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March 2, 2023

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that a far-left, virtue-signaling law passed by San Francisco’s leaders backfired, didn’t do what was intended, and only ended up costing San Franciscans more money. Yeah, I know: you could say that about virtually every law they pass. But this specific law was their 2016 ordinance barring city employees from traveling to or contracting with any states that banned same sex marriage.

Over the years, they kept adding other “progressive” issues that any other states might dare to disagree with them about, such as abortion and “voting rights” (i.e., voter integrity laws to ensure fair elections.) The list of states they were boycotting grew from eight to 30, more than half the nation, as the bubble they lived in threw thicker and thicker.

Now, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering repealing the law after a report found that it’s not only been totally ineffective (surprisingly, no other states changed their values because San Francisco disapproved), but it also made contracting and compliance a complicated mess and severely limited the city’s choice of contractors, raising their costs by up to 20%.

It’s an encouraging sign that even in San Francisco, people are finally starting to wake up to the high cost of being woke. I’m also thankful that this gives me a good segue to Kurt Schlichter’s new column, which is, as usual, brutally hilarious. It’s about the many self-inflicted woes that California is suffering and why so many people are abandoning the “California lifestyle” and moving out (Kurt: “Hobos dropping last night’s boloney sandwich on your lawn is not a ‘lifestyle.’”)

He also echoes something I’ve written about many times, although usually in reference to New York: that once people start realizing they can do the same job via the Internet in a state that doesn’t tax and regulate them to death, where criminals are put in jail and housing costs a fraction as much and people use bathrooms instead of the sidewalk, the leftist politicians’ golden goose will be cooked.

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