October 17, 2018

Tech bias

We’ve been hearing Mark Zuckerberg claim for months that Facebook isn’t biased against conservatives, even as the number of conservative users and media outlets that are banned from Facebook has been rising.  The “reason” is always that they’ve violated Facebook’s terms of service or were circulating “fake” or “misleading” political news (which should have gotten CNN banned for life) or vaguely-defined “hate speech,” but the details are usually fuzzy or amount to maybe one story that got something wrong and was already corrected (again, how many times does CNN do that?) 

Some conservative media leaders have begun sounding alarms that this is not a coincidence, but part of a concerted effort to silence non-leftist voices; that having encouraged everyone to move away from independent websites and blogs to giant social media sites, the ultra-liberal curators of those sites are now systematically weeding out conservative voices.


Those critics got new ammunition in the past week or so, and a spotlight was shone on the tech lefties, when Facebook suddenly banned 559 pages.


These include the popular site Right Wing News.  It’s run by a US military veteran who lost both legs and his right hand in combat in the Middle East.  Facebook let him pay them $300,000 for advertising, then not only shut down his page with no warning, they also shut down his business page, Military Grade Coffee, which simply sells coffee and donates a portion of the profits to veterans.


The top executives of social media sites deny any political bias, it’s just those pesky algorithms.  But maybe the problem is a little lower than the top.  At the link is Tucker Carlson's interview with an engineer who quit Facebook after complaining about the repressive PC corporate culture. He says that despite denials from the top, there is a cabal of engineers in lower management that will attack anyone who expresses a non-far-left thought as “a sexist or a racist or a transphobe or an Islamophobe.” He claims that they are targeting conservative pages in defiance of the site’s mission to promote free speech, and that they are “unbelievably belligerent, demanding and hostile not just toward other employees, but toward Facebook leadership directly."


In other words, it sounds as if the top management at Facebook (as well as Twitter and Google) need to clean out their own houses.  If these engineers actually have any talents beyond censoring people they disagree with, then it shouldn’t be hard for them to find new jobs.  They can thank President Trump for that. 

It hasn’t been a good PR month for Google.  There have been reports of the tech giant (former motto: “Don’t be evil”) developing a censorable, traceable search engine for the Chinese government…


…The exposure of the data of half a million users and an attempt to cover it up…


…A study by the media technology group AllSides that found that despite Google’s denials of bias, the Google News home page and search results show a “strong preference” for left-leaning media sources…


And to put the cherry on top, Google’s female former PR chief has written a satirical book revealing that the Silicon Valley tech industry culture is filled with people who are stridently PC in their attitudes toward everyone else, but incredibly spoiled, sexist and privileged within their own smug bubbles…


Now, just what Google needs to cement its reputation with Americans: while they are eager to work with the communist Chinese government, Google just pulled out of bidding for a $10 billion contract with the Pentagon after some employees quit in protest that it violated their corporate principles.


At this point, I’m sure many Americans will mostly be shocked to hear that Google has principles.  Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated story, I’m sure, DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track you or keep records of your searches, just hit a record 30 million daily searches, up 50% in just one year.

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In a welcome victory for religious freedom and free speech rights, the city of Atlanta has agreed to pay a $1.2 million settlement to former fire chief Kelvin Cochran.  He was fired for self-publishing a book on his Christian faith with quotes from the Bible, some of which criticized sodomy or spoke of marriage being between a man and a woman, which caused LGBTQ activists to accuse him of being anti-gay.  The Alliance Defending Freedom took his case pro bono and spent three years battling to defend his right to free religious expression during his off-duty hours.  They not only got Cochran the settlement but a court struck down as unconstitutional Atlanta’s policy requiring government employees to get permission before engaging in free speech outside of their jobs. 


Congratulations to Kelvin Cochran and the ADF for standing up and fighting for the First Amendment.  And I love the way some conservatives are describing this story: “SPLC-branded ‘hate group’ wins First Amendment rights case for discriminated-against African-American.’”



