Evening Edition - July 2

July 2, 2020 |


We’re taking a brief break from the daily news so that my staff and I can enjoy some time off to celebrate the Fourth of July with our families. But don’t worry, we’ve prepared some newsletter material in advance. And if anything major occurs that cries out for comment, we’ll set down our hot dogs and rush to our laptops! We will return to covering the daily headlines on Tuesday.

In the meantime, all of us here wish you and your families a safe, fun and blessed Fourth of July weekend. Please remember, in the midst of the current radical anti-American garbage that’s taking up way too much space in the news that there is a reason why you’re called “the Silent Majority” and they are just the extremely loud, tiny minority. This is NOT a nation of racists and white supremacists with a shameful history based on nothing but slavery that deserves to be smashed and forgotten. This is instead history’s greatest experiment in freedom and respect for the God-given rights of the individual.

As we all gather peacefully and unapologetically, both native-born Americans and immigrants, to fly Old Glory, watch the fireworks and sing patriotic songs, let’s remember that when anyone tries to claim that America is an evil, irredeemable, racist nation that needs to be “fundamentally transformed,” they have the First Amendment right to say it, but they deserve no more serious consideration of their ignorant views from intelligent adults than do any other prattling children.

Yes, our ancestors were flawed human beings, as are we all. So far, there’s been only one perfect person in the past 2,000 years. But never has there been such a nation that continually strove to overcome its problems and prejudices, that was founded on the government being the servant of the people and not vice versa, that fought a bloody civil war to end slavery, and that has sacrificed so many lives to protect others around the world from oppression and tyranny. For generation after generation, Americans have worked and struggled to create a more perfect union, and to ensure the blessings of liberty and equal opportunity for people of all races and creeds so that the future will forever be brighter than the past. That is worth celebrating!


I hope you’re having a great 4th of July week, but between the celebratory fireworks on one hand and the anti-American political fireworks on the other, let’s take just a moment to reflect on what Independence Day really means and how it led to the freedoms and blessings that far too many Americans fail to appreciate these days.

Most historians (not New York Times writers, but real historians) mark the beginning of America as the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. But in truth, there was still a long road to travel before America as we know it came to be. First, of course, there was the matter of fighting a bloody revolution against Great Britain, one where victory was an overwhelming longshot, and win or lose, the leaders risked their lives and fortunes. Victory was followed by more heated battles over what kind of government we would have.

Our Forefathers finally agreed to a blueprint, the Constitution, that wasn’t even introduced until 1789 – over 13 years later. Today, many Americans take those hard-won freedoms very lightly and seem eager to trade them away for false promises of security. Some can’t even name the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Maybe they’d cherish them more if they knew how close they came to not having them at all.

Did you know that the Constitution very nearly got passed without the Bill of Rights? Even some of the wisest of our forefathers thought a Bill of Rights was a dangerous idea. Alexander Hamilton argued that it was risky to list the rights the government couldn’t take away because then, politicians might try to grab any and every power that wasn’t specifically prohibited to them (apparently, the ability to rap wasn’t the only way Hamilton predicted the 21st century). He and many others also felt that a Bill of Rights was unnecessary: since nobody was surrendering their God-given rights by agreeing to the Constitution, there was no need to list them, right? Hamilton wrote, “Why declare that things shall not be done which there is no power to do?”

It’s ironic that Hamilton made that argument. Later on, as the first Treasury Secretary, he cited powers that the Constitution merely implied that the government had in order to take on debt, create a federal bank and impose unpopular taxes. Over a century later, when the federal income tax was passed, some lawmakers wanted to include a 10% limit, but they were voted down. Opponents scoffed that it was absurd to think the government would ever steal as much as 10% of an American’s hard-earned wages. Flash forward just 30 years, and they were happily taxing away 94%. So just imagine how few freedoms we’d have today if they’d listened to Hamilton and decided it wasn’t necessary to put specific limits on government power.

Luckily for us all, Thomas Jefferson won the argument, and the Bill of Rights was added. They even included the 9th amendment, which I’ll bet most people can’t even describe. Here’s what it says:

“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

It means that just because some God-given rights aren’t specifically listed, that doesn’t mean the people cede them to the government. Maybe because so many of the framers were also farmers, they understood that like weeds, government tends to grow and grow, choking out the productive crops -- and like a bull, it will trample you if you don’t corral it.

So if we want to preserve our freedoms, and keep government limited, maybe we should send more farmers to Washington -- and fewer lawyers.


