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June 9, 2022



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Biden’s base of support is cracking

There seems to be no bottom for President Biden’s poll numbers, with even his base now crumbling under him like a California house during a mudslide. A new Quinnipiac poll found that he’s now losing his most loyal constituency, black voters. His approval with them has dropped 14 points since April and is now at 49%, below the majority level for the first time.

With whites, his approval is down to 32% with 60% disapproving, and worst of all is his approval rating with Hispanics: 24%. This is being chalked up to the toll taken on working people by rampant inflation, record gas prices and out-of-control crime in blue cities.

That dismal approval number among Hispanics, and the growing number of Hispanic voters turning Republican, likely explains this story:

In a move that critics say “reeks of desperation,” a group of Hispanic investors with financial backing from leftist billionaire George Soros (the same man who bankrolled the DA’s who created that out-of-control crime) has purchased 18 Spanish language radio stations across 10 cities. They plan to use them to counter conservative Spanish stations, which the group’s founders, former Obama staffer Stephanie Valencia and Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign veteran Jess Morales Rocketto, accuse of spreading “misinformation.” Like what, that inflation is rampant, gas prices are at record highs and crime is out of control? Or just "misinformation" under the current definition: "true stuff I don't want anyone to talk about."

They must not have much faith in the intelligence of Hispanic Americans to believe they can be convinced to ignore what they see with their own eyes and are living through every day. Hispanics are only too familiar with nations where monopoly media outlets pump out 24/7 leftist propaganda. But even in a nation as isolated as Cuba, the people are smart enough to know that they’re being lied to.

FYI: the group is called the “Latino Media Network” (not “Latinx?”), so if you hear that name or the initials “LMN,” you’ll know what you’re dealing with. Just think of LMN as standing for “Lies Mean Nothing.”

Biden in Mexico

Well, I’ve finally found a poll where President Biden has a majority approval rating. He’s at 52% approval among Mexicans in Mexico.

Which prompts the obvious question for Mexico: “Do YOU want him?” We’re willing to trade him for a case of La Sierra refried beans and one of those cup-and-ball toys…Okay, how about a can of refried beans? But that’s our final offer!...Nah, I was just bluffing: take him for free…No? How about if we throw in Kamala Harris, too?...

“Religious faith”

I don’t think they quite get what “religious faith” means: C. Douglas Golden of Western Journal reports that on Monday, Vice President Harris spoke at the Los Angeles Federal of Labor to a roundtable of faith leaders on “reproductive health” (translation: trying to convince people who believe in the sanctity of life that abortion is cool.)

In her allegedly faith-related speech, Harris never mentioned God or Jesus, but she said the word “I” 21 times. When she did mention faith, it was in reference to “faith in each other, in our nation, and in our future,” but not faith in God.

I’m beginning to understand why they think our God-given rights listed in the Bill of Rights are actually privileges that they allow us to enjoy.

Laugh of the Day

Democratic strategist James Carville declared that the Democrats have a “much, much better record on crime” than Republicans, pointing out that crime rates “skyrocketed” under the last year of Trump’s term.

In case you’re not old enough to remember 2020, that would be the year when Democrat officials in blue cities defunded police and allowed Democrat rioters to take over and ransack their cities and attack citizens and police, while Democrat prosecutors emptied the jails and refused to prosecute criminals in the name of “justice reform,” as the Democrat Vice Presidential candidate raised money for a fund that bailed out the few rioters who were actually arrested so they could go right back to doing it again.

And whose fault was it that the crime rate went up? Obviously, Trump and the Republicans.

This is another of those claims that’s less a political argument than an I.Q. test. If you believe it at all, you flunk.

Priceless Exchange

Watch a reporter in Michigan try to force a GM executive who’s touting “clean” electric cars to admit where the power comes from to charge them. Her answer is on the level of "The wall outlet?"

A power and light official finally steps in to inform her that 95% of local electricity comes from coal-fired power plants. Also something to think about as this Administration is pushing EVs while making gas unaffordable, while also shutting down coal-fired power plants even as we’re being warned of upcoming summer power shortages and blackouts. Come summer, that GM exec might not be the only one pushing electric vehicles. A lot of owners might be pushing them home.

Good article

Good article by Liz Peek at The Hill on why trying to force-feed Americans a rabidly partisan, wall-to-wall televised show trial about a riot that happened 17 months ago is not going to reverse the Democrats’ electoral fortunes. It’s more likely to backfire by dividing Americans even more instead of healing and bringing us together, which marks yet another broken Biden campaign promise.