Jamal Khashoggi

President Trump says that he’s been told personally by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that he had no knowledge of the brutal dismemberment death of Saudi Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi during an interrogation at the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey.

Some Republicans who were only a couple of weeks ago defending the concept of innocent until proven guilty are demanding immediate action against Prince Mohammed.  If it is established that this interrogation/killing was ordered by the Prince, then the repercussions should be severe.  But there are questions about this case that have yet to be answered.  

For instance, the Prince has been trying to liberalize Saudi society, rid his country of Islamic radicals and build a closer relationship with the US.  So why would he sanction such a brutal act, something that sounds like what Islamic radicals do, knowing it would destroy that relationship?  The fact that it happened in Turkey, a country which currently has strained relations with the US and would like to undermine the US-Saudi-Israel alliance against Iran, also raises suspicions.  Khashoggi’s background and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood aren’t being discussed.  There are also reports of what happened to Khashoggi and that some people close to bin Salman were involved, but is there any actual evidence? 

Here are even more questions that need to be answered or at least considered, before we take action against Saudi Arabia and risk adverse international repercussions:

Again, I stress that the killing of Khashoggi was a reprehensible and savage act that calls for the harshest of consequences. But before we impose those consequences, let’s be certain we know all the facts and are imposing them on the guilty parties.  Finally, to give you an idea of just how convoluted this situation really is, here’s some deep background on all concerned that reads like a spy novel, from Middle East expert John R. Bradley.




How Not To Create A Campaign Ad:

In North Dakota, Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign tried to attack her Republican challenger, Kevin Cramer, for allegedly not being sensitive enough to women who claim to be victims of sexual abuse.  So they put out an open letter signed by women who allegedly declared themselves to “have all suffered from domestic violence, sexual assault, or rape.” 

But the snit hit the fan after the letter came out, and many of the women whose names were on it complained that they never gave the Heitkamp campaign permission in any way to publicly identify them as victims of sexual assault.  The names apparently were taken from Facebook postings. One woman said she not only wasn’t a victim of domestic assault, she doesn’t even support Heitkamp, and asked, “Can this even be legal?” 

Heitkamp pulled the ad and issued a retraction and personal apologies to all the women (who may or may not have been victimized before, but they sure feel as if they have been now.)  That might not be good enough, however: some of the women issued a statement saying that “Heidi Heitkamp's political agenda has interfered with, or downright ruined, our lives," and they’ve begun to “search for a lawyer.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of lawyers were already searching for them.



Making America Great Again:

In an annual report by the World Economic Forum, the United States is once again the #1 most competitive nation in the world, followed by Singapore, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.  The study ranks 140 countries based on 98 indicators that measure business investment and productivity.  This is the first time that the US has been #1 since the economic meltdown of 2008. 

Of course, there are those who would like to blame the nearly decade-long lapse entirely on the 2008 meltdown.  But I seem to recall something else happening in 2008 that might have had a lot to do with it.  We could have reacted to the meltdown by making our economy more competitive and business-friendly and come back a lot sooner.  Instead, we went the other way and spent nine years out of our natural place at #1.  Now, after just two years of Republican leadership, we’re back where we belong. 

There's currently another competition under way.  Less than three weeks from now, Americans will have to decide whether they like being #1 again or they want Democratic “change.”  I hope they understand that could mean trading long-delayed prosperity for pocket change.


Senator Hatch

Here’s something you don’t hear too often: that Sen. Orrin Hatch is a funny guy!  But then, it’s easy when you have Elizabeth Warren handing you set-ups for jokes on a silver platter.



CBO figures

The Congressional Budget Office just released the figures on income taxes paid in fiscal year 2018.  The top 1% of earners paid 37.3% of income tax revenues, while the top 3% paid 50% of all taxes.  Leftists who keep yelling that the rich should pay their “fair share” might want to pipe down before the rich take them up on that and demand a big tax cut.



 Beto doesn't want to share

Apparently, Texas Senate candidate and Democratic media darling Robert “Beto” O’Rourke has his eye on a really expensive new skateboard.



