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July 26, 2022



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Mark 11:25 KJV

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Vote problems

Prayers and good wishes to Sens. Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski, the latest top Washington figures to test positive for COVID despite being fully vaxxed. They’re staying home in quarantine. Meanwhile, Sen. Patrick Leahy is recuperating from his second surgery after breaking a hip in a fall, which I'd think is a major health hazard for our Senators.

As Athena Thorne at PJ Media explains, this has the Democrats in a panic because Senators can’t phone in votes, they’re facing reelection, and they think they need to pass some version of their “Build Back Better” boondoggle to have an “accomplishment” to show voters. If they can’t get it passed by September 30th, which would require all 50 Dem votes plus Kamala Harris, the extension of Obamacare subsidies in it would expire and voters’ health insurance premiums would jump just before the election.

Of course, there is a way to prevent that. They could put out a clean bill to extend the health insurance subsidies, which I’m sure some Republicans would support, instead of dumping it into a massive bill full of needless spending and controversial social issues like federal recognition of same-sex marriage and abortion rights. But that would be putting the good of the people above shoving a sweeping leftist agenda down the entire country’s throats. And we’re back to Obamacare again.


Dr. Fauci: Spewer of Misinformation

Speaking of COVID, I haven’t reported much on that or Dr. Anthony Fauci recently. On the off-chance that making your blood boil will cure COVID, I’ll tell you that not only is he the highest-paid bureaucrat in DC, but if he keeps his word to retire when Biden leaves office, he’ll be making $530,000 a year by 2024. Then he'll pull down an annual pension of $414,000, which is $14,000 more than we pay the President. On the other hand, having him in retirement might be worth it.

If you still wonder why I say that, consider that among his recent pronouncements was a claim that if he’d known at the beginning what he knows now about COVID, the restrictions like lockdowns, masks and social distancing would have been "much, much more stringent." 

Odd, I thought that what we know now is that the lockdowns caused far more damage than they prevented; masking children led to possibly irreversible developmental damage for no good reason since almost no kids get COVID and most masks were ineffective at best and unsanitary at worst; and six-foot social distancing was not only pointless and arbitrary for an airborne virus, but wasn’t even necessary if you were protesting for leftist-approved causes.

And as reports, Fauci also now admits that health officials were always aware that infection to COVID created natural immunity, even when they were forcing recovered patients to take a vaccine they didn't trust.

That site also has an article listing a number of other narratives that federal health officials asserted with absolute certainty and they’re now admitting were incorrect, from claiming that the vaccines would prevent you from getting COVID to saying vaccinated people couldn’t spread the virus.

I strongly recommend reading that, not only to see why so many Americans no longer trust government health officials, but to see how many doctors who tried to raise these issues were accused of promoting “misinformation” and banned by social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, even though they were right. Aside from showing how badly botched the COVID response was, this is also a perfect illustration of the dangers of allowing government agencies or social media giants to declare an official version of “The Truth” and silence anyone who questions it.

The essence of science is to question orthodoxy, to put forth new theories and test them to see if they hold up. It doesn’t matter if all of the experts agree on something (that the Sun revolves around the Earth, say, or that the cure for anemia is blood-letting), if just one person can prove it’s false, then it’s false. Declaring that “the science is settled” and barring anyone from questioning it is the most anti-science stance possible. You’d think Dr. Fauci would know that. After all, according to him, he IS “science.”

New Controversy

There’s a new controversy in Washington between President Biden and leading Republicans. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was planning to make a trip to Taiwan, but Biden is discouraging it, claiming that the Pentagon is worried that China might retaliate against Taiwan for the visit.

Levon Satamian at reports that a number of Republicans, including Newt Gingrich and Ben Sasse, are urging Pelosi to go, with Mike Pompeo proving he really means it by offering to go with her! Talk about sacrifice! They are appalled at the very idea that we would let fear of what China might do dictate whether our officials visit one of our allies.

I can understand being concerned that we don’t want to provoke China to attack Taiwan, but preventing that should be a function of having China fear us, not the other way around. China doesn’t respect leaders who show fear and weakness. And if you need any other reason for backing her trip, consider that it will get Nancy Pelosi out of America for a little while.

Hopeful news

Here’s some hopeful news that intelligent life may finally be sprouting again on American university campuses. Dr. Kristin Collier, a pro-life doctor and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Michigan Medical School, was set to give the keynote address at a ceremony for medical students Sunday. But a “pro-choice” (or more accurately, “abortion only”) student group and some alumni and physicians got about 300 signatures on a petition to have her canceled, making bogus ethics accusations and claiming, with unintended irony, that she would perpetuate “a pattern of disregarding an[d] actively silencing the voice of students and members of our community.”

