelon Insights and Winning for Women finds deep concerns about Biden’s profligate spending.

Fifty-eight percent believe that "inflation, raising prices and the cost-of-living for Americans" is certain if Biden’s massive spending plans become law; 57% agreed that the tax hikes on American families his spending would require would "slow down our already fragile economy" and "jeopardize our recovery;" and 53% said his plans would "lead to an unprecedented expansion of big government."

Surprisingly, those numbers include 61% of Independents, 54% of women, 63% of women with children and even 56% of non-liberal Democrats.

So if Biden is governing far to the left of his record, his campaign rhetoric and even many of his own supporters, you have to wonder why? It’s almost as if the guy who’s running the Biden Presidency isn’t the Joe Biden who was in Washington for nearly half a century.

The editors of Issues & Insights have a theory that might explain why Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be governing like Joe Biden. Meet the person they believe is virtually the acting President, his unelected Chief of Staff known to some as “Biden’s brain,” Ron Klain.

Good News for Recovered COVID Patients

By Mike Huckabee

The latest study suggests that if you had even a mild case of COVID-19, your antibody levels may fall over time, but memory B cells will patrol your bloodstream for reinfection and plasma cells in your bone marrow will keep making antibodies for decades.

This would make sense, since most vaccines work by making your body think you had a particular disease, to try to mimic the immunity you get from really having it. But it brings up an important point: with so many people trying to divide Americans into two groups (vaccinated and unvaccinated), and prevent the unvaccinated from going without masks or getting on planes or even being able to afford to attend a concert, what about people who had COVID and are now naturally immune, maybe even more so than the vaccinated? Some doctors are advising them not to get the vaccine, out of concerns that it could cause complications. Should there be a third category: “Unvaccinated but immune because I had it already”?

Or maybe we should just stop putting people in categories and denying them rights, keep allowing those who haven’t had COVID to get vaccinated if they want to until we reach herd immunity (if we haven’t already), and quit trying to force people to get the shot if they don’t want to. Because forcing them to take a shot is a practice that’s about to enter the court system, and there’s a good chance it won’t survive.

Maine Dad battles Leftist School Board

By Mike Huckabee

A dad in Maine who stood up against his twin daughters’ school pushing racist “anti-racist” indoctrination says the school is trying to ban him from attending their graduation ceremony. So glad we have leftists running our schools so they can teach kids about tolerance and respecting diversity.

Personally, I’m amazed that he let his kids attend that school long enough to graduate from it.

The Experts Are Always Right!

By Mike Huckabee

A study of the effects of lockdowns in 10 nations found that “mandatory stay-at-home and business closures” resulted in “no clear, significant beneficial effect…on case growth in any country.” In some cases, lockdowns even made the contagion worse.

That’s largely because most workplaces took immediate steps to reduce contagion risks (masks, social distancing, constant disinfecting, improved ventilation, etc.) that most people didn’t take in their homes. On average, workers were 4 to 5 times less safe outside their workplaces than in their workplaces. But the “experts” imposed lockdowns that shut workplaces and forced people into places where they were more likely to catch the virus.

So putting aside all the ruined businesses, crushed dreams, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, lost class time and dangerously postponed medical treatments, the lockdowns were at best useless and at worst, spread the virus even more.

Heck of a job, experts!

Censored by YouTube

By Mike Huckabee

Rishi Sharma has made it his life’s mission to interview World War II veterans and get their memories on video for posterity. But if the YouTube censors have their way, posterity will never see them.

Sharma told Glenn Beck that clips of some of the vets’ stories were going viral until suddenly, the numbers of views and subscribers crashed. He can’t get YouTube to explain why, but he thinks they were censored, possibly because their algorithm assumes that anything about World War II must be promoting Hitler and the Nazis, even if it’s interviews with the heroes who defeated Hitler and the Nazis.

Fortunately, just as many conservatives are leaving social media sites and returning to having their own websites (I already did that long ago), the veterans’ stories are not reliant on the Big Tech censors. You can see them at the original source, Sharma’s Heroes of the Second World War website.

I encourage you to check it out, and if it inspires you, donate to help his mission.

The bloom is off the rose

By Mike Huckabee

The bloom may be off the rose for the Black Lives Matter group. Once, they had Americans so intimidated that money was flowing to them in rivers and people were shamed and canceled just for not putting their logo on their social media accounts or daring to question their anti-cop, anti-American dogma.