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  • Carol Owen

    10/21/2018 08:23 PM

    We were so disappointed as we thought we recorded your program last night. It didn’t record so we thought we didn’t do it right. We sat down to watch it tonight and it is a blank screen, like you were blocked out??very strange!


    10/18/2018 12:30 PM


  • Joseph Arena

    10/18/2018 12:00 PM

    It is imperative that Congress give Simpson and Rosenstein immunity before the elections. The people of the U.S. deserve to know that the Deep State is operating. If the Dems get control of Congress all the dirt will be buried. It is better to know the truth than to put 3 or 4 people in prison.

  • Dave B.

    10/18/2018 10:05 AM

    Last time I checked DOJ is an Executive Branch cabinet department. RIght?? So who really is the Boss at DOJ? Sessions or Rosenstein? Who is the Boss over them? President right!!! So why doesn't the President tell DOJ to unclassify all documents pertaining to investigations on Clinton email scandal, Russian FISA court scandal, and whatever other documents the House Republicans have been screaming for!!! President Trump always mentioned that Politicians are all Talk and no action, but we have some politicians that are trying to take action, but we have some bureaucrats that think they are above the law. This has got to come to an end!!!!

  • jesse clanton

    10/18/2018 09:47 AM

    I think this is an important story. It might be good TV to interview this young woman on Huckabee's show...……..just a thought

    My younger brother was a paranoid schizophrenic. About 1965 he developed a fixed delusion that everything he said or did was being recorded to be used against him. It made his life difficult, this constant fear, and he was not able to achieve much success in life. He died, living as a recluse, in 2011. We found his decomposing body a week later. It was painful.

    It turns out that he was a forward thinker. The technology that fueled his delusion was not available in 1965, but it is now. We all carry such a device, it is called a smart phone. And the raw, unedited video from our devices can record events that can be used very effectively for propaganda purposes.

    Case in point: the young lady in Saint Louis who was caught on film racially profiling a black neighbor..........or so it seemed.............but there is more to the story.

    She lived in a condo building which had a problem with crime. The condo association had cautioned the residents repeatedly not to let anyone in the building that they did not know. Access to the building was by key fob.

    She was letting her dog out to pee when someone she did not know asked her to let him in. He said he lived there. She asked to see his key. He refused and started filming her with his cell phone. She continued to follow him asking to see his key. He refused repeatedly and kept on filming. Finally, they got to his door, which he unlocked with his key. At that point he could have said, "See!!!!, I told you!" and let the matter drop.

    But he did not do that. Instead, he immediately posted his video on line where it immediately got 2 million hits. She was subjected to an incredible amount of vitriolic abuse from people who viewed the video. It looked pretty damning, I will admit. Later that evening her employer fired her, based on the video.

    She was subjected to "internet justice" and lots of people loved it and piled on. But if you look at the facts I think you will conclude her actions were reasonable based on the history of crime in the area and the repeated warnings from the condo association. It was his actions that were not reasonable. The whole drama would have ended quickly if he had been willing to show her his key, a not unreasonable request in my view.

    Instead, he could not wait to get that video posted and share his "victimhood" with the world at large.

    So, be careful my friends. Video is everywhere and unedited footage can make you look pretty evil.

    My brother was right.

  • Audrey Skarness

    10/18/2018 08:39 AM

    Veto Beto.

  • Jerry Holland

    10/18/2018 08:06 AM

    I continue to ask where is Franklin Graham? During presidential election he had rallies all over the U.S., now nothing. Why?

  • Arlene Hurley

    10/18/2018 12:27 AM

    We need to get another AG. We need someone who can do something about Antifa, Comey, McCabe etc. there are too many to name. Do you think anything will be done about these people. I feel that if we don’t do something, we will have civil war.