To the school’s credit, it rejected the demand to silence Dr. Collier. But when she began to speak, the “pro-choice” students made a big show of standing up and walking out, which was posted to Twitter. It backfired on them by illustrating that they are the intolerant censors who reject diversity and refuse to listen to other viewpoints. They also looked extra foolish because Dr. Collier never even mentioned abortion.

Fellow faculty member Dr. William Chavey ridiculed the group’s claims about Collier and slapped them with some hard truth they really need to hear:

“Dr. Collier’s views, described by MSFC as fringe, are shared by roughly half of the population.” (I’d say far more than that, considering polls show only 10% of Americans support the Democrats’ current position of abortion up through the ninth month of pregnancy.) “Current and entering medical students will encounter many patients and have numerous colleagues with whom they may disagree over this topic. They cannot all be canceled.”

In short, if you want to become a doctor who never encounters anyone who isn’t radically pro-abortion, then enjoy your career at the Planned Parenthood clinic.


Kamala speaks

Even noticed how reality bends to fit whatever scenario is most convenient for the left at the time? I could cite countless examples (Obamacare is a tax/now it isn’t a tax), but the most glaring recently has been the way they flip-flop back and forth between “abortion bans are an attack on women” and “We can’t define what a ‘woman’ is/men can get pregnant.”

For instance, Vice President Kamala Harris went to Indiana to join in a protest of a special legislative session to write a law restricting abortion. She said it would be “…a law that…essentially will be a ban on abortion for women. When you understand how a woman’s body works, you will understand that the parameters that are being proposed mean that for the vast majority of women, by the time she realizes she is pregnant, she will effectively be prohibited from having access to reproductive healthcare that would allow her to choose what happens to her body.”

Note the euphemism of “reproductive health care” for “aborting the baby.”  But also count all the “she” and “her” pronouns. What if the birthing (or doesn’t-want-to-be-birthing) person is a pregnant man, or a woman who identifies as a man, or any of the other 57 genders (or is that number outdated now?) who identifies as something else and uses some other pronouns, possibly ones made up by tossing Scrabble tiles on the floor?

And what is this transphobic garbage about “abortion for women”? What about all the pregnant men that I’m assured exist? Or “When you understand how a woman’s body works”? I am outraged! We've all been angrily lectured that “Lia” Thomas, for example, is definitely a woman, yet “she” has fully functional male genitalia. So don’t you dare assume that the way a "woman’s" body works involves female reproductive organs! 

Kamala Harris has no idea how a “woman’s” body works in 2022. Then again, apparently nobody on the left does, since they don't even know what a woman is. 

Economy update

Today begins four straight days of economic reports that aren’t expected to be very rosy, but President Biden still insists we’re not going into a recession. At least, not if we believe the White House’s arguments that we should change the definition of “recession” that’s stood for decades: two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

But you know the White House’s attempt to change the definition of a “recession” to convince Americans that the economy is doing fine is going over like a cow patty in the punchbowl when even CNN and Obama’s former economic adviser are having a hard time swallowing the Kool-Aid.


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  • Jerry

    07/27/2022 08:22 AM

    Biden’s administration should be charged with child endangerment aiding in rape and the beating and torture of illegals this administration is so cruel and indecent criminal charges for all that support this administration this administration needs a new wardrobe orange and bling meaning bracelets with a connecting chain

  • Jerry

    07/26/2022 09:51 PM

    How many people in this country actually believe in our democratic Federal agencies our Congress the democratic White House to promote an honest Americans first agenda? What organizations and whom are getting wealthy with the open borders importing killing drugs human trafficking the enslavement of teen age girls used for sex the msm and the Democratic Party pushing the climate change hoax pitiful Pete the transportation leader is a fraud as are the economic advisers that continue to tell biden the baffling delusional president the economy is good. And the cowardly sleezy senate leader crying chuck Schumer changing rules and laws to help China in all its needs to defeat America today and yes Americans if you have school age kids now they will belong to Xi of China tomorrow thank your college education, todays parents have drank the kool that was made by the CCP you will see your children the same way the children that are coming across the border today turned into a life of slavery college parents u were not educated you were programmed

  • Jerry

    07/26/2022 08:40 PM

    It may be time to deconstruct the federal congress and eliminate these members and start over with constitutional policies and rid the unconstitutional one way justice equal justice has to be put back in place the leadership in congress has lost the way of good and are in grasp of evil and it is destroying the last hope of a free country to be the best it can be this Nov new members are needed and these long time members should be sent to China North Korea and Iran even Russia knows how to treat foreigners

  • michelle ferrer

    07/26/2022 08:20 PM

    Kamala Speaks. The World Yawns.

  • keet parakeet

    07/26/2022 08:00 PM

    The ULR for the Univ. Medical article works from the web page but is defective so that no material comes out from clicking it in the email.

  • James Drury Jr.

    07/26/2022 07:41 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/26/2022 04:07 PM

    When she realizes she's pregnant? Funny, most women figure that out long before the baby is coming down the birth canal.