Incidentally, while all the TV networks are willing to cheat their stockholders by giving up valuable prime time for this in-kind campaign contribution to Democrats, they seem to forget that unlike in Watergate hearing days, Americans have a lot more viewing options. We’re no longer forced to watch something just because it’s on all the broadcast networks.

If you can’t find the Republican response (and the media are doing everything in their power to make sure you can’t), there are still countless other options that I suspect most people will avail themselves of, from reruns of “Friends” to Ricky Gervais’ new comedy special on Netflix. My personal recommendation: before seeing the new “Top Gun” sequel, refresh your memory of the original by streaming it free with your Amazon Prime subscription. It will remind you of the ‘80s, a time of great patriotism and prosperity under a Republican President who actually seemed to love America.

On Again

Elon Musk’s on-again/off-again purchase of Twitter appears to be on again, now that Twitter execs have caved to his threat to drop the deal and said they will provide him with the data he demanded about how many Twitter accounts are actually real.


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  • A. Clifton Lingo

    06/11/2022 11:55 AM

    Governor I saw a picture posted somewhere showing a gas powered generator charging and EV on the side of the road. It was supposed to be a bit of humor, but perhaps could become a reality.

  • Jerry

    06/10/2022 10:10 AM

    Are the taxpayers still on the hook to pay Diane Feinstein her salary as a senator? She wind of these old old Senators do not go away. Pelosi could we just put her in a home with Diane and get her away from the Congress this country has built a lot of homes for the rich members of Congress this country needs these people that have lost most of their mental acuity and get them away from any levers or buttons of any decision making policies look at what has happened to our country. These people are on life support and when the electcial blackouts occur what do they care it is apparent they do not care while the lights are still on. The ancient members of Congress and the Oval Office shows have no care of the future of the United States I am also reaching the group of getting older however all I have to do is keep our house in good operating condition and the family members when i can't I will get someone that can. This country has been at the point for 18 months yes since biden the country is not in good operating condition its time to replace all these non knowlable old people this country has new places for them with watchful people to care for them. One thing more these old people are teaching a lesson that should last a lifetime Don't become a Socialist.

  • Jerry

    06/10/2022 08:32 AM

    I hope America can survive this WH assault on this country’s constitution. History will record how a population was hoodwinked by a communist media by putting in the most corrupt organization in the Oval Office the power of the Oval Office was given to a person that lacked an American can do spirit but a will not do spirit to any faction of an American first agenda. History will show what a demonic organization will do when all the power of a single group is held this group lives without a Christian agenda and enlists a Pagan ideology America is a Christian country however it is being bombarded by demons and history will prove it

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/10/2022 06:31 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • George A Reynolds

    06/09/2022 10:34 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, Tonight was the night for Pelosi's sham committee report in prime time. I'm glad you watch the news -- so we won't have to.

    My wife and I watched Kirk Cameron's "Takeaways" on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, where he interviewed two well-informed people about the benefits of home-schooling your children. After that, we watched an episode of TBN's "Drive Through History", where Dave Stotts drives through the Holy Land, telling the history of the early Christian church.

    I look forward to reading your report on the J6 illegitimate committee show.

  • Peter L. HAdley

    06/09/2022 09:24 PM

    Pelosi’s response when asked about the threat of a Supreme Court Justice – Quote: “They are protected!” The interviewer should have said, “Madam Speaker, you’re protected more at your home than they are in theirs. Is your ice cream that more valuable?” And then the reporter should have put it on the line by saying, “Your attitude about defending the Capital Building seems to parallel this response.”

  • George Curl

    06/09/2022 06:29 PM

    Mike, I do appreciate you and your staff for taking one for the team tonight. To maintain sanity and a Christian attitude, I've had to stop listening to national news all together. I read your morning and evening newsletters as well as a select few others. All I want is an unbiased reporting so I can make a decision for myself. Tonight I'll watch old John Wayne movies while you and your crew suffer through two hours of political theater. Thanks again

  • Sandra Malone

    06/09/2022 06:18 PM

    About the article on the Chevy Volt, I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I live in a rural area and most people bale hay in round bales (usually for cows). But this year they are baling in square bales (usually for horses). I'm just wondering if they think gas is going to get so high that they will soon be riding horses. No way they will drive electric cars.