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June 29, 2023

Message from Mike Huckabee: Help me fight back against Big Tech censorship. If you would like to subscribe to the advertisement-free version of my newsletter for $1.50 monthly or $18 annually, on Substack ( normally $5 monthly or $36 annually), go here.

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  • Don Grosek

    07/01/2023 08:51 AM

    Is there any truth to the rumor that the FBI is seeking a search warrant and planning another raid on Donald Trump's Maralago estate? I heard that they forgot something on the last one, to check and see if the DO NOT REMOVE under penalty of law tags are still on the matteresses.

  • Judi

    06/29/2023 06:45 PM

    I agree with Mike Huckabee! Everything he says makes sense! Could there be a Trump/Kennedy ticket?

  • John J Romer

    06/29/2023 01:00 PM

    My self, I would like to see Niki Haley Get the V.P. nod She has the experience and stands tough on her ideas, and will stand up to the Democrats.on any issue. her ambassadorship will serve her well when dealing with other nations including the ones not friendly N.K. Iran China & last but not least Russia.

  • Brenda Holder

    06/29/2023 11:59 AM

    It has been proven in Ga. that there were 24000 more votes cast in Fulton Co. in 2016 than voters registered in that one county-not sure about other counties-that is after the hand count. My question, after there being such deep questions with several states, how could Pence even consider certifying the elections in those questionable states? He claims he went by the constitution, but he had the final say and he refused to question those states’ election resukts when he could have questioned them!