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February 15, 2024

It’s illegal for our American intel agencies to use foreign spy agencies to spy on U.S. citizens without justification.  But since when have they paid any attention to the law?  Unless, of course, they can exploit it to go after political enemies.

According to a new report by independent journalists Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag, that’s just what Obama-appointed former CIA Director John Brennan did, enlisting the help of the “Five Eyes” agencies (spy agencies in English-speaking countries) to spy on 26 Trump associates in 2016, in the effort to tie Trump to Russia ahead of --- and then after --- the election.  This is what launched the FBI’s bogus Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

They say the information in this report is more evidence of the frame-up against Trump.  Recall that Brennan was the one who pushed so hard for the phony Clinton-financed Steele “dossier” to be included in the Intelligence Community report on Trump and Russia.  They ended up including the summary.

We’ll have details for you on this new report as soon as it’s released over the next couple of days, but we do know it concludes from information given by “multiple credible sources” that the whole “Spygate” effort against Trump was a CIA set-up.  The sources are people who are close to the House Intelligence Committee investigation of how the Russia collusion hoax began.  Contrary to the original story, the U.S. government was NOT acting on tips from foreign intelligence about George Papadopoulos, etc.  Our own government initiated it, brought in the “Five Eyes,” and came up with a cover story.

For now, perhaps the most important thing we know from the report is that Trump, before he left office, declassified the records of the Intelligence Community’s operation against him.  According to the report, “If the top-secret documents exist proving these charges, they are potentially proof that multiple U.S. intelligence officials broke laws against spying and election interference.”

Apparently, these documents were being kept in a “Top Secret” 10-inch binder in a “secret room in Washington.”  Shellenberger, who appeared Tuesday night on JESSE WATTERS PRIMETIME, said this binder is said to include information, raw intelligence, showing that the U.S. intel community, including the CIA (which is not supposed to spy on Americans), initiated the Russia collusion hoax.

And the binder may have disappeared.

Did Trump take it with him when he left the White House?  If your mind works the way ours does, you’re probably already thinking, “Aha!  That’s why Mar-A-Lago was raided by the FBI!”  Sure enough, Shellenberger says there’s been “widespread speculation” that the binder was “THE reason or A reason” for the Mar-A-Lago raid.  He’ll have more about that when part of the report is released later today.

“The is a huge, huge story,” Shellenberger said.  “I mean, I’ve been thinking about it --- in the history of the United States of America, have we ever had something like this, where the intelligence community is weaponized against a political candidate...using our foreign allies to do it?  I can’t think of a more important or dramatic story.”  That doesn’t even count the cover-up, if the Mar-A-Lago raid was indeed staged to find that binder.

If that’s what happened, we can only hope that Trump still has the binder, as it apparently would exonerate him and further incriminate them.

Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA has an excellent write-up that will quickly refresh your memory on Crossfire Hurricane and the intel community’s various means of election “meddling” since 2016.  “Obama had a hand in all of this interference,” she says.  And there’s no reason to think it would do anything but intensify now.

It occurs to us, if Trump is so bad --- such an authoritarian, racist, traitor, etc. --- why do his enemies have to keep making things up about him and framing him for things he didn’t do?  The list of examples is very long now.  Why do they have to keep lying about what he said (or what he meant by it)?  We know why, of course:  he’s not really “that” person.  But they’re compelled to do this over and over, like Wile E. Coyote dropping anvils and setting off explosives to destroy the Road Runner.

Be especially glad that the House Intelligence Committee is investigating.  This year, it’s looking as though time has run out for the hoaxers, and their lies and schemes will blow up in their faces, a la Coyote.

RELATED:  Presidents Obama and Clinton are very much involved in the 2024 election, and they’re starting to make their presence more visible.  They both plan to attend a Biden fundraiser --- knowing, one assumes, that Biden WON’T be the nominee --- in New York on March 28, possibly at Radio City Music Hall.

Should be entertaining:  Watch Obama pretend to like Biden, and watch Biden fall off the stage.  As for Clinton, he’s only coming because he heard the Rockettes would be there, and Hillary wouldn’t be.

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