  • Kathy Wingate

    10/17/2018 11:42 PM

    I read the entire article on the late Turkish columnist. What a tangled web of intrigue! Seems he was involved with some not so friendly groups of people. And the different groups had clashing ideals, which is dangerous enough here, but in that part of the world can get you beheaded....and worse. If the Crown Prince did order that murder, he should suffer severe consequences. That will put Trump in a very uncomfortable seat. We need the oil, but can we overlook this kind of behavior to have it?? I don't envy the decision makers in this conundrum. We should offer special prayer support for our decision makers in this touchy situation.

  • Ann Bruce Pineda

    10/17/2018 11:19 PM

    A psychology doctoral student told me back in the 70s that those who study psychology or psychiatry are looking for a way to analyze themselves. The Politico doctor seems to need to cure herself. The gaslighting is being done by the Democrats. Those who believe them have their own problems with reality brought on by years of indoctrination. I just watched the ValuesVoteSummit; great speech God bless es but none like your newsletters, Pastor. Would you check into the chance of getting Shirley Kinsey in Wewahitchka, FL, a liver transplant, please. Like POTUS, she's probably never had a drink, but, as a missionary wife in El Salvador for 30+ years, she may have had hepatitis and just didn't give in to the discomfort. She's a national treasure: singer, piano player, great cook, almost as funny as you, teacher, minister, mother of four adopted children who know where she's going but may have no idea how her loss will affect them. She and Henry (H.E. Kinsey), her husband, could have made a fortune singing secular music but the only song I ever heard her sing that wasn't a Christian son was the national anthem solo for the 50th anniversary of the Escuela Americana in San Salvador, with former Pres. Cristiani attending & being inducted into the alumni Hall of Fame. I'm planning to vote red across the board for her. She's been a Trump fan from the beginning just like Franklin Graham. Forgive me if I've written this to you before. I wish I had thought about it when she first told me she had liver problems but I thought, with all the people she has served, somebody would get her a liver transplant. Blessings to you and your amazing family. Many thanks to Sarah for such a wonderful job. I'll never subscribe to Netflix until they fire the Wolf woman.

  • Kathy Trevino

    10/17/2018 10:47 PM

    I know you need ads to keep your sight going but do you have to allow an impeach Trump one???

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    10/17/2018 10:32 PM

    Governor Huckbee, I sure am glad that you use this e-Mail to provide us with this information rather than depending on Face Book. I have noticed that on of the news-feeds I used to get via FB Messenger has disappeared. When they start censoring either my comments of those of the few friends I have I will gladly leave Face Book.

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    10/17/2018 10:31 PM

    Governor Huckbee, I sure am glad that you use this e-Mail to provide us with this information rather than depending on Face Book. I have noticed that on of the news-feeds I used to get via FB Messenger has disappeared. When they start censoring either my comments of those of the few friends I have I will gladly leave Face Book.


    10/17/2018 10:26 PM

    Well it's election time again, and all the crooks come out telling lies! The dems do it more and as being said on some of the more conservative TV shows, they don't want any candidate to discuss immigration, boarders, just lie about anything so the poor voters are confused. Listening to all the campaign slogans and speeches, it is confusing to say the least. But I have determined most are crooks and they just want to steal your vote.
    The dems are falling behind though because the general public saw how crazed and low they can be during the recent Supreme Justice fight. But as we know, it didn't work. The items I thought that made them really look their worse were the marching and protests along with the young people scratching and beating on the doors of the Supreme Court, I hope when everyone heads to the polls in 20 days, they remember these actions that were on TV and they do the right thing and vote the dems out!
    Carmen Price

  • Dennis Shock

    10/17/2018 09:46 PM

    Has your show fallen out with TBN? I used to find your show on the TBN channel but suddenly your show is not there anymore. What happened?
    Dennis Shock

  • jesse clanton

    10/17/2018 09:32 PM

    There is a case in St. Louis involving a young woman subjected to "internet justice" including getting fired from her job after a video went viral. I think this was a miscarriage of "internet justice" and might be a good topic for a story in your newsletter. Link to a follow up story featuring an interview with the young woman It is interesting to me that her trauma could have been avoided if the other person involved had simply said "There was a misunderstanding, I forgot my fob so I couldn't get in the building and asked her to let me in but she had never met me so she was reluctant to do so." But he didn't do that. He was so anxious to demonstrate his "victimhood" that he launched the video footage that showed the young woman in a bad light to an immediate 2 million views and the subsequent firing of the young lady though her actions had nothing at all to do with her place of employment. You know how it is, the people who received those Obama phones have to find a good use for them. I think this demonstrates how easily cell phone footage can be misused.


