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September 21, 2022



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Mar-A-Lago raid: special master gets to work

Judge Raymond Dearie, the “special master” appointed to go through the presidential documents seized from Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home, circulated what’s called a “draft case management plan” among the parties involved ahead of the preliminary conference that was held Tuesday afternoon at his Brooklyn courthouse.

According to the court filing, the draft case management plan “requires that the Plaintiff disclose specific information regarding declassification to the Court and to the Government.” Trump’s attorneys responded that their client would do better to wait for a “Rule 41” motion “that specifically alleges declassification as a component of its argument for return of property.” Such a motion assumes that in order for documents to be brought back to Mar-A-Lago, they would have to have been ruled declassified, so those two issues would be taken up together.

Trump has claimed that he personally declassified documents that had been previously marked classified, by his authority as President. (Of course, some other documents might be protected under attorney-client privilege.) If the special master is looking for evidence that Trump did declassify those documents while he was still President, we wonder what form the special master thinks that proof should take. Would it be enough, for example, for former White House aide Kash Patel to say under oath what he has said publicly, that he was there when Trump was at the White House and witnessed him doing this?

Margot Cleveland has written an outstanding summary of what’s happened since U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon appointed Judge Dearie last Thursday. The best thing you could do to understand all the legal angles here would be to read her piece. She argues that trust in our ‘Justice’ Department has fallen so far that their appeal to the 11th Circuit Court to dispense with the special master should be denied. The arguments they’re sticking to on this have already been rejected by Judge Cannon, she says; they offer nothing new that’s persuasive.

The DOJ also fails to make their case that the 100 documents purportedly marked “classified” should be withheld from view by the special master. Judge Cannon has already said that she is unwilling to “adopt” the Government’s premise that those documents are necessarily classified. Cleveland elaborates on this, saying that some of them might not even bear marks of classification, and those that do might have been classified at one time but no longer need to be a state secret. (Example: the itinerary for Trump’s November 2019 trip to Afghanistan to visit the troops.) She also cites what might be copies of Crossfire Hurricane documents that Trump has already publicly declassified. If those are included in the 100 supposedly “classified” documents, not only are they NOT CLASSIFIED, they are Trump’s personal property. These possibilities require the decision of a special master; the court can’t just take the government’s word.

Might it be copies of Crossfire Hurricane documents –- again, not classified and the President’s personal property –- that the ‘Justice’ Department is really most interested in? For all we know, those papers were the actual reason for the raid; there’s good reason to suspect it. And if that’s the case, it makes sense that they SURE wouldn’t want some judge to see them, especially after they’ve made such a big deal about “national security.”

That’s the one way I can think of that letting someone else see the “classified” documents might actually cause the DOJ harm. The catch is, it’s also the one reason they can’t admit to the court.

It happened again: FBI confiscates phone of Lindell associate

After having his cellphone seized by the FBI, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is finding himself in an ever-expanding club.

The latest to have his phone confiscated is an associate of Lindell’s, math teacher Dr. Doug Frank, who has spoken publicly about election anomalies that cast doubt on the 2020 election. (Shame on him for being such a threat to our democracy!) Two FBI agents met him at the airport after his flight landed on Thursday, and they had a warrant to take the phone. He’d been expecting this after what happened to Lindell, so he and the agents even had a knowing chuckle over it. Since he had chosen to be cooperative and friendly, they behaved reasonably and even let him give his wife a call. These were just a couple of young-ish field agents, he said, who seemed not to know much about the case. (Of course, that might just have been a strategy.)

Like Lindell, Dr. Frank had a connection to Tina Peters, the Mesa County, Colorado clerk who faces charges for allowing a data analyst to come in and back-up 2020 election records. Since the election, the FBI has intently focused on her and, apparently, anyone who has talked to her. Dr. Frank had spoken with her, advising her to do a full forensic back-up of the voting machines –- which would pick up everything, even the deleted files –- of her computers. She hadn’t known how to do that.

One particularly interesting observation from Dr. Frank: He says that right after his phone was taken, CNN, the WASHINGTON POST and THE NEW YORK TIMES were all trying to get hold of him for comment. He strongly suspects they were tipped off by their dear friends at the FBI.

Here’s his first interview since the experience, on LINDELL TV.  I hope you’ll take the just-over-25 minutes to watch this when you have the time; there’s a lot of good information here.


House Oversight: PROOF Joe Biden involved in Hunter's CEFC

Republicans on the House Oversight and Reform Committee say they have evidence that Hunter Biden was working on a deal with CCP-controlled energy company CEFC to sell American natural gas to China. Ranking member James Comer of Kentucky says he has obtained a PowerPoint presentation from 2017 outlining the proposal, and a whistleblower has come forward to say that, YES, then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved in that deal.

In a committee meeting Tuesday morning, Rep. Comer presented a resolution to require President Biden to hand over about 150 documents currently held by the Treasury Department after being flagged by them for suspicious activity. To no one’s surprise, the Treasury Department has previously refused to cooperate on this with the Republicans on the committee. But this lack of cooperation is apparently something new, as normally the policy would be to release suspicious activity reports to Congress, under the Bank Secrecy Act. In other words, Hunter does appear to be getting special treatment.

The Treasury Department has finally offered its reason, but Comer says they’re stonewalling. On May 25, Comer wrote to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asking for the records, but got nowhere. His request of July 6 was also ignored. Finally, on September 2, he heard back. His request had been stamped “DENIED” by the assistant treasury secretary for legislative affairs, who explained that the information was what they call “tip and lead,” just to help investigators, and must be kept within the executive branch. (So much for oversight.) “Unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information,” he said, “whether intentional or inadvertent, can also undermine potential or ongoing investigations or proceedings.”

