July 10, 2018

This is one of those stories that you’d swear had to be “fake news,” if conservative news sites made up fake news the way liberal sites do.  You know the type: the stories that depict your opponents as such flagrant, stereotypical hypocrites that, from a propaganda standpoint, they’re just “too good to be true.” But no, this one is apparently true:

There’s a clothing line called “Feminist Apparel” that is the Gap of in-your-face, virtue-signaling PC leftists.  They sell T-shirts and such emblazoned with such slogans as “Trans Rights are Human Rights,” “Misogyny Kills” and “Don’t Tell Me To Smile” (as if there were ever any chance that someone who would wear this stuff might smile.)  It has become the go-to fashion accessory, along with anatomically-correct hats, at such anti-Trump events as the Women’s March. 


Well, last month, the staff at Feminist Apparel discovered that founder and CEO Alan Martofel had an admitted history of sexually abusing women, such as “grinding up” against women at concerts and “making out with a drunk chick” at parties, and after learning about “rape culture,” he was so ashamed that he started the line as a way to repent.  Forgiveness not being one of the PC left’s strong suits, his dozen or so employees were naturally filled with righteous rage over his “toxic masculinity” and demanded he step down and make a public apology.  He agreed.


But then, this staffers discovered their company credit cards weren’t working. Then they were shocked to discover why: after promising to step down in shame, he’d apparently remembered it was his company, so he’d fired the entire staff instead.  Or as he put it, while he had “always strived to be a safe and welcoming space,” he’d discovered his employees “unequivocally, do not share my views on either business or feminism,” so he’d made the “difficult decision to proceed without them.”  See, they obviously didn't feel safe there, so he was protecting them from being triggering by giving them their walking papers.


Or to put it in plain terms: it turns out not even the most self-righteous leftists can shame their own boss out of the company he owns and they don’t.  This is what it feels like to be smashed in the face with the pie pan of reality.


I must warn you, this link to the full story with all the schadenfreude-tastic details is to a liberal feminist site that quotes his former workers verbatim, so it contains the type of filthy language you’d expect from that ultra-sensitive culture.  


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  • Margo netherlands

    07/12/2018 03:38 PM

    REAL feminists focus their efforts on REAL womens issues...islamic ideologic slave trafficking...supporting abuse shelters...fighting rape cultures, etc.
    AND wearing silly, vulgar garb diminishes the important efforts of people of all ages, genders, and religions around our world.

  • Ryutora Takano

    07/10/2018 02:53 PM

    Oh the irony of it all. ???? Why should the boss step down and distance himself when it's his company? Stupidity at it's finest. Liberals forget liberalism or not, it's still a business, and it's all about money regardless of their feelings. SMH.

  • Genie Krivanek

    07/10/2018 01:46 PM

    Liberal inconsistency is incredible! They absolutely hold diametrically opposed viewpoints which they never resolve...and never abandon! They are completely crazy!!! Like screaming about wanting abortion yet screaming about children separated from "parents" at the border. They cannot see that believing both things is insane! These are reasons I'll NEVER vote for a Democrat again!!!