But lately, the bad news has been coming thick and fast. Polls show Americans’ opinions of the group have taken a steep dive. Their co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, was criticized for buying expensive houses in mostly white neighborhoods and resigned last week. The mothers of several black people who were shot by police blasted BLM, and Cullors in particular, accusing her of taking the money and running, and BLM of using their children’s names and stories to promote their organization and make money, while doing nothing for their families or communities.

The founder of Black Lives Matter in St. Paul is also speaking out against the group, saying he discovered the “ugly truth,” that they couldn’t care less about rebuilding black families or improving education for black children.

There’s also this story out of Denver that could tarnish the group’s image further.

Leave it to the Babylon Bee to perfectly illustrate how BLM’s hold on the left may be slipping, as people finally start thinking clearly and daring to speak up for common sense again.

RIP, B.J. Thomas And Gavin MacLeod

By “Huckabee” writer/pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

Over the long weekend, we lost two beloved showbiz figures of the past half century, who couldn’t have been more different but who had something very important in common in their private lives.


One of the most distinctive singers of his generation, B.J. (Billy Joe) Thomas, died Saturday at his home in Arlington, Texas, at 78, after announcing in March that he’d been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.


Most remembered for his Oscar-winning hit, “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” Thomas had a decades-long string of hits in multiple genres. He broke through in 1966 with a cover of “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.” That was followed by major pop hits like “Hooked on a Feeling,” “Rock and Roll Lullaby,” “I Just Can’t Help Believing,” “Don’t Worry, Baby” and “(Hey, Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song” (still the longest title of any song to hit the Billboard Hot 100.) In the ‘70s, he released “Home Where I Belong,” the first Christian album to go platinum, and became the top Christian singer of the era.  In the ‘80s, he moved into A/C and country with hits like “Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned Love” and “New Looks from an Old Lover.”


Personal note: my wife and “Huckabee” co-writer Laura Ainsworth and I live very near Arlington and saw Thomas perform at the Arlington Music Hall in 2019 before a packed house. He sounded as great as ever and we planned to see him there again in March 2020. Sadly, that show got canceled due to COVID.


Recommendation: Check out his 2013 album “The Living Room Sessions,” featuring stripped-down versions of his greatest songs with guests like Keb Mo and Vince Gill. It puts a fresh twist on his classics with the focus on his still-fantastic vocals.


Also on Saturday, actor Gavin MacLeod died in Los Angeles at 90.


MacLeod was a struggling working actor for years, playing small roles in dozens of TV shows and movies before finally landing his unexpected breakthrough as wisecracking news writer Murray Slaughter on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (his passing leaves Ed Asner and Betty White as the only surviving cast members.)


After that, he became Captain Merrill Stubing on “The Love Boat.” Critics hated it, but audiences loved it. It ran for nine seasons, spawned four specials and made MacLeod an unlikely TV star and spokesman for Princess Cruise Lines. By all accounts, MacLeod was a truly nice guy, very grateful for his success, whose bright smile on TV was genuine.


Obscure Trivia: MacLeod’s baldness, later one of his most famous features, initially kept him from getting roles, so he wore a toupee early on. He originally auditioned for the part of Lou Grant on “MTM” but realized the gruff character was wrong for him and asked to try out for nice guy Murray instead. He also declined to audition for Archie Bunker on “All In The Family” because he just couldn’t say those bigoted lines.


If you want to see him in an atypical mean guy role, check out “The Kill,” the first episode of the great detective series “Peter Gunn” (streaming free on the IMDb TV app), where he plays a ruthless gang boss.


And what did Thomas and MacLeod have in common in real life? Both had addictions (MacLeod to alcohol, Thomas to drugs and alcohol) that nearly destroyed their marriages. But both overcame their addictions and saved their marriages after becoming Christians. Outspoken about their faith, Thomas became the most popular Christian music artist of the ‘70s, and MacLeod and his wife Patti Steele hosted a Christian radio series called “Back on Course: A Ministry for Marriages.” 


Our sympathies to their families and condolences to their fans, which includes all of us here.

A Reader Writes Back... 

Love and look forward to your news letters but please leave out pictures of Biden, Pelosi, AOC and those idiots! Its painful to see them!

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Comments 1-10 of 23

  • Lu Jean Bedard

    09/09/2021 11:42 AM

    What a great, informative newsletter! If I don't have time to read one when it's sent, I save it until later. Thank you and your staff for the excellent information.

  • Lois R Park

    06/02/2021 04:12 PM

    You might want to look into Kansas City, MO mayor Quinton Lucas and his defunding of the police. KCPD is not locally run; but rather by the state - due to Mafia crime early in our history. Locals are fighting "King Lucas" as we call him. He has plans of being a big name in politics in the future. Totally on board with BLM, and hides the fact that his long-time girlfriend (now wife) is white. She's never seen with him.

