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July 14, 2022

With gas prices at record highs, a new Consumer Reports survey found that 36% of Americans say they are planning to buy or lease an EV, or considering it. I suspect this is the real reason why gas prices are at record highs.

But they might want to try renting one first, to make sure they know what they’re getting into. We’re seeing a growing number of stories lately about people who’ve put the electric vehicles that President Biden is trying to force us to drive to practical testing, with shockingly bad results. I told you about the trailer towing test, where the estimated range immediately started dropping until the driver had to turn around and come back before the electric pickup died.

Here’s someone else who tried that, with similar dire results.

We’ve also seen several stories of nightmare long distance trips in rented EVs that turned into days of panicked searches for charging stations. But there are too many stories to keep up with them all, so here’s just a quick round-up of a few of the more recent:

In the new JD Powers Initial Quality Study, the EV brand Polestar ranked last among 36 brands, with Tesla tied at #30.

It's reported that GM’s new HummerEV produces more CO2 per mile driven than some gas-powered sedans.

Not long after the president of Toyota said that EVs are over-hyped, Toyota issued a recall of its new electric bZ4X SUVs because the wheels are coming off. No, that’s not a metaphorical comment on the EV movement. The wheels are literally falling off.

And if your intent in buying an EV is to help the environment, Issues & Insights has some “everything you know is wrong” info you should see. For instance, when you factor in the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process and the need to dispose of spent batteries, electric cars can be worse for the environment than classic cars or even a new gas-powered car.

And none of this even addresses the mastodon in the room: how are we going to charge tens of millions of electric vehicles when power companies even in Texas are warning people to turn off their lights, raise their thermostats and don't use their appliances during daylight hours to avoid widespread blackouts and brownouts due to "green energy" sources being unable to meet current power demands? 

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Comments 1-10 of 56

  • John W Pick

    07/31/2022 02:05 PM

    IF we (USA) had the infrastructure to support EVs, and IF all EVs would charge as fast as filling up your ICE vehicle, owning an EV would make more sense. 800 volt EVs charge in approximately 10 to 15 minutes, which is totally acceptable. However, I don't believe that the electrical grid can handle millions of EVs charging..................... Building a EV infrastructure should be top priority now if we are to transition from ICE to EV.

  • Jane Vaughan

    07/18/2022 02:16 PM

    So much garbage out there about the “wonderful EVs” yet our electrical grids can’t support them!????? I love the survey saying 36% would buy an EV. Guess they surveyed 50% of the “elite rich” to get that number!

  • Patricia Winkleman

    07/18/2022 01:46 PM

    I submitted a comment about catalytic converters being stolen from hybrid vehicles. I did research and you can find the data on Wikipedia
    Look it up. My comment is still under approval.

  • Shirley J McMahan

    07/18/2022 11:58 AM

    Let's face it, we are not being told the truth by the Biden team of "experts" so we must shout it when we hear it, needs to be front page news?

  • Mike Manley

    07/18/2022 11:34 AM

    Probably should look into the story about the hotel that installed several EV charging stations for customers. when they called the power company for the power hook-up, they were told there wasn't enough power to service the load - so sorry, no power for you. I can't recall the source, but I think it was in (of course) California. NOBODY is talking about the other side of the EV charging stations! This is a big joke.

  • Mr. B. Lord

    07/18/2022 07:33 AM

    I read : " electric cars can be worse for the environment than classic cars or even a new gas-powered car. "
    I am not an expert on all electric cars , more so on the Tesla but not considered an expert .
    That so called report did not say which car .... sounds like someone paid off him to sat it .... Tesla runs off the sun .... there battery will last for 800,000 miles to a million and it is not " disposed of " like cheap batteries for your transistor radio .
    Yes , Chevy and Ford does and does the worst carbon foot print in all its doings . They just turn there lights on and it kills the air around them ..... they buy so much parts from china I am surprised they have a carbon foot print !

    bottom line the " person " who did this report must work in the W.H. or a want a Bee to get in the WH did not research very well ...... and frankly Mr. Huckabe I am surprise to read such an incomplete report from your channel .

  • Mike Manoogian

    07/18/2022 07:16 AM

    I may have commented already. I would bet that one could make the case that the life-cycle pollution footprint of an EV is worse than many fossil fueled vehicles if one starts with the mining and manufacture of the batteries, the fuels for the power plants that make the electricity to charge them, and their disposal once depleted.

  • Kathy Taylor

    07/18/2022 07:12 AM

    Biden wants us to be "green" as he jets all over the world every 7-10 days. Technology is such that he shouldn’t even need to leave the White House. His carbon footprint as president is probably higher than mine for my entire life! Unless he is jetting around in a solar paneled Air Force One!

  • Edward Laughlin

    07/18/2022 06:12 AM

    Dear Mike,
    Due to the absolutely miscalculations of our current government, my investments are way down, food costs are up, fuel prices high, and the pursuit of happiness low.
    All Americans are being fooled by this Green New Deal, which does not work for any country. This Deal is about control of societies, and living as the “Have Nots”.
    I’m tired of this president, and staff lying to the American People, about building back better! Sure maybe, some people can use an EV, and yes, others use gas or diesel! How about choice for us all! I do not wish to buy a battery powered car or truck, that is expensive, and impractical.
    We were a great America just about 18 months ago, and now we beg from other countries for oil. I know, and all people know, that the flow stopped due to a pen signing a piece of paper called an executive order! Enough is enough!

    Edward Laughlin

  • Patti Barber

    07/18/2022 01:52 AM

    I'm thinking this is what happened many years ago, "Paper or plastic?" Now we're back to paper!!!