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October 3, 2023

The theme for today seems to be covert operations.  It won’t surprise you to know --- in fact, you may already know, if you follow THE GATEWAY PUNDIT’s January 6 reporting --- that the “1776 Returns” document used to convict four Proud Boys, including Enrique Tarrio, who was found guilty of seditious conspiracy and sentenced to 22 years, was actually written by a government official and sent to Tarrio immediately before the January 6 rally. There’s no evidence that he even saw it.

Proud Boys attorney Roger Roots has filed a blockbuster brief alleging that this was done “to frame or implicate Tarrio in a government-created scheme to storm buildings around the Capitol.”  He accuses the government of “either entrapment or outrageous government contact, or both.”

The person who apparently wrote the “1776 Returns” document is identified as Samuel Armes, described as “a former State Department and Special Operations official” who was also interviewed by Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Kangaroo Kommittee.

Armes’ document got to Tarrio by way of a “love interest” named Erika Flores, who told the committee that she’d passed it on at Armes’ request.  Armes later disputed that in his own testimony, saying Flores asked to see it and he shared it with her on a Google drive, never imagining it would become part of January 6.  He also told the committee that he’d been groomed to join the CIA and FBI before his stint at the State Department and special operations and participated in ‘war gaming’ scenarios, such as that contained in the “1776” pages.  (Funny, I don’t remember any of this coming out in the public hearings.)

Jurors in the Proud Boys case did hear about the document but not its origins.  They were left by Judge Timothy Kelly --- who knew of the document’s actual history from pre-trial hearings --- to believe that it was a plan created by Tarrio or one of the other defendants, when it was actually supplied by a government operative.  In the words of attorney Roots, “This means that the most damning document in this trial was authored by the intelligence community --- someone “groomed” by the FBI itself.”

It’s a travesty, just one more piece of the puzzle implicating the FBI.  Much more detail here…

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Why Did DOJ--and Ray Epps--Lie About Ray Epps? (

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