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  • Ginny Soltys

    07/04/2020 12:57 PM

    Love your thoughtful commentary and your wonderful sense of humor. We also really enjoy your show. You always have great people on, as well as fantastic musicians! Thanks for all you do. Happy 4th????

  • Jimmie Dally

    07/04/2020 03:19 AM

    I heard the President give his speech at Mount Rushmore and it was better than expected. It was well-worded and his delivery was much better than in the past with his other speeches. I'd like to think it is because of my suggestion a few days ago but, I doubt that. The downside of the Mount Rush-more program was those in charge NOT asking everyone there to wear a mask. The doctors on the news are very afraid the virus was there too and it'll now be spread to many more people, which I agree with. Trump isn't showing much 'leadership' in this Covid19 world, not at all. The venue was not 'safe' but the Presidents speech was better than average. How weird.

  • Ruth Bowman

    07/04/2020 01:02 AM

    Thank you again for writing something that makes sense and is true in this crazy world. At the "start" of this insanity I was very depressed (even tho a Christian for many years). I am 73 and the mother of 4 adult children (only one following Christ.) But due to your show I got two of Jonathan Cahn's books and finished "The Oracle" last night. (read The Harbinger first). I felt so relieved at the end - even though I knew the ending - God is in control! Thank you for all you do. God loves you and so do I.

  • Marjorie Pregitzer

    07/04/2020 12:22 AM

    It seems like the people who love this country are the ones are the ones who came from oppressive countries (or their parents did) and the ones who hate it are the privileged ones who were born here. We should arrest those protestors who are tearing down our statues (and our history) and offer them a choice; jail or the army. Of course, their parents would hire lawyers to challenge this and that would cost them money. Maybe then they would wake up to what dirt bags their kids really are. On a lighter note.........Thank you so much for the history lesson. As a young child I would sometimes be left with. my grandmother while my mother went shopping and I still remember how she used to hum or sing "God Bless America" as she worked around in her kitchen. I'm 81.

  • Shauna dickerson

    07/03/2020 02:56 PM

    I got in on a few minutes of Stephen Colbert last night and felt like throwing a brick at him right through the TV screen. He was being nauseous about the "peaceful" protesters being persecuted by the overbearing president. If you've seen videos of scenes across the country you know Colbert was being an absurd liar. Does he listen to himself. Does anyone listen to him? Sadly, I believe some do. Thanks Gov. Huckabee, I know I can get and give the truth in this newsletter.

  • Betty Harbour

    07/03/2020 02:22 PM

    Happy 4th to you, your family and all your staff.
    God Bless America,

  • Gail Denham

    07/03/2020 11:36 AM

    Happy Fourth - and yes, let's celebrate with singing and flags - because it's important.

  • Kathy Backer

    07/03/2020 10:51 AM

    Hello Mike,

    Happy 4th!! Loved the July 2nd Article! Well said!

    Enjoy your time with your family this 4th holiday.

  • Paul H Philbrook

    07/03/2020 10:50 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, i am increasingly worried about the virus cases going up and as a result going backwards with getting back to our normal lives. What concerns me the most is our country's future election in a few months. With the country going backwards, are we headed to an 'absentee ballot' election? And if so will that favor the Democrats? Should i be worried? Can you give me some encouragement. God bless you in all you do. Thank you.......paul philbrook

  • Jerry Korba

    07/03/2020 10:13 AM

    People working today should feel blessed for being able to provide for their needs and wants. They should also feel blessed they are not listening or watching the MSM propaganda reports. I don't give a shitff what the name of a town is or an institution or store name if I want to visit such entity just have it registered with my GPS. If the place is offensive or dangerous to me why would I go visit? To tear down or boycott a place because of a few nimrods dislike for it is not freedom it's oppressive, people make their own decision when where and how not a few imbeciles the MSM tells us to do. Disregard the media's assault on whats left of our Freedoms I do and will continue to do so I will use all the tools needed to preserve and protect myself as an American i suggest we all do with the Constitution and the 10 Commandments as our rule. MAGA

  • Janet Burton

    07/03/2020 09:56 AM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for this wonderful message. I love this country, and I could not possibly have said message anymore beautiful than you. Thank you and I pray that God continues to bless this nation. One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.

  • Susan Kesterson

    07/03/2020 09:52 AM

    Beautifully written Mr. Huckabee, thank you. Please enjoy our wonderful country’s celebratory weekend, as will I.