    10/17/2018 09:24 PM

    Just my opinion re: Facebook - this is an issue of quality control. Specifically personnel. Some simple policy changes starting at Human Resources usually remediates some of the bias issues. The deeper the problem, the more stringent internal controls need to be.

    Facebook relies on too many Corporate sponsors(via advertising) to allow this problem to perpetuate. I'm certain corrective action is underway. At best you've got a lead-lag scenario(the problem is leading corrective measures). In the meantime, I'll remain logged out haha.

  • John wilt

    10/17/2018 08:56 PM

    Can you tell me is any of the liberal lawbreakers will ever be brought to justice?

    I want to vote 10 times or more. Since I can’t do that, what can I do at this point to help insure republicans win both the house and senate?

    Thank you for what you do,


  • Diana

    10/17/2018 08:55 PM

    Hello Gov.
    Just wanted to let you know FB will not let me share your first article on FB. Now I have to decide rather to keep my page or not. This is so very discouraging to me. I have been a Republican all my life (86 years now) do not remember when I started voting. Added note I am in Maine and it just came on the news that mail was sent to Sen. Collins and police etc are looking into it. I am very saddened about all of this.
    I just keep praying about all of it. Sorry I am not much of a writer. Thank you, sir, for all of your articles. I enjoy them and have shared them. Also you have a very special daughter! Thank you for everything, sir. Also enjoy your TV show. God Bless

  • reg lewis

    10/17/2018 08:50 PM

    Mike you say you read the comments. Do you ever respond? I've asked a simple question twice and you've never responded in any way.

  • Barbara stewart

    10/17/2018 08:40 PM

    Just finished watching the debate between Cruz and Beto. When discussing the “me too” , interestingly Beto said he told his children to demand respect. My Mother always told me that you earned respect.

  • Stephen Russell

    10/17/2018 07:59 PM

    See how FB still censors, place under Utilities regulations Yes Overegulate Tech companies (save Tesla).
    Change FB Culture.

  • Robert Bunn

    10/17/2018 07:41 PM

    Governor Huckabee, you are so right. Facebook is censoring and banning anyone who is a conservative writing and posting on Facebook who are reaching out to a large number of people. They have banned me twice now and my wife twice; for a total of 99 days. They always tell me that I have violated their Community Standards. You cannot speak to anyone at Facebook and they never change their mind after you ask them to review your complaint. Facebook and the main stream media are all in league with George Soros and the left-wing New World Order or One World Government. The Democrat Party is owned by Soros and he will do whatever it takes to destroy America. If Democrats are successful in taking the House or Senate, America could be finished. President Trump is the only person standing in their way. I have never seen such a bunch of hateful people with vengeance as the Democrat Party. Why anyone would vote for a Democrat is beyond me! They will destroy America if they ever get back in power.

  • George Curl

    10/17/2018 07:30 PM

    This wasn't mentioned in your column today, however, if Muller is planning on releasing his findings shortly after the mid-terms, you can bet the farm if they are damaging to the Administration they will be leaked a week before the election. Yes, I've gotten more and more cynical in my old age.

  • Barbara J. Raley

    10/17/2018 07:27 PM

    Legitimate ? Governor many hours per day did our ALMIGHTY GOD give YOU in a single day? He only gave us "deplorables" only 24 but with all, ALL YOU DO, He apparently gave You and our AMAZING POTUS many, many more! Do the two of you EVER SLEEP?...or eat, or have Family time? Astonishing all you cover, brilliantly may I say, in a mere 24 hour period! You and our POTUS were gifted far beyond the average American. WE LOVE AND SO APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO! GOD BLESS, from GORGEOUS Vail, AZ!