As you know, Hunter is supposedly being investigated by the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware over his finances, though it's hard to tell how serious that investigation is. Last we heard, a couple of weeks ago, former business partner Tony Bobulinski still hadn’t been subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury, and it’s been TWO YEARS since he went public with his information about “the Big Guy,” who according to an email on Hunter's laptop was to pocket 10 percent of the profits from the CEFC deal.

Of course, Democrats, who make up the majority on this and all committees, were not expected to go along with Comer’s resolution, and indeed they killed it, but at least all of them will be on record regarding this look into the Bidens’ business ties. Do we want transparency, or do we want it all hidden away? It’s obvious who wants what.

Read Rep. Comer’s prepared remarks given during the meeting, here.

As reported by THE DAILY SIGNAL before the vote was taken, “Comer’s resolution is meant to ensure that Congress receives information needed to conduct oversight of the Biden family’s international business deals when Joe Biden was in federal office, including his eight years as Vice President and 36 years [!] in the Senate.” Recall that Biden’s papers from his years in the Senate are held at the University of Delaware, apparently in a vault hundreds of feet below the surface of the Earth, where they are still safe from scrutiny.

Rep. Comer appeared on Sean Hannity’s TV show Tuesday night to discuss the resolution. We all know, of course, that the FBI tried to deep-six Hunter’s laptop before the 2020 election and enlisted their media minions to dismiss it as Russian disinformation, but that it’s actually the real deal and implicates our current President multiple times in sketchy foreign business deals. Though President Biden has repeatedly lied and said he never even spoke to Hunter about his business, the laptop contains evidence that he met numerous times with his son’s associates.

Comer told Hannity there is proof, by way of emails and also whistleblower confirmation of the validity of bank transactions, that Hunter’s company Hudson West was negotiating a deal with Chinese energy CEFC to allow them to purchase American natural gas.

“There was a map in their PowerPoint, that was written in Chinese,” he said, “that highlighted all the natural gas providers across the United States. And what Hunter Biden was trying to do was negotiate the sale of liquified natural gas to China.” Beyond that, he explained, CEFC’s “main objective” was to start purchasing interest in the drillers as well, to be able to have more control over American natural gas prices.

Rep. Comer also has email confirmation that Biden told CEFC his father would be a “major investor” in the company and that part of the deal involved getting both Joe and Jill Biden keys to their new office digs. Take a look...

In fact, by going to the following page of the website for the House Oversight Committee Republicans and scrolling down the column on the right, you can see the various pieces of information they’ve gleaned about the Biden Family’s dealings with the CCP---I mean, CEFC.

More specifically, here’s their page detailing the areas they’re investigating and their findings so far.

Rep. Comer told Hannity that the investigation of Hunter Biden has now shifted to his father. It’s confirmed that after Hunter told CEFC of his father’s involvement in his company, CEFC transferred $5 million to them. Hunter also gave them his father’s personal cellphone number.

Reading about the work done by the GOP members of the Oversight Committee should impress on everyone how important it is to get these folks in the majority. Right now, no matter what they manage to find out –- with no subpoena power –- they’re essentially powerless to do anything about it. (What are they supposed to do with these findings, take them to the media?) That has got to change, and soon.



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  • Sharon Faulkner

    09/22/2022 02:07 PM

    Yes Jerry. RED WAVE. Count on it.

  • Jerry

    09/22/2022 11:51 AM

    Red Wave??? When people like Lightfoot Adams Bowser Biden Harris Omar and the squad Nesome and so many evil people can get elected in positions that can control ones life One has too wonder what disease has affected Americans and the answer is STUPIDITY. Take that imbecile Attorney going after Trump one would think why not investigate what has happened to the Ventilators Xray machines all the sanitizers and all the medical materials given to NYC the Ship the Arena what happened to all the Covid money one could find a refrigerated semi Trailer full of unspent money covid money this invesigator trying to help the HUGE bank from a citizen of NYC is absurd this bank can defend itself against any country in the world . This obese woman needs to get on a diet of an education outside of the city limits of NYC she is as dumb as the people that elected Cuomo DeBlasio Adams Nadler Jeffries and the new Governor could not graduate from a Junior High School so problematic that this people lowered our rating to 25th best educated country on the planet. Thanks American educators job well done if one is a communist.

  • James Johnson

    09/21/2022 05:02 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Reading all the news about the Bidens and how they have Republicans in a stranglehold, I remembered something I learned in High School Wrestling. When your opponent has you on the ground, in a stranglehold, grab his big toe and try to rip it off. If he doesn’t let go—rip it off or break it.
    In other words, strike back, not by trying to prove your innocents, but by proving their guilt about something else. The eye of the nation will shift to their guilt, and their attempts to fake a story will become lost in the dust.


  • Jpk

    09/21/2022 02:43 PM

    This congress and this administration waste and corruptly so much money and resources is criminal in itself believe me a huge crime to have biden as a commander in chief should terrify every freedom loving person in this world yes people of other nations u are going to be affected whether u like it or not. Biden has been a loser at every freedom loving issue before him to the people of this country and every country that has freedoms the world better be on notice the criminals of the planet China Iran Russia you group they have 2 more years plus to make its move biden has weaken this country the job isn’t complete yet so other countries we need your help until we rid the United States of biden Obama and the rest of the evil empire

  • stephen russell

    09/21/2022 11:44 AM

    With FBI raiding 35 homes in 1 day + Mara Lago & prior raids IE Manafort, Stone & Flynn
    When can we Justice
    Is this done by the same Russiagate Team
    & then to seize phones
    How can we combat
    Love to see Dems "sample" this & time in J6 Jail for crimes done