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May 15, 2021

Not sure this is even news, but I try to be thorough, so I’ll mention that about 150 anti-Trump Republicans and former Republican leaders signed a letter demanding that the party return to its principles (as they apparently define them) or they might leave and form a new party.

Considering this group includes such raving anti-Trump partisans as George Conway, I’m sure most Republicans will be able to hold back their tears at their departure. They credulously repeat the Democrats’ propaganda that Trump encouraged the January 6th Capitol violence (which they wildly claim was an actual insurrection attempt) and that any suspicions about the 2020 election results are part of a “Big Lie” conspiracy.

Evan McMullin claimed that "a fourth to a third of the party has desired a new direction for it. Obviously, that’s still a minority of the party, but it’s a significant number." True, but I suspect it’s also a number pulled out of his hat. For instance, McMullin ran as an Independent against Trump and Clinton in 2016 and scored 0.5% of the national vote. He spent the next four years attacking Trump and endorsed Biden in 2020, so it seems to me that he left the GOP long ago.

And in a recent Texas special election, Trump-endorsed candidate Susan Wright came in first while an anti-Trumper endorsed by letter-signer Rep. Adam Kinzinger came in 5th among Republicans and 9th overall, scoring 2503 votes out of 78,374 cast. That’s 3.2% of the total vote or about 5% of the Republican vote. I’d have to have the math skills of a Squad member to think that’s a fourth to a third of the party.

Personally, I don’t want to see the Republicans lose any votes, and I think it’s foolish to try to split the party when there are such narrow margins of victory and so much at stake. But I can’t fathom how anyone could make an A-B comparison between Trump’s actions over four years (protecting life, defending religious freedom, securing the border, supporting Israel, standing up for American workers, and on and on) and the radical leftist destruction Biden has wrought in just his first 100 days, and think Trump is the biggest threat to traditional American values and the Constitution. If you believe that, you don’t need your own political party; you either need a psychiatrist or a few dozen more I.Q. points.

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