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March 15, 2024

Yesterday, we told you about the upswing of arrests related to January 6, 2021, starting last fall and likely continuing at least through the current campaign season.  For most of this coming year, political lawfare will be the order of the day, even as some of the cases crash and burn, with Trump supporters who were caught in the crossfire written off as collateral damage.  After all, we have to protect “our democracy” (our Democrats) at any cost, even if we destroy our democratic republic in the process.

Accordingly, one of the ways President Trump’s political enemies are using lawfare against him is to bankrupt him and anyone associated with him.  They’re openly using intimidation tactics to dissuade attorneys and advisers from working for him, making examples of those who dared to do that.

Exhibit A:  Former New York Mayor --- and former Trump attorney --- Rudy Giuliani, a casualty of the effort to destroy President Trump who may now be forced to sell his condo in New York and home in Palm Beach, Florida, to help pay a massive $148 million judgment in a defamation lawsuit won by two Georgia election workers.  Rudy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection the day after that judgment came down, in December 2023.

According to records held by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, Rudy lists assets of as much as $10 million but liabilities of a whopping $100-500 million.  That includes an estimated $1 million he owes to the government for state and federal taxes.  No telling what he owes attorneys, too, after his long legal nightmare, which will likely never be over.

The two former Georgia election workers who are purloining most of Giuliani’s assets are Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss, two Fulton County, Georgia, election workers who on Election Night 2020 were allegedly seen on video pulling a bin out from under a table at State Farm Arena in Atlanta after the ballot counting was halted and appearing to mishandle ballots.  They claimed they were subjected to relentless abuse after they were identified in that very widely-circulated clip.  But now they are pretty well set, as the saying goes.

Why did Rudy bear the brunt of this complaint?  We don’t know; he must have been one of many to speak of these two by name.  But once the Georgia Elections Board had cleared them of wrongdoing in March 2023, they filed suit against Giuliani for causing defamation and emotional distress by accusing them of voter fraud while he was working as a lawyer for President Trump.

The Georgia Secretary of State investigations division stated that “all allegations made against Freeman and Moss were unsubstantiated and found to have no merit.”

Certainly we make no such accusations against specific individuals, having no evidence of their wrongdoing, but would just like to say that, given the lack of transparency of some state elections boards and law enforcement officials, simply being cleared by them of wrongdoing carries little significance these days.  That goes double if the alleged perpetrators are in Fulton County, Georgia.

Too harsh?  Well, anyone who doesn’t like that should take it up with the Fulton County DA, who has brought shame upon your legal system.  Maybe you should sue HER.

Anyway, in order to let the case move forward so he could file a motion to dismiss, Rudy followed an adviser’s counsel and --- “for purposes of this litigation only” --- did not contest the allegation that he made false statements against the two election workers.  He didn’t intend it as an admission of fact and on the first day of the trial, told reporters that “everything I said about them is true.”  And in the court document, which he signed, he also made it clear that he did not concede that his remarks caused any damage to the women.  That is key, because in a defamation lawsuit, plaintiffs must prove that damage took place.

What is it lately with juries that award such monstrously huge payments in damage lawsuits?  Michael Gottlieb, attorney for the election workers, encouraged this jury to to award significant punitive damages “to send a message that Mr. Giuliani’s actions wouldn’t be tolerated.”  Of course, this trial also took place in DC District court, with the Obama-appointed Judge Beryl Howell presiding.  She reportedly gave him a hard time in court, calling him “uncooperative” and suggesting he might hide financial assets.

As reported by THE EPOCH TIMES, Rudy’s attorney, Joseph Sibley, told the court after the $148 million judgment was made that this would spell “the end” for his client, “the civil equivalent of a death penalty.”

And this almost seems worse, somehow, than the financial judgment:  Rudy is also facing disbarment in Washington DC over a lawsuit he filed in Pennsylvania (!) challenging the 2020 election results.  A panel of the DC Board of Professional Responsibility called it “frivolous” (meaning they didn’t like it?) and said it violated two legal ethics rules.  They said he’d made “sweeping claims” of voter fraud that he hadn’t adequately supported with evidence.  They claimed Giuliani’s conduct “was calculated to undermine the basic premise of our democratic form of government:  that elections are determined by the voters.”

Once again, those in charge had failed to understand that Trump’s challenges to the vote were done precisely because he believes that very thing.

In November of last year, Rudy’s attorneys urged the full disciplinary board to reject the panel’s recommendation to strip him of his law license.  That decision is pending.

In the meantime, this is what President Trump’s political enemies have done to “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giuliani, perhaps the best mayor New York has ever had.  Not only have they just about ruined his life, they’ve also ruined the city he loved and did so much for.

Trump himself is working through an appeal of the monstrous $83 million (plus interest) judgment in favor of fantasy writer/professed sexual assault victim E. Jean Carroll.  On Tuesday, U.S. District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan granted Trump’s request to stay the execution of this judgment, pending appeal.  To get this stay, he had to post a bond of $91.6 million.  (Appallingly, the same leftists who are vehemently opposed to cash bail are fine with Trump having to do this.)

The day before, Judge Kaplan had denied Trump attorney Alina Habba’s request to delay posting the bond, so if Trump wanted to appeal, he had to get the money NOW.  We don’t know what assets Trump used to secure the bond, but he managed to do it.  If he is successful at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the bond “shall be null, void, released and discharged.”

As reported by THE EPOCH TIMES, Carroll, a strange fantasist who seems to think of all this as outrageously funny, quipped on Substack that $91 million is “a stupendous amount” and repeated a joke her attorney had made about the bond fixing it so she wouldn’t have to yank “a gold toilet out of the floor at Trump Tower” and toss it out a window.

More details, plus links to related stories on the case, here…

Finally, no discussion of collateral damage in the effort to “get Trump” would be complete without a mention of the January 6 detainees.  J6 political prisoner (yes) Jake Lang, now detained for OVER THREE YEARS WITHOUT TRIAL, believes he has reason to fear for his safety after being moved a couple of weeks ago, with fellow political prisoner Ryan Samsel, to Brooklyn Federal Prison, with apparently no explanation.  (Maybe since the DOJ is suddenly arresting so many more J6-ers, they did this to free up more jail space.)  He and Samsel were separated and put in two separate “gang units,” both notoriously dangerous.

After this was publicized, former U.S. Capitol Police officer Aquilino Gonell posted on X: “He fought me in the tunnel.  I hope the other inmates find out.  They want to fight Antifa.”

Incidentally, according to investigative reporter Julie Kelly, video shows that Gonell lied under oath about his injuries.  Lang and then-Officer Gonell were both in the tunnel where Roseanne Boyland was killed.  Lang reportedly rescued another protester, Philip Anderson, but was not able to save Roseanne.

Jake Lang posted a passionate response to Gonell’s chilling comment.  He probably didn’t do himself any favors legally by doing this, but after spending three years behind bars with no trial, he probably just doesn’t give a @#$% anymore and will say what he wants; hang the consequences.  “Sergeant Aquilino,” he wrote, “on January 6 unfortunately you broke your sworn oath to defend this Country and turned your weapons on an unarmed crowd of patriotic Americans...You MURDERED Roseanne Boyland in my arms.  What did you expect to happen after that?”

“...Us Trump supporters all showed up just to peacefully protest.  You wanted a war and you got one.”

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