January 5, 2022

Despite President Biden urging schools to stay open, the Chicago teachers’ union voted to return to remote learning due to the Omicron COVID case surge.

It reminds me of an observation I saw recently, that this was the first time our society has expected our children to sacrifice to protect adults.

Maybe it’s time for voters, especially parents, in every state to demand programs like one just created by Arizona Gov. Doug Doucey. It would provide resources for parents when schools refuse to do their job, even allowing them to take their state school funding and give it to another school if the one their child attends closes for even one day. It’s a first step to establishing that if schools refuse to open, then parents should have the right to take their education dollars elsewhere.

It’s also a reminder that public education funds do not exist to fund schools that don’t open and teachers who refuse to come to work. They’re there to provide kids with an education. If some educators refuse to educate, then the money should go to those who will.

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