July 11, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  A hopeful sign in the case of Charlie Gard -- Opinion-shaping by Twitter, FB, Google? -- Americans going into debt -- A Salute to the Producers of "God's Not Dead" -- Poll exposes Democrat lies


There's a hopeful sign in the case of Charlie Gard, the British infant whose parents were told by government health officials and a European court that he would be taken off of life support to die, even though they had raised money to take him to America for experimental treatment. The hospital originally said the treatment would do nothing but prolong the child’s pain, but they’ve now asked the court to re-hear the case. They claim to have been told more about the treatment and say they need the court to untie their hands if they are to reverse their decision.

I have a feeling this welcome reversal has less to do with any sudden new medical knowledge (you’d think they would have asked about the treatment before refusing it, since I believe they are doctors, after all) than with the wave of worldwide outrage over their trampling of the parents’ rights and their cold consignment of an innocent baby to death. Charlie’s mom credits the intervention of the Pope and President Trump with helping turn the tide. Let’s hope and pray that the hospital and court do the right thing and let the parents seek the last-ditch treatment for their baby. Maybe it is futile, but it’s their call. Doctors can advise parents on whether to seek such treatments, but it is not their place to make the final decision. And it’s certainly not the place of judges and government health bureaucrats.

At a time when many Americans are pushing the US to adopt British-style national health care, this should be taken as a chilling warning of what happens when the state takes over medical decisions and budget constraints start impacting whether patients live or die. Proponents of that system scoffed at Sarah Palin’s term (“death panels”), but what’s the difference between that and the widespread policy in Europe that older and seriously ill patients have a “duty to die” to keep from burdening the system with the costs of keeping them alive? The attitude that decisions about our health reside with the state instead of with patients or parents is what seriously needs to die.



Mike Huckabee


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Opinion-shaping by Twitter, FB, Google?

By Mike Huckabee

We’ve talked about the case of Twitter refusing advertising it deems “inflammatory,” such as the one submitted by Live Action showing an ultrasound with the caption, “I Am Not A Potential Human --- I Am A Human With Potential.” (Wow, doesn’t that sentiment just fill you with rage?) And we suspect that Silicon Valley is actively working to shape public opinion in a variety of ways. But just how do they do it?

Sharyl Attkisson, one of the few real journalists out there at a time when they seem to be going extinct, has been looking into just how trustworthy Twitter, Facebook, Google and other social media giants are as an objective source of information. The story here offers a taste of what she found out. You already knew you can't trust traditional media like the New York Times and the Washington Post, but take what you read online with a whole shaker of salt, too.



Americans going into debt

By Mike Huckabee

After the 1929 stock market crash, humorist Will Rogers observed that America is the only nation in history to go to the poor house in an automobile. Nearly nine decades later, many of us are still living beyond our means, and one of the main ways it shows is in our vehicles. A new report by found that last month, American car buyers borrowed an average of $31,000 to buy their vehicles (many of them big SUVs), at an average loan term of 69.3 months (that’s just shy of six years). At that rate, their average monthly payment would be $517. There’s more at the link.

The upside of taking on all that debt and such a high payment for so long on something that depreciates quickly is that it shows Americans have confidence in the economy and that they’ll be able to make the payments on the car of their dreams. The down side is that many Americans are struggling with that debt (one study estimates that about 6 million are behind on their car payments).

There used to be a rule of thumb that if you couldn’t pay off a car in three years, you couldn’t afford that car. That’s one of many old financial axioms that are now dismissed as outdated. But I’ll bet that people who still hold to it and have a paid-off used car sleep a lot easier at night than the guy who’s working three jobs to try to make his car payments.


A Salute to the Producers of "God's Not Dead"

By Mike Huckabee

A Huck’s Hero salute to Bob Katz and Troy Duhon, producers of the “God’s Not Dead” movie series (full disclosure: I was in the second film) for stepping up with a big contribution to help rebuild the Ten Commandments monument in Little Rock that was hit by a car and smashed by a (pardon the redundancy) “liberal with a history of mental problems.” But other liberals are still fighting to try to keep it destroyed, using lawyers as their preferred blunt instrument.

If these zealots would just devote a fraction of the time they spend trying to ban the Bible to actually reading it, they might realize that this isn’t the first time a tablet of stone containing the Ten Commandments was smashed. But God has a way of making sure those tablets get replaced and His laws live on.



Poll exposes Democrat lies

By Mike Huckabee

The House recently passed Kate’s Law, named after Kate Steinle, the young woman killed in San Francisco by a criminal illegal alien who had been deported multiple times. The law imposes stricter penalties on those who return to the US illegally after being deported. It’s being fought tooth-and-claw by “sanctuary city”-supporting liberals, with Senate Democrats vowing to block the law and claiming it doesn’t have public support.

Well, it appears that the same people who never saw Trump’s election coming are just as out of touch with public opinion on this issue. Here are the results of a new Rasmussen survey. I wonder how many of the small minority who oppose it are themselves here illegally after having been deported five or six times.


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