  • Donald Hodges

    06/02/2021 01:55 PM

    As I was reading your comments about Rishi Sharma and his concern whether You Tube is censoring his videos of interviews with WW2 Vets. It seems like when conservatives start seeing some levels of success with their projects/works, there are those who try to "tamp" down that success or exposure if you will. So, it's not just the canceling of conservative posts and works, now it seems the "Left Leaning" social media is trying to find other means to minimalize those they disagree with. Instead of shutting conservatives down, maybe they have decided to just interrupt/reduce the "flow." That's less obvious and allows questions about the popularity of conservative content. Maybe?
    We've experienced that with our Podcast. After 10 months we were finally experiencing "great" download numbers. Then - suddenly (from one day to the next) they dropped by almost one half. I have made numerous request to hosting site to help me figure out what might have happened. But, each time they get back to me and say we can't find a reason for the overnight drop on our end. A gradual decline in downloads is one thing. A large drop overnight is something else all together. I'll accept the fact that me may alienate listeners over some topics, but this situation does not compute. Nor does the situations of many of our fellow podcasters. The enemies of conservative thought/values may have their hand on the switch, but we have our hand on the pulse of freedom loving Americans. And we're just getting started.

    While I'm here, thank you so much for your articles and links to articles. You are my biggest resource for our show. Sometimes it's difficult for me to choose which articles I want to use for a particular episode. Thanks for your voice.


    06/02/2021 01:13 PM

    I was saddened to hear about BJ Thomas and Gavin MacLeod passing away. Both of them will be missed. My sympathies go out to their families and all who loved them.

  • PAUL Schaber

    06/02/2021 12:28 PM

    Putin already has SIPPY CUP JOE and KALAMA HARRIS and
    the Progressives including AOC and the Biden Administration on the ropes
    and Main Street Media and Social Media cannot even see they are
    whipped around all over the ring. Just stop and think since April
    the Soviet Hackers have taken down the Colonial Pipeline and most
    likely already have received their ransomware payment in Bitcoin
    from JBS Meat processors . And in less than 2 weeks, Sippy Cup Joe
    is going face to face with Putin and we all know Joe has never had
    a Strong Backbone. What does Putin's hackers next on their priority
    list approved by him prior to the meeting on 16 June 2021 in Geneva
    Switzerland. His hackers cause a massive power outage and telling
    Joe to get it back on line, you will send Several Trillion Dollars bitcoin to
    the following Financial Institution located in the Kremlin and if not received
    within a certain time. My fellow KGB agents will commence to release all the
    shady deals you and METH HEAD HUNTER and Kerry's son did with the Ukrainian
    oil deal. Got it SIPPY CUP Joe

  • Stephen Russell

    06/02/2021 11:48 AM

    Love Boat cast: others from TV show may take over role since Gavin died.
    As spokesman for cruise line.
    He was great on Peter Gunn, Kellys Heroes, (never did Wild Wild West)

  • Lynn Young

    06/02/2021 11:30 AM

    Now that the truth is coming out in so many stories, Covid, UFOs, Trump/Russia, Gen. Flynn, BLM, Jan 6, etc we all should realize just how badly the alphabet media failed us. When the media portrays us all as conspiracy kooks and we're always proven correct, maybe we should have another talk about Biden supposedly "winning"??? The elephant in the room at this point.

  • Sharon Maynard

    06/02/2021 10:05 AM

    When the topic of Covid vaccination comes up, I tell people that I had Covid last fall and that I now ‘identify’ as being vaccinated.

  • Rhonda Devine

    06/02/2021 10:04 AM

    I actually wrote the CDC about this very issue a couple weeks ago and completely agree that those who've had it do NOT need the vaccine.. My sis-in-law has been in the medical field for over 25 years and says hands down....naturally occurring immunity after contracting a virus always provides longer and better immunity than a vaccination. I had it right after Easter and I had my oncologist test me for antibodies a month later and sure enough I had plenty and I would call my case mild--BECAUSE I believe I had it in Feb of 2020 along with the rest of my family--same symptoms as this time but much worse then. Isn't it funny how Science only matters on the left when it is convenient for them? Covid, trans, abortion.....everyone of their stands on these issues DEFY Science.


    06/02/2021 09:32 AM

    Joe Biden basically did nothing for 50 years. Why would anyone expect that to change. I truly believe he is nothing but a puppet with the country being run by extremist from the past liberal administration.