  • Melinda Morgan

    07/03/2020 09:44 AM

    Mr. Huckabee: This was one of your finest! Thank you so much for this. We needed to hear something positive about our country. This made me cry. Thank you. Happy Fourth to you and everyone else. God Bless America, land that I love.


    07/03/2020 08:52 AM


  • Paul Carmichael

    07/03/2020 08:30 AM

    Paul’s writing to the Corinthian church is uplifting to me.Thank our Heavenly Father we have believers who still take these principles as a child taught to us by our parents., and apply it to today. It is unfortunate that some where not brought up in God nurturing families to have these things instilled in their hearts. God Bless

  • Sara Smith

    07/03/2020 08:25 AM

    Love the comment about sending more farmers to Congress. It’s certain there are too many lawyers.

  • Paul Carmichael

    07/03/2020 08:22 AM

    Mike it is hard to get into any Holiday after what we have seen this year and recently.zThese people are savages and will have to be treated accordingly. If the investigation does not bring indictments then America Is done. I have supported this government since 2015. Not much left to give.A 67 year old patriot sick to the core. Just glad my mom, dad, and uncles are not here to see what we have let this nation become. The white crosses across Europe and other battlefields across the world where I have family members Deserve better then this. On June 6 the propoganda did not mentioned D Day. More concerned with BLM.If we do not indict any of the traitors from 2015, and those of this Democrat congress traitors then America is finished.i hope u truly have a good day with family.But please don’t forget what patriots will have to do if things get worse. God Bless

  • ElizabethAnn Myers

    07/03/2020 08:18 AM

    Happy 4th of July to you and yours as well, Governor Huckabee????
    I thank God every day for your voice of reason in these turbulent times??
    Look forward to your newsletter every day!!! Your God-given wisdom is so refreshing!
    Yes, I am one of the “Silent Majority” and will be voting for President Trump this November.
    God help us if he does not win this fall??
    We proudly fly our flag this weekend and sadly in this University city in which we live, our flag is the only one flying in our entire block??
    I am a 79 year old Great Grandmother trying to pass on the history of our country to these precious little ones and pray they get the message!
    God bless you and yours??????????

  • Jerry Korba

    07/03/2020 08:10 AM

    Life is made so much better when when a person can get up in the morning or go to bed with beautiful hate chants from from groups of BLM or the the wonderful achievements of Antifa Louie Armstrong must have known a head of his time when he sang what a Wonderful World I am sure he was inspired by BLM and Antifa as most of Americans are. The MSM adores these groups for all the wonderful things they bring to the table. BLM is based on a few Black Deaths by police while it ignores the death of thousands of Blacks killing each other that include babies kids of all ages men women policemen people of all colors and lets not forget the great work they do to stores and wonderful art work they do on public and private property. The work these groups do really makes our world really WONDERFUL. PEOPLE wake up stop funding these groups they will take your world and destroy the real wonderful world. These groups are home made terrorist shut them down.

  • Kenneth Brack

    07/03/2020 06:29 AM

    Thank you Mike. I am very glad I read your commentary preparatory to this Independence Day weekend. Of all of my news feeds, you were the only one who even acknowledged this Day. Your comments are spot on. My wife surprised me this past month with a suggestion we fly the American flag at our home for the first time in our lives. In these days when the future of our nation seems so uncertain, I found a great pleasure in flying this flag that stands for freedom and has been fought for by so many Americans who have sacrificed all they had for that freedom.

  • Shelley Jordan

    07/03/2020 05:45 AM

    Happy Independence Day Weekend Gov Huckabee!
    God Bless You and your family and staff! ??????????

  • Edward M Daniel

    07/03/2020 05:41 AM

    Would it be too much to ask if some pure human decency could go seriously viral in this country?

  • Jerri Shuford

    07/03/2020 12:40 AM

    I loved todays letter so, so much. Amen! Blessing and love to you and those you love.

  • James L Millican

    07/03/2020 12:28 AM

    Unlike you and yours I won't be celebrating the 4th of July. My family, friends and myself will be celebrating Independence Day. I would have thought you of all people would know that when we casually stop referring to historical events by their designated name they eventually lose their historical significance.

  • Pattie Prince

    07/03/2020 12:12 AM

    AMEN! to more farmers and less Lawyers!!!
    Have a Blessed weekend with your family.
    God Bless Our Great Country!!!