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November 14, 2022

My daughter Sarah won in a landslide to become the first ever woman to be Governor of Arkansas and mark the first time ever when a father/daughter both served a state as governor.  I’m so very proud of her, and believe that she will satisfy her supporters and surprise those who didn’t vote for her.  I thought I was a pretty effective Governor.  But I hope she is even better!

But, when I’m wrong, I try to admit it.  I WAS wrong about my view that there would be a huge red tsunami in the 2022 elections.  It was evident to me that since 70% of the American people thought we are on the wrong track, since most American families have been devastated by the highest inflation rate in 42 years, gasoline costs almost double from when Joe Biden took office, and with the cost of groceries skyrocketing, voters would say “Enough of this!” I also thought that the dramatic increase in violent crimes, illegal border crossings at over 5 million since Biden took office, and the deep decline of the value of people pension funds due to the downward spiral of the stock market, voters would figure it’s time for new and hopefully better ideas.  And with the Democrats pushing for wacko science that results in mutilation and chemical castration of children in the name of transgender “care” and pushing abortion of an unborn baby up until the very moment of birth, I truly believed that even long-time Democrats who aren’t crazy would decide that their party had embraced too many policies that were detrimental to their lives and families and would vote accordingly.

Clearly, I was wrong.  While Republicans will likely barely control the House, what was expected as a red wave became more of a pink trickle at best. 

I’ve realized that most Americans get their news from social media and the mainstream media.   They are like a monolithic wall protecting Democrats and the most radical cultural views of our nation.  Many voters don’t watch or listen to conservative voices, and they are overwhelmed with the fake news that Republicans are a “threat to democracy.”  These are voters who are not aware or don’t care that the bureaucrats of the establishment of government—especially those at the top in the FBI and the Department of Justice are weaponizing their power to intimidate and aggressively and forcefully arrest 87 year old concentration camp survivors who are pro-life but do nothing to punish those who firebomb and vandalize Crisis Pregnancy Centers which provide real medical services and baby supplies to women and their children. 

The problem with the less than stellar results of the midterm elections is not that the Democrats opposed our policies.  That’s what we can expect them to do.  But Republicans were facing a triple threat of the monolithic media, the bully bureaucracy of our own government, and the reliable partnership they had with the national Democrat party.  They preached that parents speaking out about the abuse of their children were domestic terrorists, and that parents who raised their children to believe in 2 genders of male or female were racist, fascist, homophone, transphobe or bigots.  And for some reason, they convinced voters that people who riot and burn their Democrat run cities are mostly peaceful protestors and we should de-fund the police because they are evil and that there is no real crime threat. 

But this is not a time to give up.  It’s a time to fire up.  No room for a retreat—it’s time for renewal.  I would never suggest that we stop voting—I would urge that don’t stop caring and fighting against the evil policies that are destroying America and the hopes we have for our kids and grandkids.  Give up?  No way!  Gear up!  Speak up!  Sign up, and get up and join the fight for the soul of America.