January 19, 2020

From Dow H:

Does Flynn need funding now? Is there a way to donate to help him out? A little bit from a lot of concerned citizens to defend and fund this patriot would be worth advertising. I have been amazed at how much Flynn was pivotal in exposing the illegal acts by our government under the Obama administration. Without his integrity and commitment to stand up against criminal acts, I doubt we would have ever known about the FISA problem, or the NSA contractors.

From the Gov:

Thanks, Dow. From what I’ve read, Flynn saw his new job as Trump’s national security adviser as an opportunity to clean up the abuses and inefficiencies that had plaguing the intel community. He was instrumental in calling attention to them. That appears to be one of the reasons he was targeted. (Another was his strong opposition to Obama’s Iran deal.) How sadly ironic that he was taken down through those very tactics.

I don’t know if lead attorney Sidney Powell is working pro bono or not, but even if she is, it’s very expensive to go to trial. There’s clerical staff, research and possibly investigative help to pay, along with travel and much more. And Flynn's ordeal has been going on for three years.  For information on donating to the Michael T. Flynn Legal Defense Fund, here is their website:

American citizens and permanent residents only. And thanks for asking!

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  • Kathleen Saucier- Proud Mom of Navy Sailor Kristian Saucier

    01/20/2020 04:58 PM

    The Flynn deserve EVERY American Patriot to stand with them. He bravely served our country, he gave his heart and soul to fight against enemies foreign AND domestic- yet his life was destroyed in the blink of an eye! YES fighting against the federal govt - with their unlimited resources of OUR money - has cost them more than anyone can imagine unless you have experienced it. Please America support this Warrior!!

  • Mary Toney

    01/19/2020 03:50 PM

    Praying for him and his family. He was framed by liars. It is coming out.

  • Connie L Bickel

    01/19/2020 03:19 PM

    I will donate to Blue Diamond Media, by check.